: Looking for Context: LeBlanc Nerfs
Probably because at higher elo and in professional play she has a really high win rate especially when played by people who have a lot of games on her.
: The Problem with new Champs on PBE
Create a custom game and add as many bots as you want.
: [Azir] BUG: Confirmed Ult + Soldier Interaction = Incredible Damage. I suggest disabling him.
It is the PBE.. why would they disable him? They will just fix him in a patch.
: Azir Bug Report Thread
Some times when you W there is a huge delay before you can E to the soldier, Just testing out some wall jumps and it got really annoying, Also next isn't a bug but a suggestion. Can you make it so E will dash to the soldier closest to your mouse cursor and not just randomly to one of the soldiers?


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