: Well there is a a combo that I managed to pull off that is quite satisfying, which is to q>e to where the knife will land> w >r you will catch the 2 knives while ulting and they will proc the aoe damage without interrupting your ult. And to be honest with current kat (who I have mained since her first rework), you don't want to channel her ult for more than a second in 90% of situations. You just use it for that little extra damage to get your reset and move on. The same will probably be the case with new Kat, but I think its far more important for new kat to have a large reliable source of damage as the rest of her abilities will do fuck all if you are not able to proc that pickup damage. Compare that to current kat, you can very easily get the maximum amount of damage out of her basic abilities as they are all point and click or instant aoe around her. Her ult is acually her least reliable skill as it can be interrupted easily. This new kat her ult can be her most reliable and useful or least in both regards depending on you mastery of her or the team your playing against. I think that it gives Kata depth that she hasn't had in the past.
This is actually a fair point, i only played a bit of both katas so far, so i was looking at it more from a thematic point of view then anything. Fair enough :)
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