: Great skin, love the rain VFX on w, I hope it can get rain SFX to match. Chromas are amazing too.
Hullo! I bumped up the rain SFX in volume - it was getting masked by some of the smoke of her shroud so hopefully that helps!
: I'm main pyke since its release and my major issue with the skin is the sounds. It feels really good to q someone and hear that stabbing sound that you just hit them, and that's missing in this skin. It seems similar with the ult but not so much. In general I feel a bit disappointed with the skin, other project skins have so amazing effects and particles and this one seems to be a bit lacking. I'll buy it but it would be better if it can be improved!
Hey there! I added some more stabby and made the hit of his Q last a little longer with some PROJECT sounds. The Ult as well has some new stingers. Hope that helps!
: up the orange and reds on splash? I know he is some secret washed up cybernetic soldier but its just not project without the neon colors would be much better if the blue clothing was purple or something like a darker grey-blue abilities sound a bit quiet imo, especially on E. on bloodmoon or even base skin, there is this distict and crisp sound when you hit multiple people with an E, and I feel like thats missing from this skin. really like the snake hologram on W, but would be nice if Pyke himself also turns into a hologram or at least have a glitchy orange layer over him when hes in W ult is pretty cool, but I have yet to test the tunes on resets so hopefully those will be epic too PROJECT: Cuts?
Hey, sound designer here. Thanks for the feedback! I’m taking a look at Pyke’s E stun to make it stick out more . Also, there should be new Ult reset music now so if you do take him for another spin that should be in!
: Hello 6armedrobot! I'm a Pyke main and I really like the skin, but I think some things could be added to make it really worth the Legendary tier. 1. **Animations.** This is the main thing that's worrying me. The skin has very few new animations for a 1820 skin. -You can maybe make Pyke ride (or surf, that would be great) a mecha snake in his homeguard animation, just like Taliyah's passive. -I don't know if he has a spawn animation, but he really should. -His idle animation could be he standing like he does in the trailer when he stares the PROJECT building. -After he recalls to base, he should get off his mecha snake. -When he uses his E, he could do a forward twirl in the air (not like his classic one, I mean like Scorpion's twirl in his X-Ray in Mortal Kombat X for example). -His normal walking animation needs to be different, more threatening maybe? He is the most badass PROJECT member after all. 2. **Sounds.** I'll just ask (even beg) you one thing here because I would **REALLY** love this: when the match starts, Pyke's music (the PROJECT version from the trailer) could be played (just like Swain's theme). 3. **VFX and abilities.** -A PROJECT border after he gets a reset with his ult. -In his Q, his harpoon should spin faster as the range of his pull increases. -In his W, mecha snakes would be much more fitting than mecha sharks. -You can make his hologram shoulder pads activate when he spawns (like in the trailer) And that is all! I really hope that some of my suggestions are taken into account. I also want to thank you guys for giving my main the skin he deserves, his VO and his joke/taunt/dance/laugh animations are beautiful.
Hey there! Sound designer here so addressing point 2- there won’t be music added for the spawn in music at the beginning but I did add some of the trailer music throughout his kit (most obvious on the Ult stingers). Should be out on the PBE build if not now, this weekend!
