: Eliminating sustain from the support items is a mistake in my opinion. The new support items encourage the fighting style over the true support style in the support play. Introducing AD support items will cause AD champions showing up as supports. If they have good long range poke or reasonable CC now they will be played in the support role. We might even see double ADC bot lanes. Caitlyn for one can insanely proc the Spectral Sickle with her long range and can upgrade it very quickly. Her traps also can provide reasonable lane control. The new AD support items were created for the upcoming new ADC support champion, but she will be just as much of an abomination in the support role as Pyke. With this Riot opened Pandora's box. Other non-support AD champions will also abuse the role. For a single champion's sake Riot is ruining the support play. Make no mistake, the new ADC support is not introduced for the true support players. She is introduced for auto-fill supports, who don't know how to play support. The same reason Riot introduced Pyke. In my opinion, support items should not have AP or AD, only sustain (Mana reg, health/health reg, CDR, movement speed). This however will not happen because Riot endorses the brainless fighting style.
that's not right, playing a carry (i'm not saying a marksman the difference is huge) or a non-support in supp lane will always have something wrong, you will not be able to make your carry to carry the game and another thing since you are playing a champ that was supposed to farm minion after 15 min you will be useless. i agree the part you said some champ will be able to supp now but this happen becasue effectively some champ have the quality to be a support but didn't have the right supp item and at my advice this is nice. for ending, you said supp item doens't need ap or ad... and wow or you are a really bad player or i don't know i say this not because i'm a main pyke (in fact i'm not) but because i'm a main soraka nami lulu if you are one of those support that stay behind all the early phase well... quit support role as much as enemy laner commit a mistake (for example a thresh) you can get the occasion to pressure your enemy by pressuring them you know you can't get hooked for the next 16 second so you take advantage and poke them for example and even more mean thresh will not be able to random hook all the early cause he know he will get poked if you take away totally ap and ad it ends that supp like thresh blitz and etc. will be able to spam spell till they get catched and supp like soraka nami or even more aggressive lux and pyke can't give any pressure to his enemy. this is called unbalance of the overall. but you are right in part here only ap or ad cause the same problem but reversed and again is unbalanced the idea behind new supp item is nice they wanted to cut off some of support prices that were needed to get ward but with the lack of variety on stats they just increased the gold supp need to get all of these stats
: Xenophobia
ok i suppose you were aatrox in that game, he surely said something really bad but you aren't much right you teased him so don't be the guy that throw the stone and hide the hand cause for what i can see right now you are worse than him
: Thoughts on new dragons? TOO much emphasis on DRAGONS and not enough on the objective of the game?
I agree in part and disagree in other, as a top lane it's not true you can't do anything, teleport exists for a why if you prefer playing ignite to get an advantage to push tower and getting kill it's up to you but league is a team game. I agree the fact drakes are getting too much important they are just superior to baron or herald right now and the worst of all is the elder that is just... too broken. the fact objective are getting so much important.... well is killing tactics at all. I like all this thing of the drake that change map and I liked the thought behind, you wanted to make SR more dynamical but without advantaging any team well you should have to keep in mind the same concept when you upgraded drakes, I really like these drakes but I feel like something is wrong I can't really say what is, but something isn't right
: Support Item Feedback (Preseason 10)
i actually dislike new supp item a lot, i expected that from this they would have cut off price for support but... this is not worth at all for example i was used to spend those 450g after the first recall cause i knew that the stat aquired were worth it but now... cooldown reduction is not gained and for taking a 10% you need to spend minimum 800g this is not good. the fact the item stop producing gold is stupid too since as a supp you still don't have much earning if you cut off that too well supp is useless at some point. i'm main supp so i know what i'm talking about
: Dragon Effect
combining the effect of the map changing is just not a good idea, their intent in all of this was to leave SR intuitive and not confusional and another thing, some map effect are the opposite of other for example ocean and infernal so it's not a good idea at all. as for the cumulative increase of the same well... it would be kinda stupid in some situation it's not something you can explain it's just a bad idea at all (don't want to offend nobody just explaining what i think)
: Even still, people have killed their second drake as mountain or some other drake and get infernal instead.
ok seems you didn't get it, when the second drake is killed according to the drake that is going to spawn the map changes. understand?
: Disgusting.
wait what i just read here... spear of shojin could litterally make jax or renekton able to 1v5 without doing anything special than spamming abilities that was unhealthy instead guardian angel takes an eternity to get ready and when you die you can predict the time of reviving making you able to time your attack. if you play bad and you are on a bad spot GA will not help you that much than making you die 2 times (even if it's only 1) and plus bruisers too can use GA so i don't get why you are angry
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