: Hey, ya'll! Sorry for our lack of responses in this thread. Doesn't mean that we weren't taking in all this feedback though! Unfortunately, with how complexly tied his animations, model, VFX, and SFX are to each other due to his evolution, we weren't able to make too many adjustments, while also handling all the bugs on him. Here are some quick points on some of the feedback we got from multiple sources. * We were able to up the spikiness and readability on his Evolved W, since that was a gameplay concern. Unfortunately, it also took a while to figure out a clean and effective way to accomplish this due to Kha'Zix's complexity. * Adding in processed VO lines is pretty much a no-go when a skin reaches PBE unless we want to completely remove the skin from the patch and push it off to a later date because VO processing requires a full re-Localization of the VO lines across all regions, which there's unfortunately just not enough time for. We honestly should have accounted for this during development by understanding that you all would've liked similar Dark Star processing to Thresh as opposed to Varus who had no processing. * The difference between splash art and model is something that you can trace back to many skins because the purposes of splash art and in-game model are similar but ultimately have different goals. The model must support gameplay, readability, and clarity on top of aesthetics, whereas splash art strives to depict a version of the skin where we can show off the character in higher detail and accentuate the fantasy behind the skin, particularly through specific story moments for the character. The variances between model on Summoner's Rift vs. the Dark Star Kha'Zix you see about to devour some sad planets in space are attributed to the different colorization, story, and lighting in those two different settings. * We understand that some thought that he looked too similar to Mecha instead of Dark Star, but we wanted to push the boundaries of what a Dark Star could look like with Orianna and Kha'Zix and felt this particular version of Dark Star Kha'Zix was stronger than the other concepts we had. We tried to alleviate the Mecha look by adjusting the polygonal/geometric look of his claws and wings by giving them a starry/galactic scrolling texture overlay; however, it ended up looking too similar to Void instead of Dark Star, so we reverted the changes. This was a good learning experience to vet the thematic cohesion of the model better during earlier stages.
So no adjustment to the #1 concern people had about the eye glow? That seems a bit ridiculous
: Someone from the Kha'Zix mains subreddit decided to filter the voice lines to make them fit the skin more. They sound great, should take some inspiration from it to add a new voice for this skin. His current voice doesn't really sound that fitting of a dark star character. Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1351o5nHTTE Here's who made it: https://www.reddit.com/user/CrossLight
This is actually great, I'm praying that some changes actually make it through like with the Ori skin
: Disagree fully
I should rephrase, I think a voice filter to make it sound more darkstar-esque would be a great addition. But new lines recorded wouldn't be needed unless it was a legendary. Something similar to SR Draven
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Kha'Zix!
: I have to say, this skin is awesome. The Particle effects and sound effects are everything I could have dreamed of when I first predicted the skins release in August last year after tweeting riot support (https://twitter.com/GajeemsMemes/status/763923909674606592). I'm still waiting on those muffins. I couldn't find many visual bugs other than a small clipping bug on his claw after evolving my R after both Q and E: http://i.imgur.com/FZQu5yp.png There was also a weird animation bug when I hopped in and out of the same bush after evolving my R, I couldn't replicate it after the initial two times it happened but it seemed like the "blip" animation played but it didn't make me go invisible (the animation plays, but the ability doesn't go off because you can't reenter a bush to get the evolved R passive off again until a certain amount of time from what I know). I don't really see all the fuss about the evolved R not being more distinguished from the unevolved counterpart, to me the color pallet should be enough indication but after having evolved both my E and Q before R it's MUCH more clear that the R has been evolved because of the wing differences. I actually think that the evolved R actually captures the dark star feel more than the default with the darker color pallet, maybe it's because it more closely resembles the Thresh color pallet? The only improvements I can think of without completely reworking or changing the skin would be to do any of the following 1. Make the Non-Evolved R head "eye glow" smaller or the same size as it's evolved counterpart, I think this would resolve a lot of the complaints regarding the eye glow both here and on reddit. 2. Make the claws colors the same blue color as the eye-glow shown in LoveStrut's post above, I'm not sure if it's pink because the designers changed their mind or because its bugged but I feel like either way the colors should match like the above screenshots. 3. A voice filter that resembles Dark Star thresh's voice. A full complete new VO is probably too much to ask for for an epic skin, but the default voice (and even more so for Orianna's skin) doesn't really feel right when we're hearing all these amazing cool ability sound effects. 