: I play Pyke a lot, but this skin is not worth the price point right now. There's a level of detail and polish that we saw in DC Jhin that is just not demonstrated with Pyke's legendary. I'm going to sound really whiny here, but it's my honest feeling about how this skin turned out. Riot’s skins team is a group of extremely talented creators, and I respect their work and acknowledge the fact that sometimes riot might push them too hard before a deadline, or veto their ideas for the sake of money. But, either way, this skin just doesn't hold up to the standard Riot has upheld for the last year of legendary skins, and that should change between now and when this is shipped to live. #Animations: -The homeguard is... boring. I can't tell if it's the same as base, but either way, it is not 1820 quality. -The recall's animation looks off in general, and its thematic idea with the snake robot and him riding it just doesn't work in such a short span of time. His overall recall just doesn't read well and comes off as unfinished, there's no weight to his character model when he jumps around, and the snake just appears, instead of creating a hole when it exits from burrowing through the ground. The worst part of it by far is the fact that the snake becomes transparent for the last few frames as he returns to base. I'm assuming that this decision was made to preserve clarity, but why didn't they just animate it so that Pyke remained in front of the robot at all times? There's just so much that doesn't seem well thought out. -His respawn animation is boring, and there are no fun particles like there are with Eclipse Leona and DC Jhin. -His joke or taunt when his dagger turns into a claw-like weapon is REALLY cool. I wish that his dagger had this much detailed animation when it changes during his Q animation. Instead, his dagger is basically just “replaced” with a longer version for his Q. #VFX/abilities: -This is the best part of the skin, his E, W, and R are near perfect. His Q is lacking though. The projectile doesn't feel dynamic enough. It should look like his hook is extending, morphing, and transforming, like it does in the trailer, but instead it just looks like a moving triangle. This would be perfectly fine (great, even) if this wasn't a 15 dollar skin, but it is, so I'd expect his Q to push the limits a bit more. #SFX: -I was going to go ability by ability and say what I thought, but I came to the same conclusions for each one: The sfx do not do base Pyke justice. Base Pyke's sound palette does two things very well (imo): It references horror movie tropes, and also has a very musical quality to it. His base Q has a rising note that sounds like a horror soundtrack, and the visceral sound it makes when it hits someone is straight out of a slasher film. It’s stylised, not just filtered. His Base E sounds almost like a bell tolling from far away, lending to his pirate/ocean aesthetic. His R music upon executing someone references both horror and pirate aesthetics. Blood moon does a great job of retaining these influences, while expanding upon them. The BM Q SFX utilizes traditional east asian instruments to build up suspense. The W does the same thing. By amping up the musicality of Pykes SFX with traditional instruments, BM Pyke successfully makes the player feel like they are a part of an old fable, or horror story. -The problem with the project versions of all of these sounds is that they lose their depth, and feel like digital versions of base without the character. The project universe is cyberpunk, yet Pyke's new sounds fail to pay homage to the source material. Dystopia is about emptiness, yet all of his sounds are closer to a mecha skin than anything else. Cyberpunk is very different, especially the more rugged version of cyberpunk that P:Pyke is supposed to represent. Go listen the song "Hijack" in the Bladerunner:2049 soundtrack. This song uses electronic sounds and a fast pace to create tension, but it's not all machinery. It delivers on the cyberpunk aesthetic because it uses a lot of reverb to capture the vastness of the movie's world, and the protagonist's confusion with his own identity, both of which are applicable to P:Pyke's lore. He is a broken man, back from the dead, unsure of who he was before, yet his psychotic side isn't shown through any of his abilities. Why don't we hear the muffled voices of his past while in his W? Why does the music after executing someone sound like 80's synthwave and not the adrenaline fueled soundtrack of a fight scene? Pyke’s sounds have lost their edge in this skin, which is odd considering his character is even more insane. -Just take DC jhin as an example. His fourth shot idle sfx references the orchestral music of stuff like space odyssey. Connecting his skin to the genre of space movies (Where sustained symphonic pieces reign supreme), emphasizes the character's obsession with the beauty of space. I realize just how negative this feedback is, but I really do like what’s being done here. All of the design choices are solid, and they work for a decent project skin. All of my issues just come from the fact that players who buy this skin are essentially buying a 1350 skin with new voicelines. I don’t want players to feel ripped-off, honestly, and I also worry about what this skin’s quality means for future legendary skins. Was the epicness that we saw in BA Ezreal, Eclipse Leona(s) and DC Jhin just temporary?
Hey hey- sound designer here! Thanks for the in-depth and thoughtful feedback. I submitted some tweaks to the Ult music stingers with some of the awesome work our composer (EdTheConqueror) did for the CG video so it feels more in line with this year’s vibes, and hopefully feels more like a build to the final one! I added a bit of that to the Q and W as well, though it’s a bit more subtle (most obvious when he’s holding it max range for the Q). I am also looking to clean up his E stun a bit so it pokes out more, but wanted to get the above out so you all could play around with it for the weekend. Hope that helps hit some of your feedback!
: Shaco mains: This skin is absolutely stunning and perfect, it cannot get any better. Riot HandfulOfChips: Hold my beer.
