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: Maokai and new free item
Already reported, see Luden's Bug
: Ward Crafting Not Working
Hextech crafting is under maintenance and not working.
: Ludens Bug?
Here's reproduction steps: 1. Get Luden's/Lich Bane/Triforce/Spellbinder 2. Get one of the placeholder items 3. Spam placeholder (maybe set it to like mouse wheel?) 4. No CDs, infinite Lich/Triforce/Spellbinder I played Nasus with Luden's and Lich in ARAM and nearly crashed the game. 4 people DCed.
: This happens if you buy one of the placeholder items and spam it constantly. It counts as a spell and you can stack luden's this way rapidly. If your ping is low enough you can also get it to proc of itself.
Can confirm. It also works with Spellbinder {{item:3907}} .
: Whats wrong with her neck in her splash art
It looks like her neck is coming out of her shoulder.

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