4. Change the odd space image on his evolved R wings. It looks so odd shaking up and down as he walks around and I found it distracting practically the entire time I was play testing him. This was really the only thing that really bothered me. The image itself looks quite nice and I don't think it would look nice not moving at all, but it would honestly look better if we instead had the previous unevolved-R wings with the same blue color scheme I mentioned with the claws and the evolved R eye glow. I would like to say that the skin splash doesn't really match the skin itself but it looks like a bunch of other people have already stated that, I think the skin looks great as it is, but it has a lot of potential to be even better. Either way, the skin is really awesome and I'm glad that Darkstar Kha'Zix which was a joke I made back in August when I first started playing league has actually become a reality (I mean, he literally BLIPS out of reality when he ults, that's crazy awesome!). I hope that some improvements I mentioned can be made, or at the very least the evolved R color scheme for the wings and claws can be blue similar to the above images as I mentioned before. Can't wait to hear back from Riot! EDIT: Now that the Practice tool is working and its much easier to play around with the levels without having to hop into a game and keep releveling I was able to play around more with the evolutions. Apparently I was wrong about the blue claws, they ARE in on evolved-R Kha'Zix, but only if you haven't evolved your Q before or after evolving R (Which no one would do in a real game). I don't know why this is, because honestly in the picture I'll include below it looks awesome. There IS a difference between evolved Q claws and Evolved R + Q claws though (it's more purple than pink or just a bit darker depending on how you look at it). Only Evolved Q: http://i.imgur.com/HOM2kWU.png Only Evolved R: http://i.imgur.com/4DDn7bv.png Evolved Q + R: http://i.imgur.com/ICW98lK.png I really like all of them, but I'd prefer the blue claws on Evolved Q as well (and maybe blue-ish wings too) and I think most people would agree if they were aware it worked like this. I also noticed that the clipping bug always happens if the Q is evolved, so there's that too. I'll see if I can replicate that other bug later when I get the chance.
Really well said all-around. Summarizes my thoughts as well, and I totally agree that Evo R captures more of a vibe that darkstar should have comapred to un-evolved R, but Riot loves clarity so maybe it could be resolved by changing base to be slightly more distinct instead of Evo R, not sure exactly
: Why hasn't some Rioter talked to us yet? Do they not care about our feedback?
https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/a9P96iEO-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-dark-star-orianna They haven't responded yet in the Orianna thread either, best to just be patient and wait for the next PBE update to see if any changes have been implemented before dissing them for not responding.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Kha'Zix!
Taken from /u/SatanWolf on the KhaZix Subreddit "Something that I think no one has mentioned yet is that his "wrist pads" in his in-game model look out of place. In his splash, the pad is on the claw part and fits nicely, while in-game it is sticking out in a really awkward way (like it was accidentally put on the wrong section of his arm).".
: He looks too robotic and no new voice effects? Come on. The splash art is so coll and in-game ita just...this.
Its fine without a new VO, honestly if it had new VO along with the new sound effects it would be a legendary not a 1350. Doesn't need a new VO for the features it has now
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Kha'Zix!
Ultimate needs to be more distinct when you evolve it. So there's clarity if an enemy/ally khazix evolved R or not. The way it is now its hard to tell if Kha Evo'd R compared to his other skins where it's really obvious. Possibly a more distinct color palette for his R evo could help.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Kha'Zix!
As a personal opinion I'd like to see pbe [claws match the splash art slightly more](https://images.discordapp.net/.eJwVwtsNwyAMAMBdGABsHga6DWAgqZISBfpVdfequvuI932Ih9jWuuZDKd5nGTfLucadepV9jH7UdO1TlnGqtFYq21lfayoMITgE8qBRR0dIyoAFiMYEchojBbLKoIuGEvmmgdhj-_M1RR0iNK6umuJLRoccGUr2bINlzplRpwYgn1cX3x8nyDHW.FSadmNzbwHfkywOR8RTlhfYu-mw) by possibly filling in the top right corner so theres no gap, or just the overall shape to be similar to the amazing splash. [Claw ingame](https://images.discordapp.net/eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2Rpc2NvcmQuc3RvcmFnZS5nb29nbGVhcGlzLmNvbS9hdHRhY2htZW50cy8xODg4NTEwNjcwMjEyOTU2MTYvMzAzOTk4MzY2MTk3NzQzNjE2L3BWcHJSUUMucG5nIn0.QJZHmM9OJTT8SpnspKMbTNsXeHo) and the shape overall doesn't match with the other kha claw models. The splash has got it perfectly though edit: [bonus meme](http://i.imgur.com/qCXqaUp.png)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Kha'Zix!
Hello Riot ! I own the KhaZix Mains Discord and mod the subreddit, I'll be posting feedback that I see in the [discord](https://discord.gg/013OxxjxwRMWsm22k) as well as the subreddit. So far at first glance people seem to be iffy about the eyes being slightly too bright and many so far have mentioned the model looking clunky/stiff. I've read that the Evo R could use a bit more distinction Again as first impressions people love the Wings, Evolution animations/effects, Idle/Dance (cutting the galaxies in half), and people seem to really enjoy the color scheme as well. I'll be posting more after the PBE servers come back up and people can try it out themselves, thanks for having this thread up and hope our feedback and be of use ! :) {{champion:121}}

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