: oh yea, i know what you mean. its right after when the client is telliing you that it needs to restart to perform an update. that exact little window on the update we are talking about was telling me about 14 MegaByte . i downloaded that 14 megabytes within 3 seconds. and after those 14 MB it jumped to the login screen. i was able to login to my account and i had to wait approx. 30 minute for the client to download the reamining 8.6GB data to start a new game. but i was already logged in to my account. the window you are talking about where it display that estimation doesnt offer a login, its the little popup when you close your client to perform an update. are you running your LoL on low spec profile?? were you able to login during the update/download at all??? or were you stuck at that little screen which displays an ~estimation" right after your client restarts for an update??
I'm pretty sure I'm on low spec mode and yeah I was stuck on that for 20 or so mins frozen before it re-opened the client allowing me to login.
: it didnt show me an estimation number. it only displayed the remaining amount of data to download and the download rate in kb/sec or mb/sec so not sure where exactly you get that estimation from but it sure isnt displayed on my client anywhere. would you mind telling me? if its if you hover over the play button which visualize that an update is running then you must have even interpret the numbers wrong.
The original number I am going on that it is telling me I'm getting is the little popup you get when an update gets. The client temp closes and a little box pops up saying you're downloading the update/patch and how much it is. Which is never the same as when that closes and the client pops back up.
: according to my client the update is ~8 GB and not 1.4GB
Once my client finally unfroze it said I was updating about that much. Still not sure why my client when downloading isn't showing the correct amount.
: Quote from @Riot MEMEMEMEME > "Hey Friends, > > We are making a fairly significant update to our audio engine in this patch (8.5), if you want more details we will be posting an article later this week that will go over it, and some other changes on the horizon. Things to be aware of for this PBE Deploy: > > You will be downloading almost every audiobank in the game, be prepared for a large download. > There will be missing sounds, we have been testing this change for a while now, but there will always be bugs that slip through. If you notice any missing sounds/VO while playing on PBE please let me know so we can resolve it asap. > > Types of issues that you may see: > > Audio missing on abilities > Audio playing two times when it used to play once > Missing VO > Missing music > This will not effect LCU sounds. > > Thank you for your ear time, and patience."
Oh. Well it would appear that my client is just displaying update sizes wrong then.
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: I think you can get the overpriced Icons with mystery icons.
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