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: Nexus Blitz PBE V2 - Map Changes and New Events
Can the 4 Sups 1 Hypercarry be nerfed? specially the shield-ones? like lulu, rakan, janna and morgana :X
: Eita.... Vou reformular pro inglês então. Obrigado ^^
e mais pra nao virem reclamarem muito de nos brs aqui no forum, vc ve bem pouco de outras linguas.
: Most of what you just suggested is too situational or/and too specific with the set up. >- a rune that gives decreased ghost CD and during it you do more damage or damage enemies next to you What if i take this rune but forget to take ghost and i didnt choose the other rune that allows me to swap it out? Now i have a useless rune and will get punished for it, and that is no different from the rune system in the live servers comparable to when you put mana runes on Zed. You say you want more strategy for soloQ but suggested very coordinated rune interactions with your teamates. You need to play more games my guy.
you mean like the new rune that works with flash? or the stopwatch one to a champ that doesn't really use it or any of it upgrades,or the blast one in a champ that can't CC? because yeah, that can happens with that and still they make it, so that isn't really a problem, it happens, as you said. and what I said about more strategy was with the 5/3/1 way of choosing runes.And yeah, some are situational, but there some runes now that are too, so what? And some of my suggestions are based on what I have seen people here say that they are lacking.
: Foi dito que podemos postar em nossa língua nativa que eles lêem de qualquer forma... Agora to curioso quanto a esse problema, tô procurando loucamente e não vejo nada sobre ele =/
isso era en relaçao a bugs usando o feedback do client
: Hi guys i just creat pbe acc and i dont get any rps help plz
: Authenticação infinita(BR)
1. vc ta perguntando algo em pt num forun que a lingua oficial e ingles 2. .-. nao sei se esse tipo de info sozinha ajudaria alguem de fora a te ajudar
: Meu feedback sobre as novas runas/ my feedback on the new runes
: Travamento durante a instalação
so uma dica, se quiser mais ajuda publique em ingles. segundo que acho q os rioters ja falavam de um problema parecido mas nao sei bem se foi resolvido ou nao
: > [{quoted}](name=Bahamut Sun Wen,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=w3vwyXTT,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-16T00:07:32.289+0000) > > I tested Predator on {{champion:240}} ult and {{champion:8}} E, R. > Working fine. I thought Vlad's E is the most similar spell to Nunu's ult but this bug didn't happen. Old Galio ult and Old Maokai ult were the only things I would expect to share the Nunu bug but they don't exist anymore. Who knows though. There are probably other crazy bugs in unexpected places given how broken Predator appears to be.
: > [{quoted}](name=helelalbus,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=yZufEn2F,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-10-15T23:32:21.259+0000) > > yeah, I was thinking on trying with another champs, I think that's because the way predador damages. Maybe if it was like a shen {{item:3057}} spellblade, but it's it own thing. predator is actually completely broken spaghetti code. see my thread about nunu with predator.
just saw, I was thinking on trying on morgana or maybe kennen to see what happens
: It means when Pedrator active(extra damage) it will also cancel anything channeling?
need more tests to be sure
: I'm checking this out in the practice tool. It is definitely a bug. It also messes with attack animations. I am finding that this affects other champions as well. I've made footage of WW, Malz, and Vel'koz. It seems to be a universal bug that affects many champions. Video:
yeah, I was thinking on trying with another champs, I think that's because the way predador damages. Maybe if it was like a shen {{item:3057}} spellblade, but it's it own thing.
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moço, nao adianta vc fazer essas publicaçoes em pt aqui, vai demorar muito pra elas seram lidas, isso se forem
: Runas no ATP
cara, se for publicar algo aqui, faça em ingles
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: foi mal amigo, me disseram que poderia ser em PT entao eu fiz kk mas vlw!
essa e na parte de feedback la no jogo, onde reporta bugs
: Understood, my master. I'll start making threads about not making threads about the store bug now.
if you have a better ideia to show that there's already a lot of threads about the same thing
: (PT/BR) Minha conclusão sobre meu primeiro dia no PBE!!
good, good mas se vai publicar algo, tente em ingles cara, aqui nao e brasil
: Compro coisas na loja
also, tente fazer as publicaçoes em ingles
: Runas
tem que publicar em ingles cara
: Am I stuck on some sort of Brazilian PBE server? (serious question)
bad lucky. Its just that a lot of people don't speak english and are lazy to at least use google translator. But a lot of us are trying to make then do it, but its not easy.
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: Jogo e Skins
cara, tens que fazer as publicaçoes em ingles
faz as perguntas em ingles cara
: BRs Let's Keep The PBE Forum in English
and you think that most of the people who came will care? if not, they will overload the br forun with PBE questions but yeah, that drives me crazy


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