: Darn that sucks, but yeah I always tell the enemy support ingame when I see them buy the item that it doesn't work in PBE. Not sure why it wouldn't work on PBE if it works normally in live... Hopefully a mod/admin sees this soon.
Things break all the time due to other changes. Rework Heimer's turret cooldown going insanely high because Annie summoned Tibbers is a good example. No obvious reason for it to happen, just that new code can break old code.
: I can say that the same thing happened to me earlier today. I was playing Thresh in summoners rift and the ancient coin gave me no gold when lane minions were killed. Once I upgraded, it began to give me the normal 4 gold when lane minions were killed. I have no idea if the gold generation was working either.
Gold generation when you upgrade works just fine. No worries there.
: [Ancient Coin] Gives +1 instead of +2 coins per minion
Yep. Just noticed this in a very sad 4v5 team builder game. Which took 20 minutes just to get into. In which our Shen ditched us right at the start.
: [Client Bug?!] Got an icon i wasn't even able to buy :o
Same happened here. It's the Season 3 Vulcun icon. I'll be using it for the time being (even though I completely disagree with their roster changes lol)
: Urgot deserves a re-skin
Isn't this more appropriate for a GD thread than a PBE thread? Just seems like we should be focusing on things available to us as far as discussion goes on these boards.
: I think they just need an Upgrade to a higher Tier item. Both Items look very Slotineffective.
Morello is definitely not a go-to item for a lot of ap mids, but it's definitely become more of a support item with the cdr, mana regen, and unique passive stats. Definitely worth picking up during some games as support.
: Someone gets the point, thank you. There is a reason orianna was never messed with, she isn't op or up in anyway. I don't think she needs a nerf or buff at all.
She definitely feels like the definition of a balanced utility mage, and they should just continue to use her as a reference point. That being said, if they're going to nerf anything about her, they should just make her ball give half the bonus resistances to allies.
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: It grants vision of a 500 radius bubble at the target location of each of your three shots when you fire off the shot. The vision only lasts very briefly. So no, it basically doesn't. Deep warding and having your team spot for you becomes super important.
Does it have a consistent travel time, or is the range it's casted from going to affect how long it takes each missile to land?

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