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: 100% because of refresh all cooldown. Don't test stuff with it about Fiora's q, yea, that's not nice. Don't know if it's intended or not tho
I think what I found out with the Q is that because you need to auto after ulting it just feels buggy when it isn't. Kind of weird how it requires you to ult + auto attack to trigger essence flare.
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: What about champions like Vayne?
Or Kalista or Kai'sa. I feel like any ADC + a shield support or any amount of peel with Spear of Shojin is going to be immortal in team fights after they get this item. Should make team fighting better on Fiora though once I can get it built as like maybe a 4th or later item (Which means I'm probably never going to get a PBE match to last long enough to even test it lol). Not sure how soon most other fighters will be able to get it.
: Yeah stormrazor hasnt worked either. Tried on fiora and didnt get the movespeed every time i crit with her E spell.
That might be because how her E crit is coded. I'm pretty sure its not a real crit.
: Essence Reaver 1% missing mana refund per auto attack not working. Stormrazor not giving movespeed.
Yeah essence reaver not giving the 1% mana refund. I have not tried stormrazor though.
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: Fiora Nerfs Feedback
Yeah any champion with a slow or mobility of any kind has 0 issue escaping Fiora with this nerf. You have to use summoner spells if you want to have a chance of getting your ult off against an opponent who isn't afk. I don't think the ult changes are totally in the wrong direction but Fioras ult is pretty unsatisfying to use now. Idk I'll have to see it once its on live to judge how weak it actually is but I have a feeling Fiora above gold elo is going to be extremely weak and unrewarding after these nerfs. Also people saying to take stormraiders. I'm fairly certain Fiora does not do enough damage early to proc it and late game the amount of damage you would be missing out by not taking fervor is too high.
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: Adding Simple Recalls- Now on PBE!
For Fioras is her Teemo drawing animation too long for the recall? I feel like that animation would be better. Also will these have sound? "Talent Honor Discipline and pretty pictures! > Laugh" Would be great.
: [LeBlanc] Prestigious LeBlanc MAJOR Polygon Glitch
Leblanc was a man this whole time! I say we make it cannon {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
I don't know if you are still responding to this. But I had a few pieces of input after playing more. The R > R clone feels kind of useless. Its fun to use and can be funny at times but 150 second CD for something that is just visuals doesn't really feel that strong. Also the R > R clone being their means instead of mimicing spells fast and smoothly like you can in live. It makes the kit feel clunkier because you have to R > then the spell you want to clone. Also I wish the clones on the cloned spells lasted longer. You don't really get time to move them around like you can with Leblancs clone on live. Also they don't do emotes when you do emotes on live which kinda sucks. I'm fine with pretty much everything else in her kit. I love the added wave clear on the new sigil. And I think their has been enough warning time added into leblancs spells that people should be able to react to anything she does. TL;DR Leblancs global clone feels weak for a 150 second CD Leblancs kit feels like it would be stronger without the clone because it would remove the clunkiness of having to toggle R to mimic a spell. Leblancs controllable clones do not last long enough to really do anything with them. I wish they would last longer. I think the rest of the kit is fine and LOVE the sigil wave clear. Edit: I also want to mention I don't think Leblanc is weak right now. At least in the early game. She seems pretty alright for the first 10-20 minutes of the game. So I'm not sure if the flat buffs to regen and HP are going to fix the issues. I assume this is just going to go to live at this point and will be balanced from then on with what she currently has and the PBE is just finding bugs now.
: Make New Champs Or Reworks UNBANNABLE From Now On. Please
For the main point of this post. Yes 100% they need to make reworked champions unbannable on the PBE for the cycle they are being tested on. I don't play the PBE to fuck around I want to help with these reworks as much as possible before they go live. I don't want champions I play or other people play to be shipped to live with no feedback. > P.S: My thoughts on LB are that her kit is pretty lackluster. She is more fitting into mages than assassins as of rn imo. R-R feels useless because nobody falls for it or even reacts to it , cooldown on passive is pretty useless considering there is an activation time on the LB passive mark. On these words See you later! Yeah Leblanc right now gives her enemies way to much opportunity to react. Why would anyone even play her in live when you can play someone like {{champion:99}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:112}} who can all 100-0 enemies before leblancs 1.5 count down on sigil of malice even charges. Leblancs damage is way to spread out to be labeled as an assassin anymore. She has no tools to punish people for making mistakes. If someone face checks a bush she has to wait 1.5 seconds for her sigil to activate before she can do real damage to them. By then most people can escape very easily. And yeah something about the clones really aren't that tricky. Maybe they need to last longer? It feels like her clone on live is a lot more deceiving than the clones on the PBE at the moment. In short Her R feels clunky when comboing. Example: When escaping on PBE its "W> R > W" On live its just "W R" it feels better. 1.5 seconds on sigil of malice feels like to large of a window for opponents to react. I feel .5 would be better. Clones do not seem to fool anyone. Aside from good R > R clones that can sometimes fool people. Maybe make the clones on R > QWE last longer or cast the spell and then run in a random direction? If you have tested Leblanc on the PBE and have some good combos or tips please comment them to me :^)!
