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: If you read the other posts you would know that currently the auto-level-up script is broken, wait till they fix it. Trust me you're not the only one with this problem.
I found the other posts, still thank you for giving me the heads up. I didn't completely understand the boards in the beginning but now I do.
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: In general, for unique passives that share a name but aren't identical, you'll get the most generous version. In this case, Black Cleaver is equivalent or better than Tri Force in nearly every case (I think every case but there might be an edge case somewhere I haven't thought of), so you'll generally just get TBC's passive applied, but if there are cases where Tri Force's is better, you'll get Tri Force's passive applied for just those cases.
thanks for the answer.
: PBE problem
I have spoken a lot of people having the same stuck at lvl 1 problem, I am one of them. I have gotten the ip and rp, but not lvl 30. I played trough all the tutorials and played 3 coop games, that didn't fix anything so don't try that. Hope that Riot will fix it soon.
will try that one out, sounds like the most op bug jet.
: The script run just a few hours ago, granting level 30 and RP/IP to everyone. If you still don't get level 30, 24 hours after your first log in, let us know!
I have this same problem again although it seems like this hasn't happend in over a year. could you please make my acc level 30?
: Missing Texture Over by Baron
i had the same issue while playing vayne, and my teammates where able to see it as well.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Master Arcanist Ziggs!
I have a bug in the client where i can not see the skin i have the same with the new jayce skin. Instead of the new skins it shows a black screen.
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: Introducing chroma packs!
it looks really cool in game but it does change the identity of the champions to me, but that is just a personal opinion.


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