: Greyed Client Bug
yea this really sucks, I've experienced this twice today...
: summoner spell
i think this feature is retained from the New Draft Mode pick, where the summoner spells you recently used automatically loads at the time you declared or picked the champion.
: Thanks for the report! We put a fix for the champ select crash on PBE last night! Try repatching and seeing if you can still repro the issue. Thanks again!
Thanks and no such errors from then, at least for me, Thanks again, keep up the good work :D
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: After the 11/16 PBE update I queued for 1 hour, didn't experience any more crashes myself. However during that time I still saw plenty of players miss their ready check and 2-3 guys leaving the lobby right after the queue popped (and thus didn't ban/log in any champions when it was their turn). So I can only assume that some guys still experience crashes after the 11/16 maintenance.
I just had this same crash today :(
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: Issues regarding runes and the store
Ye this bug exists from few days already, but there is a cap to buy only x9 of a particular rune everytime and also when you purchase x9 and when you try to buy em again the shop says " you already own x9 of these runes" but i wouldn't blame you cause the names are bugged and clearly there is no way to identify as to what is what so your best bet would be to wait for the runes to get fixed and then buy as seen above you have already spent quite a lot on those runes already :P EDIT: Or you can just go to your live account and trace where the runes are located and just come over here and buy :)
: Please make the "Match Found" sound a customizable thing...
This would be cool imo, good one @Nabakaron, i'm tired of waiting for 15mins+ to get a game where one or the other keep missing to accept the match, kinda annoying at least in pbe since the players are less compared to live.
: I dont have this problem like you, maybe you need repair your client game lol.
Trust me it's not just me, if you can just see on the bugs forums itself there are many people who are having this problem.
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: No "Launch / Play" option in League of Legends Client
Nvm fixed, it was something relating to my proxy settings I think. Thanks.
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: Windowed Screen Issue
I have noticed this aswell.
: Cannot Buy PBE Starter Kit (Champions)
Same problem as mentioned by Shivin302. And i also want to ask if it's okay to just go ahead and buy the champions individually or just wait for the starter kit to work? Thank you.


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