: I think that theres 3 fundamental things that i noticed in the skin that i really dont like . 1.) The sound of the auto atacks its horrible, its like a metal thing, when it should sound like a cosmic atack or something, it really doesnt match whit the skin concept. ( For example, when u Q out its sounds kinda like a cosmic move, that sounds its ok , but when u hit whit cosmic blades it shouldnt sound like metal 2). The walking animation its kinda weird, when u see his feets, doesnt feel like he is actually walking, more like floating. 3.) When u Q in, the walking animation changes, and its really awkward. 4.) The daggers seens rather small than other shaco daggers.. when u compare it to older skins u will notice that the older ones are alot better. and dont get me wrong, but shaco skin, must be something related to him. He really doesnt seems like a clown, just a alien thing. When u see other tematic skins, at least they are the same character. In this one the face doesnt even look like a clown.
Hello! re: point 1, I made some tweaks to the autos and the passive attack sound effects to add a bit more of the dark star thematic wub wubs and crystals. I did keep the auto attacks pretty quick sounding since he autos so much and can build attack speed, so having the sounds be too long can get chaotic quickly. Hope that helps!
: Honestly, that sucks, at least please change the crit sound, its so "not fitting". I mean its a freaking epic skin, why the hell did you not change all the sounds. It looks like the skin is rushed and you didnt put effort on it.
I can take a look at the crit sound to see what can be tweaked to make it feel more unique! We don't 100% change every single asset for epic skins if it works with the skin's kit, which it seems like it did not for you on the crits and the other two abilities, though we do review the skins internally to see what works and what doesn't. I'm pretty bummed to hear you say that no effort was put into this when a lot of her audio was changed, but I can't change how you feel about it. I hope even if you end up disappointed with the audio that you're able to appreciate the work the others on my team did, but I understand if you're upset still about it.
: Now i have played it, the skin is nice, but there some thing i dont like that much, first of all, the W, E and crit sounds, you can hear the base skin sound on them and thats not cool, i dont like the eyelashes either, they look weird but is not a big of a deal, hair is ok, but it could be better (while q is active is cool as fuck) a more pink skin tone (just a bit) would've better but is not that bad. Ok that's all. I am a Trist main 395k mastery points and 100k mastery points on another account. Thanks, i hope you will read me
Hi there! I'm the sound designer on Trist - I'm sorry you feel that way. Is there anything in particular that stands out the most as not fitting well? Tristana's sounds are broken up in to many different pieces, so I ended up swapping out parts of her kit that made the most sense to have something completely re-designed (the projectile traveling, spirit fire elements, etc.) and did end up keeping a couple bits here and there (the E actually only has one base SFX asset in it and that's for the very initial cast of the E - everything else has been changed), to keep some of the Tristana reads but also they fit in with her actions still. Hope this helps explain some stuff!
: Hey! I'm really loving this skin! As a N&W main, I'm very happy that they're getting some love so soon after the rework, and with such a beautiful thematic! After playing with it in the practice tool, I only have one criticism: The high frequency sounds in the skin, particularly on the Passive autos and W snowball, are a little harsh/piercing, especially when compared to the other sounds in the skin and normal game sounds. It's to the point where it almost hurts my ears if I have my volume at a normal level. Would it be possible to bring the higher frequencies down a bit to more regular levels? I think the "rustly paper" effect can still be reached without the high frequencies being _as_ piercing. Thanks!
Hello! I can take a look at the Passive autos and the W SFX and see if I can tuck those higher frequencies in. Thanks for checking them out!
: Love the E!! logical feedback would be move the 'folding intruction' effect on Q chomp as it will make more sense there but it might look too busy on Q and rather empty on E so idk what else you guys can do While I love the rip of the ground, the ult still seems somewhat dull, first thing would be have his outline ring on ult flutter more like Anivia's, to tie in both of the skins further. Then for the explosion, not sure if its bugged cause theres only light and sparkles right now but it seems obvious to have pieces of paper/confetti fly everywhere after Not sure how I feel about the dance, I really liked the flute on the original and I know it wouldnt make sense for him to play the same sounds through a rolled up book, but right now it sounds like a Teemo blowdart, would be nice if the sound was a trumpet or something from the brass instrument family instead While I dont hate his hat, I feel like there are better designs and they resonate better with the Japanese origami feel https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS6AHhRrMPwGjNDg6vs5URik_d5kqHZZAs4ugUjqT6IuCe1QC_JEA https://media.gettyimages.com/illustrations/portrait-of-a-japanese-boy-wearing-origami-helmet-and-posing-side-illustration-id79334659 https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f4/6f/7f/f46f7f8d29ecb28c9dd3e3b47c879c1f.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6e/24/05/6e24052370ad52cd253ec8173bd60764.jpg Also for Willump's death, with some magic leaking out he should fall apart and become a pile of paper scattered around (Rebuilds/folds on respawn too? maybe?)
