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: Looking at Kindred Causes a Bugsplat (Game Breaking.)
same thing happened to me, however i only crashed when walking to the enemy fountain, right infront of it. based on what you said id amuse it has something to do when she is rendered on screen, as i crashed as soon as i would have seen her. for refrence
: > [{quoted}](name=garthvater,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=E4f9YEAK,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-06T08:46:59.088+0000) > rioters you with to read dont read anything > ftfy Don’t know what you’re mad about that got ignored, but looking through the [Red Tracker]( they reply plenty to important things. No reply does not mean it was not read.
i was more so taking a shot at the fact that they probably do read what we have to say, but dont care enough to listen and follow their own agenda. proof i.e zoe
: Since voice communications are not on PBE at the moment, and won’t be in the foreseeable future, your post is better fit on the live boards or Reddit. The Rioters you wish to reach don’t read the PBE boards.
: Try the Mystery Skin chest too and did you tried to get the Chroma even if you do not have the skin yet, usually the contents of events give to us the chance to get the contents like borders and buy the skin later.
those are the chests i open. hundreds, and another 25 today but no luck8
: It's possible to get it with hextech chests or rolling 3 skins shards!
i tried that for over an hour with no luck today. had several hundred skins as i like to buy the hextech crates (25 each day i remember). i re rolled every single skin untill i had none left but no luck.
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: Two separate icons to differenciate PBE and Regular LoL ?
as someone who refuses to use icons and literally hits the windows key and searches for everything just to have a blank screen, including having the task bar hide. i dont care. but for normal people this should be a thing. i usually have discord and open on the left monitor but i didnt wana ss that xp. its also why i dont use a single wallpaper as its way easier to find nice wallpapers in a normal size. right now i have it rotating through the hubble top 100 photos spare a handful that dont work good as a walpaper
: I believe this was posted already, anyways having the same problem, fps usually around 200-250 and drops to 180 mid-lategame,. However im running 20-25fps atm on pbe, live servers work fine. Have tried to repair the client but it didnt show any results..
do you have overwolf/lilwiz. i forced it to end task in task manager and i havnt had this issue since.
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: [BUG] Can´t buy skins on champ select
you need to first buy the champ. they are all free but you dont actually own them.
: I mean this has kinda always happened with aram, on live as well. Some people just can't handle the 'R' in ARAM {{item:3073}}
yea, all i can handle is all all mid. fuck outa here with that random shit man
: Riot ward costs 99999 rp
not the only one who wants a really cool ward i see
: Couldn't you link the "news" things on the landing page to boards posts, then swap it to normal stuff towards the end of the cycle with a smaller notification in it's place? Of even hijack the Patch Notes section?
> [{quoted}](name=DarkRitual,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=EF2EYAKH,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-10-23T02:20:32.416+0000) > > Couldn't you link the "news" things on the landing page to boards posts, then swap it to normal stuff towards the end of the cycle with a smaller notification in it's place? > > Of even hijack the Patch Notes section? better yet, force players to actually read what their testing
: I'm getting slightly annoyed by all those toxicity threads
personally i have found that the most toxic people always seem to be really, really bad. as someone who is probably only slightly better than the average player ive yet to really have a game where i have not gotten an s on a win and at least nothing lower than an a on a lose (only lost 4 of my last 20 games excluding a shaco who was supposed to be my adc play double jg) And this is on champs ive never played before such as victor, taliyah, elise, gnar, kog, and karma. personally i have never really understood why people make such a big deal out of people who are toxic. eventually they will get banned, pbe bans are very harsh, and it will carry over to their main. i mean i get people being frustrated when they get int'd on by the same few people 3 games in a row, but if you get mad about some kid spamming "white power f_ck n_ggers" or saying "kys you worthless c_ntmuncher" you are just part of the problem itself. if no one cared about kids inadequacy vocabulary, and didnt give so much power the the hate full words young kids feel the need to say, there would be no issue. i mean this is literally the only game ive played in the 12 years ive been playing online games where people care so much about the loud minority of toxic kids. and to be real here, if you are say 0 6 and get called bad, or told to stop inting, here is a thought. get better. no one is going to flame you if you can win lane and make an impact if not carry every game. whining on forums is not going to make that happen. getting out in the game, and just playing, ignoring the people who are toxic, is going to make that happen. when i used to play [csgo](, i didnt get to global elite because i went on forums and complained about people who cussed me out and called me garbage. i got to global though 1800 hours of playing through all the crap. if you cant except this reality, your never going to improve yourself around that aspect. op is on point. this whole forum is dedicated to the pbe. i dont see a section to complain about toxic people. so the fact is that is that were here to give feedback and report bugs. not to give feed back on the things that bug you.
: Rp drop
yes, it now resets to 8000 every day at about 1230 pm pst
: Hey the runes do cost alot but there should be around 50? odd chests in ur loot page which are just pure champs which u can disenchant for BE which can then be used to buy additional pages for runes and other runes. VOTE ALWAYSBLAMEJUNG 2k17 Rito PBE supp xd no champs either. opened 25. although i got 4 gemstones. also i have no keys so the 4 that i do have are not able to be opened cause i cant buy anymore keys today. i did get 3 6300be champs from 2 of the champ crate things i earned so that helped. i have a proper ad and ap jg page now as well thanks to that.
: And having someone that picks another role than what he was given, just as bad (or worse in your opinion), than someone that swears the way those kids do ? Please tell me you were joking.
at least you could mute him. i had to try play out a 25 minute anal penetrating slog fest as sup Annie while my jg got trolled and their draven had 10 kills (7 on shaco btw)
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: I'm not getting my daily RP and BE
its a flat 8000 reset as well so make sure you spend as much rp every day as you can so that you get the most out of it. personally i plan to buy champs that have rumored skins (like blitz) and then slowly everything else. i am not going to do the math but i assume you could get every champ in about a month and every skins a few after that. also its about 12:30 pst, and resets whenever the servers go down for service.
: wait why doesn't the BE renew ?! i didn't know that ?!!?
we get 8000 rp every day. make sure you get on to spend it and you are guch. it resets to 8000 so if you have 7000, you only get 1000. but if you have 0 you get 8000. personally ive planed it to buy rumored champs (like the champ so that all i need to buy is the skin when it is avalable. i.e i bought blitz as hes going to get a new skin soon) and new skins after they drop. then i will eventually have every champ and i can work towards every skin available to buy. also 8000 rp a day is sooo much. i dont feel like doing math but id assume you could get every champ in a month or so and every skin in a few months after.
: The only reason that we got 20,000BE was so that we could buy the old runes while they prep 7.21 for live launch. Riot said that we'd start to earn BE how they would on live servers (Level up, champion capsules, Hextech)
sooooo 2 proper pages xd. you know the old system was bad when you cant afford runes and pages with 20000 to spend on them.
: How Is This Allowed?!
dont feel that bnad. i had a game where i was autofill sup and my adc locked in shaco and took smite. he then played as if he were the jg even though we had a jg already who was given the role{{summoner:31}}
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: I think the reason for that is that you can now get alot of blue essence from the loot system by opening capsules. If they would leave the price at 1 ip the shop would be having issues processing all the sales again. Its just their way of limeting everyones purchases per day.
although what they could do is put everything new in bundles. that way its easy on their shop and lets up dive right into everything new rather than bit by bit over a few days. this solves the issue of people buying everything individually as well.


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