: it's very very very old Diana bug. Her passive hitbox is very odd so **YOU NEED TO HUG** turrets and specially inhibitors to proc passive on them.
okay then apologize me for posting redundant stuff, I never play Diana :/
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Diana!
Dunno if this is a bug on Infernal Diana or on Diana in general.. sadly I cannot make a video of this, but I discovered a bug on attacking structures with her passive. In the early game on turrets I didnt have the bug that the magic dmg is put on the turret but in the late the inhibitor turrets, inhibitors, nexus turrets and nexus didnt take the magical dmg into account only the attack damage based amount. But weird if I use a spell on minions right beside the structure and attacking the structure immediately after then the magic damage was applied to the structure also. I hope this is visible in the screenshot I've made: [LINK HERE](http://i.imgur.com/nEgtspV.jpg)
: I believe the ice under a slowed champion that you are referring to, is the same for every slowing ability in the game. Adding unique graphics based on a skin would make it inconsistent and decrease clarity and readability.
well if you slow an enemy Champion they have blurred lines behind them while moving slowed.. so i guess this particle on minions wouldnt decrease any clarity..
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Lissandra!
First of all: great job guys.. superb skin! I love it.. only thing I would've changed to match the theme of this skin better is the ice passive of her slowing Q, of course it is the Ice Witch, but like her W it should look a little bit more electric. The following Image shows what I mean [link here](http://i.imgur.com/vDMoAfc.jpg)
: Sweeper Alistar has the icon of Infernal Alistar http://imgur.com/mhxe0DV
: 1350 AD JHIN?!
normally you dont get a 1100 ap janna.. so the shield by itself grants you 160 Bonus AD.. but you're right with attackspeed Bonus from ardent and crit Bonus from zeke's its pretty much Bonus AD even though its just temporary for a couple of seconds. I think Jhin is going to be nerfed 2 weeks after rolling out on live as always
Rioter Comments
: Good Skin but of course have some bugs since it was recently deployed. -In the Minimap, Cait appears as a White Square since there isnt splashart. -In the "Kill count", when she kills an enemy or she is killed, like FB,penta,etc, The enemy appears as if he is the one making the kill, or just cair replicate the splash of the one who kills. -Her ultimate is displaced, particles of aiming circle, locked target (enemy champion model) are not correctly ajusted. Her magic rifle is indeed a bit odd, but works smoothly.
The champion icon issue I got too (white square minimap and black circle at champion hud Screenshot provided: [link here](http://i.imgur.com/W5BRBIJ.jpg) The champion icon from killing an enemy is the icon from the last kill (turret as well) Screenshot provided: [link here](http://i.imgur.com/42XQwZf.jpg) I recognized the same dislocation of the ultimate initiator circle and a moving target Screenshot provided: [link here](http://i.imgur.com/BNdmbrP.jpg)
: You were pretty rude to that guy.
Nope its just annoying to read threads like "BS." not even hitting the boards requirements..
: What annoys me about LoL (and what could potentially be a large but wrongly accepted problem)
blitzcranks Q has a 20s cd on lvl 1 and with your standard mana you can hook 3 times then you run out of mana.. so thats my opinion of balance. You are maybe talkin about lower elo plays, where nobody cares about countering abilities. In my opinion the champions are quite balanced (maybe Illaoi not but thats due to the fact she's new to the game). The only thing which is very strong is the Rageblade these days on certain champs.. Nevertheless I dont agree with you.
: Was the issue ONLY with Championship Shyvanna or others as well?
as if you can see multiple players have the same issue with various champs.. so also ezrael is affected in my store (more I cannot check cause I dont have more options)
: Snowdown Shop
same issue for me screenshot: [link here](http://i.imgur.com/zBp2KET.png)
: Can we get access to all Poppy skins?
Amy said we should be patient they will unlock them.. but I wonder what takes that much time.. I think Riot doesnt need all skins to be tested..
: Somethings to change about the new Poppy [In-Depth]
-52. {{champion:81}} E works too the passive change sounds good.. the w change I dont agree because I think this in balanced enough
Rioter Comments
: Syndra W+(maybe)Luden's bug. Black square appears. I only noticed this after I got Luden's but my casts are often off screen with her W due to moving after throwing it. Screenshot [linked](http://imgur.com/wavNmLE).
same issue I got too : [Screenshot](http://i.imgur.com/5hRKY0I.jpg)
: 190% is still a huge reduction -- it's not 10% less crit damage, it's 10% less on his *total* crit damage which actually nets much more than a 10% damage reduction. If anything I'd like him to get his E reworked, his criticals nerfed early but his critical damage be buffed to 100% and his ulti damage also increased (cause right now it's weaker than a Q crit).
If you assume he got Statikk and around 160 AD then his crits deal 304 (healing for 45 HP) instead of 320 (healing for 48 HP) dmg. In my opinion thats next to nothing because the op thoughts arrise from the healing not the dmg.