Hello! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, and I'm glad you are digging it! I'm the sound designer on this Nunu skin so will speak on the flute sounds. Showing people the dance, we did talk about making it a different instrument instead of the more "realistic" sound. It ended up with what it was because people gravitated toward the more whimsical/crafting part of this thematic in that blowing sound vs. if it was a full instrument sound. (Fun fact - the Nunu login music composer was experimenting with some flutes for me and had trouble with getting some flutes to play properly and that's what ended up being this sound effect!) As for the death, that's a super cool idea!! We did decide to keep his base animation here as we wanted to focus on other parts of Willump that could feel more paper-like while playing in the game, and unfortunately adding a new death would have taken away from that work. I love that idea though! Hope this all makes sense - again thanks for commenting! :)
: I understand the need for gameplay clarity, especially on old champions. His blade-based attacks [passive/Q/auto attack] just felt very lacking yeserday, very dainty and soft. Like a quick agile blade, the kind of sound effects i would expect for Master Yi, less of a bone-crushing smack from a huge, thick hunk of sharp metal that I expect when I'm hitting people with a lance that giant. If we're going to compromise on anything, personally I would much prefer those abilities over his W. That's just my 2 cents though, and I understand if you can't find a way to bring the oomf back to his swings without being disruptively loud. Btw, LOVE the flag-waving sound effects on his E standard. it actually sounds super cool to hear the fabric waving in the wind
Totally get it! And really appreciate your thoughtful response on here. :) Just wanted to provide context, but I definitely know what you mean. I took a look at this yesterday with a couple other sound designers to test out a better balance of these and there should be a newer version of his auto attacks and Q hits now, as well as a slightly heavier W on cast! Yay, glad you're liking his E standard waving! I didn't know if anyone would ever actually hear it LOL.
: > Auto attacks - Jarvan's auto attacks should look and sound more powerful, particularly his Martial Cadence Doesn't seem to be the case atm. >Edit 2: Please note that there is an unrelated audio bug meaning that some impact sound effects are not playing. We are currently investigating and will keep you updated. Hopefully this is to blame as the old sounds were pretty solid. The martial cadence one in particular was one of my favorites. Right up there with nidalee spear.
Hey SoundReflection, I'm sorry you feel this way! I'm looking to tweak more transient/impact on his auto attacks so this should be out on PBE in the next day or so.
: While I love most the new Spell FX for Jarvan (His new Passive and Q look sick!), I really don't like the audio changes. They look great, but the audio for his Autoattacks, passive, W, and E sound a lot weaker. I'm using the Base Jarvan skin to test all the changes. His old auto attacks, primarily his passive, had a heavy metal slam sound to it. But the new one seems like it focuses more on a "shiny" sound, rather than an impact sound. His new basic attacks (non-passive autoattacks) sound less like he's swinging a massive lance and moreso a light sword. His old sound FX sounded heavy, and had a distinct impact with each hit (If I were to describe the sounds, his old autoattacks sounded like thuds and slams, while his new ones sound like swish and slashes). His new W seems very bland. It's a faint yellow circle with a very distant + faded sound effect. While I'm sure it's to reduce the visual clutter, as stated in the VFX style guide, it's a little disappointing to me. While I understand why the ripples in the old W can possibly be confusing for new players, I wish his new W would get some styling. As for the audio cue, it's sounds very weak. His old W had a distinct and defined **_BAM!_** that accompanied it when used, and I hope it gets something similar to its old one. His new E isn't too bad. I like it, but I really liked the loud **_TWANG!_** that his old one had. I can get used to his new E. If I could only change one out of the three of these to change, it'd definitely be his autoattacks/passive. I really loved the impact and oomph his old ones had.
