: No free Skins for model update?
Maybe Rito forgot about that :)
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: What language do you play the game in? It's possible you picked up some localization specific changes but I'd need to know your client language.
: PBE Patch over 500 MB
I patched it 3 days ago... **1/2** was **60** mb and **2/2** was **>450** mb P.S. sorry for my bad english...
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: [BUG] [LEAGUEPOINTS] Getting no Leaguepoints any more
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: Team Builder Bugs!
Another bugs: 1.Unable to edit masteries 2.Cannot see Approx and Actual time in queue! :)
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: One For All Enabled On PBE!
I haven't One for All! Please help!
: Hey Silvergdb, the ones you got at the start, with the black Background were limited. You did not purchase them for ever :)
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: Nasus is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
{{champion:75}} [MAJOR BUG] When enemy hits Nasus with basic attack it shows only damage.This is happening to all champions who are playing against Nasus! Thanks :)
: New Health Bar! (10/31/2013)
Finally HUD Changes! Gj Riot...
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: Team builder disabled on PBE ?
He is disabled during a bug...read description in left-top corner!
: A Warm Welcome from Relaunch!
I think you shold rework Sion!He's quite old character and really boring...make him more playable!Thanks :)
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: During this transitional period, we're definitely keeping an eye on both locations, but we'd prefer you post new feedback and bugs here!
Finally Riot will see more our suggestions!

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