: Experimental ARAM Changes on PBE
I play aram a lot more than your average player, it is my go to mode to relax when I'm not playing with friends. So here are my thoughts on the ARAM changes: **A ban phase has been added to ARAM. Everyone bans a champ (10 bans total), then random champs are assigned** I am ok with this as low and behold there are certain champions that dominate ARAM and makes some games very easy as the champion either pokes heavily or excels in team fighting . Though my worry is that certain champions will never be played because of the bans. **Damage from champions more than 900 range away is reduced by 15% (excluding Ultimates and DoTs). ** I don't really know how I feel about this change. On the one hand, we have a team with no poke and a team with poke. The team with no poke has a very strong engage at lvl 6 and they sustain their way there with the damage reduction and healing relics. They build semi-tank and simply rely on their all in to finish fights. But then the other hand you have a heavy poke team against an average comp where their high range simply bullies them out of the lane. For this change, I would make the range bigger and make the reduction a little more stronger. Again not sure how I feel about this. **At 15:00, minions begin spawning more often and moving faster, maxing out at 25:00 Champions deal 10% bonus damage to structures. At 15:00 that bonus begins increasing, maxing at 30% at 25:00** 100% agree on Riot's idea of "game is approaching 25 minute mark and this is ARAM, this needs to end soon". ARAMs are quick and team fighting orientated game mode so I don't think having a stalled out game will fit into that. Now making towers fall quicker is important to make ARAM games shorter BUT I would at least have towers who will back my team up when 5 enemies dive us. Making towers take extra damage from champions is alright with me but I want towers to be a threat to fear and not just an obstacle to overcome. Maybe the same bonus damage to the tower? % true damage conversion? Just ideas, the towers in ARAM are already very underwhelming so making them fall even more quicker doesn't feel too good without some trade off. **A new Summoner Spell, Backtrack, replaces Barrier. It gives a small shield on activation, then 3 seconds later sends you back towards your fountain. (Further for melee champions.)** I personally love taking Barrier in ARAM simply because of the baiting potential and since Heal is reduced in ARAM, but replacing Barrier with Backtrack doesn't look like a good idea. Since Backtrack is the replacement for Barrier, I don't mind if the shield amount is reduced, but when you have a ticking pull back, that's when I question taking it. Fights can play out very differently in mere moments and there will be times where you need to use the shield portion before even thinking about the dash component. I can imagine a situation where you need to shield yourself to live a little longer for a very important cooldown and when you finally have it up and there is an opportunity to use it, you get denied by the pull back. This summoner with definitely be a niche for certain champs (cough Skarner) but I wouldn't trade it for Barrier any day. **New Items & Changes to Existing Items: Mariner’s Vengeance Warmog’s Armor Ghostwalkers** Mariner's Vengeance can go either way, either to resurrect and get cc'ed right after becoming a slight annoyance OR a team who tried desperately to kill you (a fed carry) now must kill you again and such a short notice that your important (a stun or lockdown ability) ability isn't up yet. I do have questions about ultimate buffs/effects such as Master Yi's Highlander, Vladimir's Hemoplague, Riven's Blade of Exile. DOes Master Yi still have his attack speed and movement speed buff? Does Vlad still do bonus damage to his targets? Does Riven get to keep AD buff and can she recast her ult if already casted? I would like to know more about the interaction of the item before really questioning whether it should be released. Ghostwalkers! Loved this item and making it so you have to be out of combat was just the balance nerf it needed. Warmong's Armor was a big problem in ARAM, you go tank and pick up a Warmong's and you become a meat shield that purposely takes damage, gets low, leave enemy line of sight (or if you a big douche) laugh spam as you regen all the health you lost. Very annoying to face and I like the approach to missing health instead of max health. **Runes Balance** Finally, certain runes (Presence of Mind) were must have because of the team fighting nature of ARAM so i am happy that Riot is balancing strong AND weak runes. **Champion Balance** Now this is where I am a bit iffy, I think champion specific nerfs in ARAM is not the way to go. For one thing, ARAM is just normals but you are in one lane in 5v5, you skip laning phase and you go into the team fighting phase. So nerfing and buffing a champion might be off putting to some ("Wow I did more damage than expected" or "Wow I did less damage than expected"). I think buffing a certain champion will definitely be a mistake, if that champion gets ahead then their buffs will make them even more stronger. Then again the buffs are going to champions that RIot thinks struggle in ARAM but in most cases these "struggling" champions can get a comp that supports that champion play style and can snowball said struggling champions. In all honesty, I feel it is best to push the changes above through EXCEPT the Champion Balance changes (MAYBE keep the nerfs, but assess the champions carefully). When it comes to changes like the poke damage reduction and bans, I don't think there is a need to balance champions specifically in ARAM, PLUS a lot of people just dealt with out of line champions for the past couple years so I don't think they are necessary. *And to add a little detail I MAY OR MAY NOT have 1000+ games on ARAM (kind of embarassing lmao)*
: Thanks! We have a tool that lets us get more detailed performance info from your games. If you add a setting to your game.cfg file. Cfg file is in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config You will need to add it under the [Performance] section. LiveProfile=1 Here's a link to what it looks like in my client: https://imgur.com/a/tw3Vc If you have that section included in your game.cfg, when you finish a game, it will generate a log that we can use to analyze the performance. You can find that log here: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Performance Logs With a format like "2017-12-06T22-05-40_PerfDump.rpd" If you set up that LiveProfile setting and generate any logs like that, we could look at that as well. Don't feel like you've got to do this - we'll be able to figure it out! If you'd like, it's an option for you though :D
By any chance, does this problem relate to the FPS problems some players face on the live servers? Awfully similar to it, only very extreme.
