: isnt the second case exactly the same as on live? it rarely ever matters, since the dash on the q is so tiny and the window so small. the reason why it happens is the same reason that {{champion:18}} still jumps when she gets snared, if the animation started before she gets rooted. though they have been changing a few forms of cc in recent times to stop enemies mid dash, like ahris e and be able to interrupt animations like tristanas jump. one way or another, he should still be able to hit the q from where he stands, since abilities in league work in a way, where auto attack animations (garens q is basically a fancy auto attack) are always followed through once they began. for example if you flashed mid garens q animation, the ability would just hit you where the flash takes you, even if thats far out of garens melee range. its also the same reason why his ultimate will follow through even if you flash out of its range, once the animation has begun. one of the only few ways to interrupt his q or a champion auto attack in general once it started, is to break the champions vision on you, by for example flashing into a bush. another is to kill the champion to break the animation, and i think zonyas works too.
Yeah, I'm not really sure that one's a bug - I just happened upon it in the same game I found the other one, so I brought it up.
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: That's the whole point. Trinity + Sterak's is just too strong right now. Champions like Irelia are just popping off with it. However, champions who don't get Trinity but do get Sterak's would be hit by this change at all, so this is a good thing. Actually, it helps a lot of champions with bonus AD ratios, like Kled.
Darius is looking good too
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: I just tried to watch a game that was played after the patch and the issue was still there. So I'm sure it is not because the replay is outdated
I had the "attempting to reconnect" thing too, but the replay still played perfectly fine.
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: Lux R CD
Lux has QOL issues, but instead of fixing them, they're buffing her ult that already feels fine.
: "Now triggers on enemy champs who die within 2 seconds of being hit by R" I think the CDR actually stacks depending on how many champions die within the 2 second timer, so maybe it took off another % and refreshed it completely. Or I could just be wrong and maybe it's just a bug.
That's how it seems to be working, but I don't think it's intentional. 100% CDR at level 16 off 2 kills is a bit much.
: Last night, I had noticed that landing a kill with Final Spark didn't give the Presence of Mind refund, only Final Spark's refund.
That might be because the Ult's cooldown doesn't start until after it deals damage.
: Red buff doesn't apply to turrets.
Did you have minions with you under the tower? Towers are immune to true damage if you don't.
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: Gotcha, thanks! It's important to only play this for reset scenarios, so it's unique from abilities going off cooldown normally.
Why is it important to distinguish between the two? I just want to know when my ability is off cooldown, I don't care how it got there. And for time-based resets, like Zilean W, Katarina passive, and Gnar Q (who isn't listed but can probably get resets still), there's a decent chance that the ability will come off cooldown right after you get the reset, but you won't see any indicator because the reset didn't directly result in the ability going off cooldown. Ideally, there would be three settings: what the game currently has (no indicator), what this thread is about (indicator on resets), and an indicator for whenever an ability comes off cooldown (or maybe for cases like Morgana ult or Kai'sa Q, when the ability is usable).
: We had thought Karma's CD reduction on her Ultimate felt more "incremental" than "reset," so we left her out. How do you feel?
I barely play Karma, just wanted to make sure she wasn't forgotten. I partially want this reset visual to show up for every ability for every champ when its cooldown is over.
: Cooldown Reset Flair
Is Karma's ultimate cooldown reduction off her attacks against champs not big enough? It's the same sort of thing as Kat's.


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