: I have to echo point number 2 above. First game on Nemesis had 2 leavers. I definitely think leaving and queue dodging are gonna be at an all-time high. It's just like with ARAM where people know what they're getting into, but still say "I didn't get exactly what I want, so bye bye everyone." I'm not sure what the solution is. Harsher dodge penalties for this mode? More incentive to stay? Don't know.
Too true, every game I've played so far has leavers. It may be connection issues or something, but it seems like ragequitting for several of them. I think this mode is interesting, and I've had fun with it, but I think it promotes dodging, d/c's, and toxicity.
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: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
Just played Hexakill, and it was awesome. The only things for me are gold,experience, and Champ Selection. 1. Seems like builds and levels are slower due to the extra player, so maybe turn up the gains a bit to compensate and it should be great. 2. I think either offer or switch to draft pick instead of blind, as it lengthens the timer considerably. Or offer team builder and allow players to discuss strategy before even starting matchmaking. I played support top as Leona and snowballed my Renekton so hard it was a joke. Next I think I might try duo mid with a mage and assassin. Let the assassin gank and counterjungle while the mage holds the lane. All in all awesome game mode Riot!!
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: Team Builder suggestions
Great concept, had very long queue time yesterday, but much quicker today. I'd add a drop box for role selection when building a team, as two bottom lane roles can easily be filled by duo adc or support.
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