: I agree the protrait to me makes her look like a crack whore in the face. The splash art is amazing none the less but I feel her face should be a little more full and her hair not so Pink. I mean, she has red hair not pink. Besides that the art is fantastic.{{champion:55}}
thats exactly wot it looks like XD
: We complained about champions being sexualized though :/. And now that this new splash art is out, some still complain to riot about how terrible she looks. I mean come on guys, they are just trying to satisfy are needs, I think it looks fine we are just not used to it. {{champion:3}}
dont miss understand what i was saying. i like the splash art but the icon/portrait {{champion:55}} color saturation is weird. looks competently different from the splash art.
: Agreed. Looks really bad on mini map and bans, like looks like shaco's sister.
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