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: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
played several PBE games and graves seem to be a snowball reliant champion, you either snowball and insta burst down anything even assassins who go for you and tanks, or you get behind and you try and burst some one down but lack the damage and get insta killed. I also personally view his Q damage is to high considering the range it's got
: New masteries open up playstyle options, but players will still just use mobafire
I actually feel like I have less choice with the new masteries then the old
: please add an option to fully turn off in game chat. Thank you!
I'm against this, LoL is a team based game focused on communicating and working together, furthermore if you are unable to see the chat you will get reported for refusing to communicate and those are legit reports since you really do refuse to communicate then. just having a bad day or a few bad games doesn't even get you punished so no harm in that.


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