: > [{quoted}](name=gubigubi,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=x4tgmm0s,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-10-18T21:15:43.645+0000) > > First thing I noticed is you cannot control the R -> R clone. I think it would feel a lot better if you could. I think it is probably stronger that it controls itself but I think it would be more fun if you could control it. > > Also the .3 second delay feels pretty clunky as someone who is used to what it was before. > > So far though I think this rework is pretty fun. > > Edit: I'm loving this new sigil of malice its pretty cool The thing about allowing the RR clone to be controllable is this -- if you _can_ control it, you _have to_ to stay competitive. A lot of the coolest RR plays become very micro-intensive, and the actual experience isn't ideal -- microing a cross-map clone with alt-clicks (R is busy) while driving yourself proved quite clunky/annoying.
Yeah I can understand that. I think it will be better for her win rate and for balance if its controlled by AI. She already feels like she is going to have a fairly high skill ceiling. Also I'm talking to you on reddit and lolboards :^)
: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
First thing I noticed is you cannot control the R -> R clone. I think it would feel a lot better if you could. I think it is probably stronger that it controls itself but I think it would be more fun if you could control it. Also the .3 second delay feels pretty clunky as someone who is used to what it was before. So far though I think this rework is pretty fun. Edit: I'm loving this new sigil of malice its pretty cool
: 2 Explanations, It's not that Riot hates 975 skins, it's just that over time skins have improved in quality, thus increasing their value, notice almost every skin now has new particle and sound effects. Second, making it a normal two piece bikini would likely get riot a lot of trouble coming from people who might find it too revealing, remember League is not only in your area, it is an international game and some places and people don't think that bikinis are acceptable, it is just safer for Riot, and better for business. Another explanation may be the simple fact that a normal two piece bikini would be very bland, adding extra things makes it more unique and can express more about the champion.
What they need to do is release more 1820-3250 skins for Fiora. I want more super bad ass skins. But honestly 750 skins are good as well. 975 are just in a weird spot between high quality and low price. I'd rather have a 1350 skin if they are going to put work into it. Also two piece bikinis probably wouldn't look that great in game.
: Totally unexpected surprise to get Pool Party Fiora. Adore the colour scheme and especially the orange-purple gradient for her "towel cape" or whatever it is, lol... The hair is interesting even if having shaved sides is a bit overdone lately. The outfit is cute. -edit. Spent a couple of minutes playing with it. The recall animation is absolutely perfect and the kick at the end caught me off guard in a great way. Love it. The squeak SFX on her E and the seagull SFX on her ult are fantastic. My only critique would be her passive indicator on enemy champions is a bit too dull and faint in colour. Maybe I'm too used to PROJECT's super-readable one though. Could this be looked at please? All things considered 9.9/10!
Really good feed back I agree with everything you said :)! The noodle flopping around is so funny. I do agree with the shaved sides. I wouldn't think Fiora would be the person to shave the sides of her head but really thats my only complaint about this skin. Everything else is incredible so far. This will probably be my favorite skin in the game. Going to play a few games on the PBE tonight and find every bug or anything else that I can. Give who ever made this recall animation a raise, or a crisp high five because its completely perfect. Edit: And give Kelly a crisp high five as well. Edit: not sure why the gif has a play button on it but if you click it the play button goes away. Edit 3: After playing a couple of games with this skin I can fully agree almost everything with the ult is kinda hard to see. The vitals are hard to see and then once you proc them all the heal area is hard to see much detail its really faded.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Fiora!
: Champion Mastery in ARAM/TT live for testing on PBE
Neat :^0! "As with RGM modes, levels 6 & 7 will not be available." What does this mean? levels 6 and 7 wont be available? But you can get levels 6 and 7 while playing random game modes. Did that get turned off recently?
: This should be fixed now. Give it another try!
Oh nice it works, and the 2 is centered in the materials icon for the mastery token now as well. This is nice :)
: Could you please direct me to where the mastery 6/7 announcement was made? Although I check the boards and surrender@20 semi-frequently, I still feel out of the loop(i.e. had no idea mastery 6/7 were out for testing). Thanks in advance!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I have no idea what the post itself has been down voted so much. This system is pretty alright imo
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: No Match History in Definitely Not Dominion
Mine just started showing up. Check and see if yours are as well.
