: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
Hello high gold sub 50% win rate former adc main repertoir. Would you like to elaborate why rengar is so limited and clunky now? Only able to use one spell mid air, ferocity decay after 4 seconds, and not being able to pick who you want to hunt and get the free bonus crit damage on hmm. Honestly if you just let us pick who we want to hunt and let our ult generate ferocity while still invis i'd say rengar is fine as an assassin. But you don't want rengar to be an assassin clearly. You want him to just be some sort of pseudo-bruiser champion that kills you slow enough to correspond with your low iq + low apm reaction time so you can get back in plat.
: Kled E cannot dash over walls
Kled can use his unmounted q to dash over some small walls

gabe is a retard

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