Hey ELITEGundam, Thanks for the detailed feedback! I did the SFX update for Jarvan so appreciate the notes. I am looking to add a bit more metal impact back on his auto attacks and some transients + lower frequencies on his W and split the difference between Live and this PBE version. There are some specific reasons around why some of these lower frequencies are trimmed out that I replied to above (quoting here below) but I am looking to make some tweaks like I mentioned in this reply! Thanks again! > Part of the update talks was also to increase his gameplay clarity, which did mean removing some of the lower frequencies and unnecessarily boom-y elements (his W which doesn't actually do damage), trimming the ends of sounds (the Q slash lasting a long time after the ability) so that other parts of not only his kit, but other champion spells can poke through. If everything sounds super big, the more important moments can get lost or not feel appropriately special/huge.
: I know you're probably looking more for bug-related feedback, but J4's sounds just feel too soft where his current live sounds are big and crunchy, if t hat makes sense. Veigar's effects are AMAZING, freaking beautiful, but his auto/Q feel more like a Dark Star skin to me Lee Sin's E feels too project-y. I find it looks like water ripples kind of, but it looks synthetic in a way that the PROJECT skins do. They're still all really great though! I'm just nitpicky
Hey Awesometomb, thanks for the feedback! It's also good to hear general feelings on these to make sure it's all in a good place. :) I'm the sound designer on J4's update SFX and I hear you (....heh). Part of the update talks was also to increase his gameplay clarity, which did mean removing some of the lower frequencies and unnecessarily boom-y elements (his W which doesn't actually do damage), trimming the ends of sounds (the Q slash lasting a long time after the ability) so that other parts of not only his kit, but other champion spells can poke through. If everything sounds super big, the more important moments can get lost or not feel appropriately special/huge. That said! I am looking to split the difference a bit more on the W cast of live and the current PBE version to put just a bit of those lower frequencies back in and return some of the punch of the initial cast. Anyway, I hope this makes sense and thanks for taking the time!
: Hi, can you make his Q explosion louder since you know it's a dynamite? Thank you if you reply! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I made a tweak to the mix of the Q that should help it feel a bit bigger - it should be out on PBE now! It is the around the same levels as base, which is something we take into consideration when working on spells - to make sure it’s still supporting gameplay and specifically Urgot gameplay/combos!
: Hello there, I don't want to ask for much but I don't suppose you could add like a train whistle or sfx to his ult, that sounds as he pulls them in, it would be really satisfying hearing it as their souls leave them.
There actually are train sounds and whistles for both of these! I tweaked a bit of how it was mixed to have the whistle more prominent so that should be out on PBE now!
: it might just be that i have to play on mid-low settings so i don't notice the sfx as much, sorry. since you said you'll be solving most of the visual stuff, do you have any opinion on making his skin not so bright? it's very noisy for a skin set in a bleak atmosphere - and the chromas are especially bad about this and look kind of tacky because of it, even if the color choices themselves are fine edit: muted, that's the word i was looking for. more 'muted' skin tone would IMO make his skin and chromas look a lot better i think (I actually think the red chroma looks great). also, in the splash art there's like a bar thing across his chest - i assumed it was metal but in the skin it looks like part of his skin? i kinda like the way it looks in the splash art more; adds some contrast to all that flesh in his torso.
I am not the 3D modeler, but we are still doing some polishing - there should be an updated texture on PBE today!