: It's not a mode for everyone, similarly to old Dominion. Some people find it very fun, while others don't (and that's okay!) There actually are tips that explain some of that, however it has been a continual challenge to provide good feedback to players in these new featured game modes. The current quest system is hard to notice, and not super flexible (we can only put so much info there). Thank you for the feedback! I will bring this up with the team and see if we can find a way to do this better.
Hey, I just want to say that definitely not dominion is one of my favorite game modes to date.
: Testing Champ Mastery Levels 6 and 7
What I like. 1. Rank 6-7 mastery is being put into the game. 2. Getting rank S- and S to unlock rank 6-7 What I don't like. 1. Having 1100 blue essence a requirement I have played an absolute ton of games since hextech crafting has been released and I only have 1 champion shard and 293 blue essence. This is mostly because I play the same champions and already have gotten my chest for the season on them. I think "The mystery coin" will solve this at least for me since I own every champion already and have nothing to spend my IP on. I think over all this system is pretty alright and even though its a bit of a forced tie in to hextech crafting the "mystery coin" sounds reasonable as long as its not like 12000 IP cost.
: ‘Ultra Rapid Fire’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
Can't wait to play reworked Fiora on URF should be fun :3 the Q CD should be so low. And the low CD ripostes should destroy all of that CC spam cheese.
: This occurs for all champions who TP's and uses a skillshot. Try with Ezreal for example right after using TP. I'm not sure how it would interact with his E, but I'd assume it would go in the direction from where you TP'd.
Last time this happened Shens Dash would still work correctly So I don't think it effects all champions skill shots. I can't really test to make sure as custom games are disabled. Just reporting that the bug is happening again.
: Inb4 Ahri ban rate skyrockets to 100% ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nah it would probably be somewhere between 68-70% ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Those are some scary changes... At least she didn't get an AoE heal for no reason though so that's a plus.
: What is the point of feedback threads?
Adding the face mask makes the skin SO much better. Much more bad ass looking.
: Regardless of one's opinion, the only point I am trying to make is that suggestions do not belong on the pbe boards~
Yes, I can agree with that.
: This should be posted on the live boards.
This has been on the live boards. And reddit. And pretty much everywhere else. It looks really cool but will probably never happen. I imagine riot will make there own that will look more like the in game hud.
: [Fiora] No walking animation after dash
Its better than her giant knee drives each step. I say keep it lol.
: Are Rioters not watching the Project skins feedback?
My best guess is they all have some meaning with MGS 5 and they don't want to change anything about them for some hidden link to that game. Also Making 4 1350 skins at one time is probably a big task to do. Feels like they are kind of testing there limits on what they can maximum put out before the content starts getting bad. Not just with skins but Champion reworks, Items, Game balance. We have gotten A LOT of skins recently. and 2 pre seasons worth of champion reworks in the last month right before worlds. But back on the topic of the project skins. I think these project skins were pretty set in stone the moment they were released to the PBE.
: I tested it on all of them and could only get it on star guardian lux.
Idk some guy last night was using steel legion and he was just spamming the crap out of the ult.
: Lux bug is only on one skin.
No I saw it on steel legion just last night. Unless its been fixed since then.
: Add a ''Glitch/Bugs Abuse'' on report player section after match.
Yeah we need to get these people out of the PBE. It ruins testing for bugs that have not been discovered yet.
: She says it when you input a movement command. It is randomly chosen out of the rest of her voiceover lines.
Ah alright. I was trying to attack move and all of that to see if I could get it but I haven't seen it.
: That is Fiora's new line, yes.
Do you know how it is triggered? What action do you have to do to hear it in game?
: Twitch Rework?
I think his stealth nerf needs to be reverted. There problem solved.
: Leona: "Pen or Sword, the Shield is mightiest" and "The day is upon us" Fiora: IDK haven't played her yet
I need to spam the emotes more I guess then to find out I haven't heard new quotes yet. Edit: I found this video The new quote is "Let them eat swords"? I don't think I have heard that one before in game. Other than that I have no idea what the new lines could be.
: Is it possible to have the World Order dance for every new PROJECT skin?
: Leona and Fiora's new voiceover lines
: Color of Project Lucian
This is a great suggestion the blue looks so much better IMO
: I say they should just give her Raidens hair
Or they could you know... Let Fiora keep her own hair...
: A new Fiora skin? And it's a PROJECT skin? And it has pink effects? Waiting to buy this might kill me.
You arn't the only one. I thought I was super happy for the server move. But now I can't wait to get this skin been waiting 3 years for this :D!
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