: Question on Thresh's Ult change.
Thresh has been nerfed quite a bit. His q has cast time his ult cast time was nerfed and his aa range been nerfed as well. The shield nerf is stupid and the wall nerf might hurt thresh too much.
: Revert Zed changes
I really want them to revert that cast time for his W. Currently his shadow moves at 1500. Changing it to 1600-1700 won't kill anyone. Only reason I want this is because they nerfing Blade of the Ruined King and this will hurt zed players maybe not as much the kha'zik nerfs but it would make up for the nerf to botrk.
: Renekton ulti idea
I started playing renekton and i love his kit. I think the damage at rank 3 is a little high though, i think 110 damage will be enough. And don't think i hate renekton but u have to admit he has soo much sustain in the laning phase so a nerf like this will help equalize renekton. As for the ad scaling for the ult, that may not be right thing to do as people will rush stuff like bloodthrister. But the health based ult is a pretty good idea. I'm thinking something like 0.85% of Renekton's Maximum Health and the damage will be: 20/50/110 (plus 0.85% of maximum health). The Scaling is lower at the start of each rank but as u lvl up the damage is higher. I did the calculations and ur ult will do more damage the higher ur lvl is but do less damage if ur behind.
: Suggestions for Utility Masteries
I agree. For the double buff duration it shouldn't be at the middle of the utility tree cuz ur just investing in too many points for it. 10 exp every 10 seconds near a higher level champion mastery isn't a good mastery. I mean if ur behind its a good mastery but wat if u and ur allied champion is equal with ur opponents (bot lane) and every ones is lvling up at the same time. Basically there is no point for the mastery.
: Hextech Sweeper and Armor? Why not MR?
i get what ur trying to get at. Note that changes in pbe are not final.
: Nope Warwick is next Blitz is prob like 70 in line or so
Yea warwick needs a visual update.
: Ultimate timers in game
I like the idea hopefully riot can consider it.
: Ruby Sightstone rework
I think that u should just remove the hp for sightstone and increase the hp for the Ruby Sightstone. Also change the build path. Something like this: Sightstone: 4 charges and resets every time entering ur base. Stats:4 Charges and 3 Wards on the map. Cost: 550G Ruby Sightstone: 5 charges and resets every time entering ur base. Stats:5 Charges and 3 wards on the map. 450 HP Cost: 1600G Build Path: Sightstone+Giant's Belt=Ruby Sightstone These changes will influence summoners to buy the Ruby Sightstone for the hp. If u think it needs tweaking plz reply {{item:2045}}
: FPS drop when opening the Item Shop
: Meh, it's something that should be learned, like Xin ult. But it's not a bad idea (like a Vayne condemn, right?)
now that i think bout it, other abilities like a lee sin kick should also display how far an ability will move an opponent (like a Vayne condemn)
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I also agree, all his abilities at rank 1 costs 60 mana which is crazy. I think u should just change the dashes mana cost to 50/45/40/35/30 or something like that because the dash takes too much mana which forces me to put 2 points for the dash just to lower its cost.
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: With the recent changes being made to Co-op vs. AI, I have a suggestion!
: [Aram] Undoing an item buy turns your health to 0
Riot is working on a solution, check the Server Status
: Minions when inhibitor respauw
If u think about, if the inhibitor respawns and the minions were to go back and destroy the inhib it wont give the other team a chance to make a comeback. Besides if the minions just stay there, they can keep killing enemy minion waves which is better for both teams.
: Greetings Lithiarch, Could you try to repair the client and let us know if the issue persists afterwards? Many thanks!
it happens to a lot of people and repairing the client doesnt fix it
: Summoner Spell Image appears as a blur
happens to me but no one reports this bug due to the fact that it isnt a big deal
: The Doran's Shield nerf and Health based champions
i agree some chanmpions need that hp and hp regen like u said and without it they will lose the early game phase. Leaving the doran shield the way it was is good enough. I dont know who gave the idea to nerf it, but honestly the doran shield was good the way it was.
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