: man that champ need nerf are you taht despair and odnt know to play any other regular champ? When Ekko came all of you Yasuo amin say nerf ekko because he easy kill you. Yasuo need NERF
Try to stay on an objective base and dont harrass me for my thoughts, thanks. If you only apply his double crit chance while his shield is up.. its broken by one auto attack.. which is in pro scene on laning quite all the time, so his passive is literally non-existent.
: Turret Buffs?
I agree with you.. since some patches the amount of towerdives feels like doubled or even more.. it happens quite often that you got towerdived by 3 people and none of them is taking any casualties.. so my suggestion: more damage **OR **more health/resistance
: honestly, i dont feel like that is where the problem lies. as a yasuo main i feel like the fact that he gets 2x crit ALL the time is essential for the kit. however, i do feel a nerf would make sense, judging from the new masteries. The best way to deal with this IMO is to not reduce the crit itself, but the benefit you get from the crit. for example, the crit could do 180% dmg instead of 190%, or on hit effects are 3/4 as potent.
A reduction of the Crit dmg seems legit. But I would prefer more than 10% thats just hilarious.. I would suggest to test on PBE if 150% dmg is still fair.
: I think just maybe his passive still can 2x for crit but its stay only when he have passive block attack with that little shield. When his passive is off then crit is normal like he have statick with 30% crit and when he have passive 100 stack then 60% when his passive is off his crit is normal
That would be a massive nerf on Yasuo, which shouldn't be intended.
: Janna recommended items
I think it depends on the matchup.. I wouldnt say that {{item:3303}} is the wrong item for Janna.. sometimes I build it on her too. And I am main support. Depends on you playstyle.. so I dont agree with you.
: Is there a way to see what patch notes there on the PBE?
You can take a look at **surrender@20** Moobeat is mostly up to date and fast with posting the changes. [Link here](http://www.surrenderat20.net/index.html)
: Illaoi's AD Scaling
maybe shes a juggersassine {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} but its hard I played her fulltank and her dmg is still hard.. so there is no reason to build her glass cannon style
: Quinn's new blind can be kinda awkward (for the enemy)
Yep same as I thought. Looks more like some sort of lag
: Where is the file that contains the item sets (it's now account based so I can't find it)
I found a file called **ItemSets.json** which contains my item sets as well its located in **_/PBE/Config/_** I copied both from PBE to my live folders and my item sets are workin fine..
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elderwood Hecarim!
First of all I'm not a toplaner nor jungler so I usually dont play {{champion:120}} but this skins model looks quite fantastic! As GamekingCaleb mentioned its a perfect fit for Heca. But I tested the skin once and I got to say that I cannot clearly distinguish if this particles are new or not. Like for other 1350er skins like Arcade Heca, Arcade Riven, Spiritfire Brand, Master Arcanist Ziggs and so on its a huge visual difference between the classic skin and the bought skin which makes it valuable to get the skin. Maybe this is an issue cause its thematic related to the rift, but probably its possible to get some more uniqueness into the skin. For example if the skins visual appearance is too close to the environment just change the voice even more or some brighter particles, new animations like at recall done.
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
I like the Illaoi's kit and design too, but I think her passive does not fit the intention to be an objective-based-fighter. Therefor I would do some math: If you got a tentacle spawned at toplane and tp down to dragon, you got to wait 20s for the next tentacle to spawn, which is quite long, not even a support needs that much time to set up vision. And to fulfil the role of and objective-based fighter I would suggest that Illaoi's passive gets a much shorter cooldown like 5s not affected from CDR and a maximum capacity of tentacles like 2 or 3 which makes it fightable for the enemy team. If there are like 5-10 tentacles its pretty hard to get a ray of hope to survive a fight against Illaoi.
: PLEASE PLEASE Test All New Content (Rant)
Oh lord, thanks! That has to be said. I wonder how people can have a PBE account for about a year and got their first board post now.
: You get homeguard after 20 minutes, it's a new feature~ I recommend you read the patch notes ^^
For those of you who dont know to find the "patch" notes. -> [Link here](http://www.surrenderat20.net/index.html)
: You could always try her in a custom.
then you need at least another guy who is willing to start with you a custom game.. thanks to the 2-player-restriction.
: I think if you want to try out a new champ, you should just do it in customs. If you're gonna affect the game of other players by afking because you don't like that champ you picked, you should get banned. There are circumstances where you have to leave but you should at least explain that to your teammates and tell them not to report you. Then there's also leavebusters.
Thats exactly what I wanted to say.. sorry if it wasnt clear enough!
: It's not that you wait an entire minute until you can spawn a new one. It's just if one stands idle for a period of time (1 min) then it goes away. That way there aren't just a billion tentacles all over the map leading to the biggest league hentai since vel'koz. The passive timer between spawns is around 10-15 secs. Would have to check in game.
its 20-12s depending on your CDR.. so in earlygame you got 20s if you recently spawned a tentacle and arrive at dragonpit as toplaner you have to wait 20s for **ONE** tentacle.. if you want 2 its 40s which as I said is definitely to long to wait and without tentacles your impact is not as considered as an objective control based champion.
