: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battle Academia Ezreal!
Hello! First and foremost, I would just like to say thank you!! The skin team really outdid themselves with this one, it is beyond amazing. This is coming from an Ezreal main by the way, so I am extremely excited for this skin. I'd like to address his voice over. As you all probably know by now, the general consensus for the VO is looking pretty bad/disappointed. Although I personally do not have any problems with the voice lines myself (as I believe it sounds similar to anime dubs I used to watch as a kid), I feel it is important to address the side of the community that do take issue with it especially since they are the vocal majority in this situation. Of course, hiring the VA required a lot of money and effort and his talents should be respected; however, I feel like a good way to handle this situation would be to have a toggle of some sort. Possibly as a Control 5 toggle, Ezreal can switch between an English voice and a Japanese voice (which I am assuming already has the voices recorded). This alone can be a direct nod to anime itself as viewers choose whether they wish to watch it subbed or dubbed, as they prefer. With this in mind, I believe going out the lengths to include this feature for this skin particularly would not feel outlandish in any way, but rather support and further push the idea of an anime-inspired Legendary skin! Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback/suggestion! If I think of any suggestions to aid in the release of this skin visually, I'll be sure to post it later! Have a great day! Best, Hyo Oppa {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Completely agree with you! While it's really nice, it doesn't read as 'Ezreal' to me, which is a real bummer. I liked the hairstyle of the concept more than the one on the model, but that is a bit more of a personal preference, and I think your headband idea would work even better than the concept. Idk, maybe it's because (chromas aside) Ez has always been shown as blond (Frosted is white -and basically a recolor- so close enough), but I'm having a hard time seeing him in this skin :(
Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. I'm glad you like the headband idea, though I did realize one problem with it. Since the game is from a top-down perspective, it might be difficult to see the headband at all since his bangs would cover so much of his forehead... I hope the team addresses some of the points I made though, I'm really excited for these skins!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SSG Skins
I'd like to start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE these skins! There is, however, one skin that looks lacking from the rest in my opinion, and that's **Ezreal**. It's clear that his design is clearly based off of a traditional Korean warrior (specifically reminds me of a Korean drama called Hwarang, which casts a ton of pretty boy warriors/soldiers). So I think it works from a design/ reference standpoint. What **really** bogs me down is that he doesn't read as Ezreal in-game. I love the black hair and all the references to Korean traditions (I'm Korean myself, so I appreciate the representation, 파이팅!!), but I just have a difficult time seeing the skin as "Ezreal". I remember that back when Star Guardian Ez was released on the PBE, many requested him to have his hair changed to be ALL blue. The idea was turned down because without the blonde hair, it would be difficult for players to read him as Ezreal (which I agree with.) The blonde hair in the concept art worked too in my opinion. Or possibly white/platinum blonde hair could work to fit in with the color theme. I was originally going to suggest white with a blue strand similar to Xayah, but that would clash with the idea of Rakan being her partner. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the black hair and it looks exactly what I think the designers were going for, but it's just hard to see him as Ezreal now, which might confuse players in-game. Aside from the hair too, he looks like he's lacking something. Everyone next to him looks COOL. Like BAM, Gnar got a visually outstanding overhaul with blue fantastical aura emitting from his armor, Jarvan has his crown and shoulder armor that stand out, Taliyah has her glowing tassels/scarf, Xayah has badass hair which pops out extremely well, and Rakan's got a beautiful set of feathers that glow as well. Ezreal's gauntlet glows too, but it looks very small and inferior to the rest. Because of this, overall he looks a bit dull, to be honest. If I am right, and he really IS based on traditional Korean Hwarang, may I suggest giving him a bright blue headband underneath his bangs? It could possibly work and give him a greater POP factor. What's more is that theoretically if he did have a paler hair color, the headband would still reference Korean traditions since Hwarang wore them. Even keeping the black hair, I think it could still make him look a bit cooler and less plain compared to the rest of his crew. I apologize for the essay, but those are my thoughts on SSG Ezreal! Thank you to the team who put a ton of work into making these amazing skins and I can't wait to see the splash art in the next coming days.

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