: Hello there, Nicram here, I've achieved over 1,3kk mastery points on old/new {{champion:6}} and I would love to post a couple of changes that me and {{champion:6}} Mains Subreddit would like to see. A majority of us like this skin, maybe simply because we were used to be able to play only as either Classic {{champion:6}}, Giant Enemy Crabgot, Butcher {{champion:6}} and Battlecast {{champion:6}}. This left us with a poor amount of a skin choice. I love Crabgot and Battlecast as they're very high quality skins but Butcher's situation was different - this skin remains as a legacy one so a vast majority of {{champion:6}} players/enthusiasts were left with 2 skins. This has finally changed and we've got a brand new skin - High Noon Urgot. I would say that its quality is rather high and I wouldn't like to ask for massive changes but for some slight changes that were even mentioned previously in this thread. Here's the list: 1. A gun that {{champion:6}} uses during Purge activation is a bit too small. I would even say that {{champion:18}}'s gun that she uses could be bigger than {{champion:6}}'s. A lengthening it would be favorable because its size in game doesn't fit it the size used in a splash art. 2. Upon using Fear Beyond Death, {{champion:6}}'s innards are simply a orange/red color that is simply boring - it should either boil if it's lava or should have some other kind of additional VFX added for example fire. It simply looks unfinished. ;c 3. His smol cowboy hat is too small - it doesn't match its size in a splash art. 4. {{champion:6}}'s dance seems unfinished. It's a 1350 RP quality of skin but his dance is just odd. Why would he use a second hat when he already has one? Make it so he uses one and change the dance animation in some way. 5. Recall animation. After {{champion:6}} stamps the ground with his legs two times he begins channeling 2 portals that always appear in front of him, while it makes sense it looks a bit bad because a use of 6 portals around him or 2-6 portals but with a bigger distance between each other would do a job. Even adding a one portal would make the recall better. 6. During recall animation {{champion:6}}'s legs move a little bit into right side but after the recall ends there is a little lag and his legs go back to the same location pre recall. 7. Body textures need to be a bit more vibrant, not his augmentations/machinery, just his body like his arm andchest. His body is mostly red in game. I'd like it if you could add some hellish black around his body, similar to the splash art. 8. Sound. When {{champion:6}} starts execute animation the train sound is a bit too quiet, chains take a much higher priority there which could be changed slightly. 9. Reeling animation on Fear Beyond Death could be also better with some western/hellish VFX added. These were most often mentioned thoughts about the skin. Personally I would add that there is too much going on with this skin, he has got bandana, this suit, a glove, and his head looks very small when compared to the steam thing on his back, even the bullets look weirdly big considering how small his weapon really is. Overall, High Noon Urgot is not a bad skin, I like it and it has a potential to be a great skin but as {{champion:121}} says 'Change is good'. That's why I would love to see some changes to the skin itself. Here's a proof that I didn't lie who I am at the beginning - https://snag.gy/SL3IAa.jpg Thank you for reading this and have a nice week :) {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Hello! I bumped up the R execute train sound. Enjoy the CHOOOO!!! :)
: Okay, so I played with the skin on customs. Some more thoughts: - Maybe you could add some train noises while W is firing, or like smoke coming out of his little chimney thing? I'm not getting enough of that 'industrial demon' the skin is trying to sell. - More train/machine sounds in general, you only get to hear the horn during the reel-in on ult, why not use it more liberally? Whenever his body opens up would be a good time for it, IMO, so during his taunt and during the entirety of his ult, not just the reel-in. - The minigun could stand to sound deeper or lower. It's got kind of a weak little 'plink' noise and it feels out of place. - I think bulking up his legs and gun would do wonders to make him look more visually impressive; legs should be thicker below the knees, and his gatling should be longer.
Hello! Thank you for your comments! On the sound comments, one of the reasons the train horn doesn't happen longer during the entirety of the ult is due to having more clarity on some other elements of what's happening (like hearing when the execute cue goes off and you're able to press R again).There are other elements of trains throughout his R though - it's just a lot of stuff is happening at the same time when the R is happening. His tracker for instance has railway signal bells and lots of train on the rail wheel screeches, plus steam engine elements throughout. I do agree that the horn on the R execute could be bumped up a bit so I made a tweak with that being more of a feature than the grinding. The actual cue doesn't fire off until the execute happens - there's a different cue (and train sound haha) for when the reel in is happening! The W actually does have some train smoke and steam engine stuff throughout, but I'll take a look to see if it's not poking out enough. It's another tricky one where a lot is happening at the same time so certain parts can get lost, especially when doing combos. EDIT: also we're looking into making the minigun model bigger!
