: She always had an indicator,you need to play ahri more often
Perhaps I'm just blind lol, but it absolutely isn't this obvious...I have 1.2 mil mastery points on Ahri so I do play her quite a lot. Edit: I just checked out the Arcade Ahri skin spotlight, turns out she has a blue circle under her when she has ult charges left. A. Blue. Circle. I know I'm being rather unreasonably upset about a "small thing" but come on. What's easier for your enemies to see and play around, a blue circle I haven't noticed after 400 games of arcade ahri (mightjustbeblindtho) or her entire model turning pink/purple? 2nd edit: Checked out foxfire ahri, no indicator to be found. Feel free to correct me if you can find any lol. I just hate this inconsistancy between skins, especially as only the expensive ones (arcade/star guardian) seem to have it...I get that they want it to look cool but sacrificing gameplay for visuals...again, not a fan.
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