: afk and leavers
On normals I agree but it should be distinguished to botgames (customs) there you should be allowed to leave games. Because mostly you dont pull others down by leaving, especially to use the 2-player-restriction for custom games.
: Illaoi's Passive
I think a range indicator is useful, but I think the spawn time of her tentacles is way to long, it should be like 5s and restricted to a maximum number of tentacles of 2 or 3. Waiting about a minute at objectives to get some tentacles for objective control is way too much.
: what sonic suggested works OK. its a preference here, but i focus on jungle sustain in my masteries on almost every jungler that doesnt have solid sustain or speedy clear. imo its the safest and most reliable path. some things here i change from game to game, but the important things are the keystone mastery which gives you 300 bonus health after a couple clears, and all the health regen related stuff... and the masteries that deal bonus damage and reduce damage taken from monsters. http://pyroblasty.github.io/masteries/#CvEKxECvCvKxK i never have issues with a first clear this way. first i would try with machete 3 pots to get challenging/chilling and the extra sustain and dueling power they provide asap. if you are still having issues for some reason, buy the refillable and b after 3 camps for hunters potion. it will set you behind a little, but the amount of sustain it gives you helps you catch up
I think the _**Strength of the Ages**_ Keystone is not useful, as you said it you wont build him tanky. And this keystone is useless in early game cause its not flat and the heal comes out if you are fully stacked, so not useful for the earlygame issue. And also the _**Legendary Guardian**_ mastery is not useful at early camp clear cause there are most of the time no enemy champs nearby so you can benefit from the extra armor. The **_Perseverance_** mastery is mandatory imho.
: Trinket Ward bug
I got the same issue.. but I just tried it with the new Dragon Trainer Ward.. thought it related to that specific wardskin but seems to occur with all kinds of wards.
: Dragon Trainer Ward- Glitched Ip and Rp boxes.
Please use the boards search before opening a new thread.. I posted earlier today the same issue. [Link here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/PFVEt4Kk-shopwards-dragon-trainer-ward-shifted-buy-screen)
: Illaoi no name
Im on blue side and there is also no name shown for Illaoi
Rioter Comments
: Dark Seal not showing added AP from Glory
Same for me. Just tried Gravelord Azir and noticed it too [Screenshot](http://i.imgur.com/GZ2p91v.jpg).
Rioter Comments
: Kha'Zix Consensus
I played him cause of your thread in a custom game, 12-18 with Stormraiders Surge.. and started with Machete.. without help at bluebuff its quite hard to get, if you clear out the small one's to trigger your passive on Q its quite okay but you have to recall after or go for rift scuttler then you can go maybe another camp but red and blue buff without backing up is pretty hard. My final build on him was : Tracker's Knife - Warrior > Ionian Boots of Lucidity > Youmuu's Ghostblade > Mortal Reminder > Deadman's Plate > Banshee's Veil and I dont struggle much.. clearspeed after Warrior Enchantment was completed is quite good and even better after Youmuu's.. finishing off enemy champs is quite easy with ult + Youmuu's especially if they are isolated.
: Why do people bother pushing?
Maybe they play botgames to get their first win of the day, as quick as possible.
: Why is Amplifying Tome still 435?
Good suggestion. I agree, {{champion:84}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:8}} will join our movement :P
: Too many ADCs in mid lane
I think mages like {{champion:103}} & {{champion:7}} never get out of meta cause of their mobility especially against squishy adc's, or burst mages like {{champion:112}} & {{champion:45}} still offer a 2nd dmg source which is not AD based.. at least in professional play I think mages dont run out of meta after preseason patch.
: Too many ADCs in mid lane
I think mages like {{champion:103}} & {{champion:7}} never get out of meta cause of their mobility especially against squishy adc's, or burst mages like {{champion:112}} & {{champion:45}} still offer a 2nd dmg source which is not AD based.. at least in professional play I think mages dont run out of meta after preseason patch.
: Welcome to the PBE! Here, read [this](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/G2h6QTbN-useful-information-for-new-pbe-players), has all the info you need :> the champions' bundle indeed does not work, but you can still buy champions via Profile Page → Champions. This is known and Riot is working on it. Also, please first look through the forums (and/or use the search option) to see if your problem has been reported already. Duplicate threads make it hard to keep track of the boards. :c
isnt it annoying for you to tell the same all day? I dont get it why new people dont read the forums or at least the FAQ..
: Idea for Quinn's Q: Crit Denial.
That sounds like a great idea. I'm on your side! As the new crit meta evolves this could be a unique mechanic!
: PBE is fully voluntary, dearest. Isn't getting all the champs/skins for free, and super hot content 2 weeks early, enough of a reward? :[
I totally agree with Amy.. the reward of playin new content for free should be enough! If its not enough for you there are plenty of other users who want this access..
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