: All I want to change for this skin are a few things. - Urgot's CTRL 3 dance. Why does he pop out another hat when he has one on already? Doesn't make sense, at least change it so he uses his current hat or a completely different dance. - Also Urgots quotes to maybe have special interactions with other high noon skins or at least a few different lines. - Another addition is a major one to change, the stomach/belly of the ult area, this looks shockingly bad, theres no detail, at least try to make it look exactly like the splash art. - Another thing to change would be his minigun, to fit with the actual splash art as it looks way too small, please make it a bit bigger. -If possible make it so his chains are on fire whilst reeling someone in to die. -To be honest the ult belly looks really of, like its way too orange and out of place, theres not much detail there whatsoever, maybe make it so it has more particle effects or smoke idk. It just doesn't look right imo. These are all the changes I would like to see to the model before it gets released^ Everything else is perfect, the shotgun knee sound, the W sound and Q aesthetic. All I simply ask is to make him more aesthetically pleasing when he ults, his belly to look different it looks way too of. Simple quality of life changes as this skin is a skin urgot has received after months maybe years and as a main of him, I would like to see it of the best quality it can be so it is a stepup from the other current skins he has.
Hey there! I'm the sound designer on High Noon Urgot so can only speak about the VO lines. Unfortunately, unless specific VO lines were already recorded for it, we aren't able to have the special interaction lines as the actors are not brought back in. Thanks so much for the nice comments! <3
: First off I wanna say that this is easily going to be one of my favorite skins, the skin and splash art both look amazing. I would however like to see some of the ability sound effects to be changed to have a stronger impact on the theme of the skin. **Q** - First off, when thresh starts his hook animation by spinning his hook to gain momentum, it would be cool to have the sound of a lasso before it is being cast which sort of fits the theme. Secondly the impact sound of the hook is very underwhelming compared to the almost iconic sound Thresh hook usually makes, I think the sound of a whip cracking could be really cool, and if not, that is the sort of highly noticeable sound that I think the Q impact deserves. **E** - On flay I would like to be able to clearly hear the flames going from the start to the end of the flay animation. Right now it sounds pretty much like classic thresh metallic flay, and I think that could be improved upon. **E Passive **- I'm actually really liking the sound effect of the auto attack, but if possible it would be really cool to have the fully empowered auto attack have a stronger whip sound than the basic / less charged. Here a whip crack could perhaps also be appropriate? Finally, I agree that maybe his R ability animation seems slightly disconnected from the rest of the skin design, even if it fits the overall theme, but I am really looking forward to seeing this skin hit live servers. Thanks for reading.
Hey EJS, thanks for the comments! Q impact sound- I'm tweaking the levels a bit here to get more of the punch back in over the next couple days - if you get a chance to play him later in the week or over the weekend let me know if you're still feeling this way! Q cast - there is currently a whip sound in there - similarly to the above, I'll tweak the level priorities a bit to have that whip come out more. E - I can look at bumping up the flames a bit here too as well! I did include the spurs sounds to keep some of the windup E reads for him, especially since this one is a knock up, but I see what you mean on it coming across as base when it's the most prominent thing you hear. Thanks again! :)
: I think that the VFX could use some more range in how bright they are and I'd like to see that very bright vfx used at the very end of the recall in more parts of his kit (such as the leash when he hits a q or an enemy walks into his ult.) Also I feel as though the sounds effects feel rather wishy-washy for his q and his auto attacks. I think the Q could just be louder and have more of a like flames consuming thing sort of sound effect (the chain sound effects feel very out of place for it.) I think W's sound fx really hit the mark though. One last thing is I think that the posts of his ult look a bit weird just having the vfx passing through them without any interaction, and I think it'd be cool to have them be somewhat scorched or something [where the like orange vfx branches things connect with it](https://i.imgur.com/eJmTRwL.png) and maybe have the ground be a bit scorched as well. Overall I really like the idea and the skin is very creative and is already really good and I love all the potential it has so just keep up the good work!!!
Hello! thanks for taking the time to write your comments! I'm the sound designer for Thresh - I can definitely turn up the volume for his Q - look out for it on PBE in the next couple days. Some of the metallic sounds you're hearing were taken from spurs and bear traps, to help him feel like you're hooked by Thresh, but also to make him feel more dangerous! It's tough to get the same sharp feeling with rope and fire alone since they are both more larger wall of frequencies vs. when base Thresh or Dark Star Thresh hook you, it's an immediate high frequency smack, so we decided to go this route. I hope that makes sense. Thank you for the nice comments as well!


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