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: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Any context on the nerfs to Glacial Augment (especially for ranged champs)? Which champions have led you to nerf it? I enjoyed the Rune since it was able to open new ways of building solo lane champs (Nashor's mages are basically non existant rn, Hextech GLP is rare as well (I am mainly using AP examples since ADs that could utilize it like Jayce, Gnar or Yasuo seem to work far better with Press the Attack)). Allowing mages to go for a build that isn't simply burst only, and giving them utility from the get go sounded very nice. And as for supports I cannot really think of one that GA is the best choice for, Enchanters work great with Aerie, Vanguards with Aftershock and Wardens with Guardian. Cheese supporters can kinda utilize it but Bard for instance would lose a lot of the value over the game since the aa slows don't stack. And Kleptomancy would also be an option if a "Get this item first and you'll win lane"-Meta ever comes back. Jungle Ez could utilize this I just realized, but Phase Rush is probably better. PS: Love the new runes tho :D
: Feedback on "Ghost Poro"
Oh and the numbers on "Ingenious Hunter" have to be the weirdest ones you released in a while :D Why not make it 5/10/15/20/25/30 or 0/6/12/18/24/30 instead of 1/7/13/19/25/31
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: Will the Chromas be giftable for IP during the IP Sale?
: IMO a black with golden/silver details Zed would be better instead of a full yellow. Something like this:
Same, I don't like how so many chromas just have like these "cheap" colors (fits zac as a sweet imo but we don't need 3 of them on most champs) They could go for one funny chroma (like pink zed) one serious/cool chroma (yours) and the last one could be experimental because it doesn't really matter than since both the entertaining side and the "make a skin even cooler" part are covered
: 290 RP for ONE chroma when 3 chromas were for 590 ? It's SO expensive. 190 RP is better.
1st: If they were be 190RP they would be literally cheaper than the bundle, and since almost everyone I know or have seen uses 95% of the time only one of the three chromas, I cannot see how 290RP are a bad deal, for most players its just a straight up 50+% price reduction forever
: Testing Champ Mastery Levels 6 and 7
It doesn't seem right to me that the difference between rank 5 and 7 are only 5 good games, why not adding a specific amount of mastery points as a requirement for 6 and 7? It would be showing that the player has a lot of experience and when you see someone with Lvl 7 you know he really "mastered" his champion Just for Example: Level 6: 50k Mastery Points 5 Mastery Tokens Some Blue Essence Level 7: 100k Mastery Points 15 Mastery Tokens A bit more blue essence But I gotta say that I like the way for using blue essence :D
: Does Taliyah's E trigger anybody's trypophobia? It's not extreme, but it's to the point where I at least shiver a bit when I see it.
Yes, and I really hope it's getting changed to be as the cone would imply I love the champion design but that little thing will probably stop me from playing her :/ #OCDlifesmatter
: Duskblade of Draktharr change
The CD is too high in my opinion, Ults tend to be at a 60s cd at 16 so on every 2nd engage this passive is useless, they could nerf the dmg a bit to put the CD on 90 or 60 or make it going from 120-60 depending on level
: Ekko Bug Report Thread
I noticed some bugs when testing him in a custom game with the baron: - His Q would occasionally deal its damage multiple times (just the first instance of damage) when its in the slow form and travels through nashor - His Q would occasionally deal half damage - I got kicked to space one time I used my E-Auto-Attack on him (I tried about 30 times but it only happened once)
: Hey everyone, Thanks for the feedback so far. Taking it all in and delivering things that come up often to the relevant contributors. **Bug Fix** Thought I'd first let you in on a major bug we're trying to clear up. Currently the after-image on his ult is not working as intended. Whether or not you can see it on the enemy team is kind of up to random chance at the moment, sometimes it's visible, sometimes it isn't, sometimes it looks correct, and sometimes it looks like an exact copy of Ekko! Intended functionality for enemy team vision of the clone is as follows: If you can see Ekko, you can see the clone. The clone disappears if you can't see Ekko. The clone looks like a team-colored version of the one Ekko sees, not a fully textured copy of him. We're working to get it there so bear with us. **W delay** Second, a note on the W's 3-second delay. Frankly, it's very much intended. It's a predictive skill that you should be thinking about using BEFORE you fight, not something you should be using to react to the Vi who just jumped on your face out of nowhere. This feeds in to the goal of giving Ekko numerous things to feel "smart" about. Is it skillful to split second spell-shield a Vi ult right as she hits you? Sure. It's SMART to predict that Vi's going to ult you in 3 seconds and detonate a giant shield and stun on her face right when she's about to get her punch on. It may feel unreliable at times but my hope is that these failures make the success case feel all that much sweeter. **Why AP?** So Ekko to me thematically does not feel all that out of place in the AP space as he's a kid who isn't really all the physically strong but instead is leveraging the hextech powers of his Zero-Drive to move through and influence the timeline as well as damage opponents. Mechanically AP scaling is important on Ekko because it helps us regulate his maximum damage potential (no crazy AD basic attacks to worry about) which in turn allows us to give him crazier stuff in terms of mobility and CC. The power of Ekko's slows, hastes, stuns, and movement is only okay because the amount of benefit he gets out of standing there wacking an opponent affected by them is capped by his spells and AP ratios. Also helps to regulate things like tower pushing and vamp, which tend to get pretty crazy on chars like Zed and Talon. They kill you, heal up off the wave, take your tower, and then gank bot. For as powerful as Leblanc is at least she doesn't wreck your towers or remove all the damage you did to her before she died (and yes Ekko's R does that but it's on a CD). Are AD assassins bad to make? No, not necessarily, they just gain access to a whole new set of powerful things that I felt should not be as strong on Ekko.. **Changelist** Putting in a few nerfs for Ekko that should be out sometime tomorrow. After watching a number of PBE games we feel that Ekko tends to get pretty trainy (runs you down and beats you to do death with basics) especially when ahead. Additionally, his tower taking is pretty crazy. To combat this we're reducing the bases and scaling on his basic attack and hitting the AP ratio on the W passive. Hopefully this should make it a bit harder for Ekko to snowball and make him a bit less oppressive when doing so. **Stats** Reduced base attack speed to .644 from .658 Reduced AS/lvl to 3% from 3.5% Reduced AD/lvl to 3 from 3.5 P Q **W** On-hit AP ratio reduced to 1% missing health per 45 AP from 1% per 35 R Thanks again for all the feedback, will keep reading it and responding when I can.
I think this brings him in a good balance between not having the strongest early game but a good fight potencial in later stages of the game, good job! (im sorry for language issues, im not a native speaker ^^)


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