: Yes "put a little time in" and leveled from 30 to 175 in 5 days after the BE reset?
I was speaking in terms of live servers. In terms of the PBE, a good amount of players seem to have found a way to prepare themselves to purchase it ahead of time :/
: I'm poking a few of the folks in charge of these to see if they want to set pricing down accordingly for testing just on PBE
considering the amount of new users that haven't had the opportunity to achieve this much BE yet, I think it'd be nice for them
: I see, wasn't it because they were testing the 10 bans and the new UI? (I could be wrong though, I'm just speculating)
During the 2015 season they had ranked queues open permanently. A bunch of friends from the PBE and I used to climb daily while we could, as far as making it to mid/high diamond with most of us. This was for the most part of the live season 2015, then we stopped playing as much and most decayed. It was open for quite a long time though and allowed us to play more seriously together whilst also testing for bugs that would be most likely to happen during a real ranked game of the sorts, as at the time there was a lot of "it's just PBE, who cares if I run it down mid with 6 tears @ 5 minutes" in normals, but for some reason there was a lot less of that in the ranked queues
: I'm not sure what you mean because I've seen that playing don't give any blue essence at all. Win or not.
If you play enough you will level up, in the capsules you receive from leveling up, you can get champion shards that you can disenchant for BE
: URF Warwick
I think the jist of the skin being rereleased is to give back a little something to those who have put the time into being able to afford something like that, as an answer to those who have bought everything they can and still have leftover IP/BE
: Not enough blue essence to try new shop items
The best way to get it is by leveling up by playing games! I think the majority of the people that will be able to test the items you speak of are those who have played for a decent amount of time. It's a shame but unless they change something, that's just what will happen :) Who knows how long they'll be in the store for though, just gotta play and find out!
: I'M DOING MY BEST! :P No but seriously, I'm trying to kill a ton of the runes tooltip bugs today so hopefully stuff like minor typos, extra spaces and overall language clarity in tooltips should be improved for Monday. If you see anything else wrong in the short, long or in game tooltips please give me a holler.
: I will fix this. It is my fault. lol
I JUST FINISHED taking a survey about 12 hrs ago that asked about grammatical errors and readability within League Of Legends and had such high praise. Why have you destroyed my trust {{item:3073}} {{item:3070}}
: They are not sending their best, folks...
Would you have a PBE account had they not opened up testing like they have? Oldest post being 25 days ago :Thinking: But that's none of my business... Hope you've been enjoying your 25 days here so far! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Urfwick but no Urf?
URFWick is back to test because it is going to be re-released in the near future on live servers and thus requires testing.
: Price Ward Skin
This skin has been out for a while and doesn't look like it needs testing. I'm sure if it did, then they would reduce the price of it. Perhaps it was a novelty item that was available for those who were around before the recent change back to daily stipends of RP? Not sure, either way I trust that this is the way it is intended to be :) Google Translate: Esta pele ficou fora por um tempo e não parece que precisa ser testada. Tenho certeza se isso aconteceu, então eles reduziriam o preço. Talvez fosse um item de novidade que estava disponível para aqueles que estavam por aí antes da recente mudança de volta aos estipendios diários de RP? Não tenho certeza, de qualquer maneira eu confio que esta é a maneira como se pretende ser :)
: No homeguard bug
Do you recall what runes/skins you were using or perhaps the items you brought? Have you tried recreating this? I will check this out also once the PBE is back up
: Can we talk about the level 10 people in pbe
Those who are accepted into the PBE are here for the purpose of testing, regardless of their experience, even some newer players may offer some helpful insight in their testing, and being newer players that may not understand the "meta" of the average game may find some things that us other players may not. As for those who are toxic, it really doesn't take long for toxic players to be removed from the PBE. You should also remember a decent amount of players play worse than they do on live servers due to the latency/ping that they get from being further away from the PBE servers in Chicago.
: Bug in champion shards price (?)
I think it shows that much BE because that's how much you would get for disenchanting it into BE?
: > [{quoted}](name=fail means learn,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=6RxFPQdr,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2017-10-27T10:26:07.542+0000) > > When (or if) ranked modes come back to the PBE to test, would they follow this new draft phase? Or would they more likely resemble the old way/way that is on live servers? Currently I think we may have all draft queues on PBE configured this way, but we can always add bans if we believe we need to test something with them. In general we prefer to limit bans on PBE because it's all about testing content. :)
Sounds good to me, it'd be a little lame if people were torn between ranked/normal draft queues if ranked needed testing purely because of the bans. Good work :)
: Xayah feather indicators are barely visible
I've noticed this too, but also, the jungle agro bars are super small and hard to notice as well. Been trying out a bit of jungle on PBE and the agro bars are barely noticeable. Keep resetting camps a lot, hurts junglers clears and impact on the game as a whole if they keep resetting their camps.
: We're launching an experimental, PBE-only, modified version of Draft Pick!
When (or if) ranked modes come back to the PBE to test, would they follow this new draft phase? Or would they more likely resemble the old way/way that is on live servers?
: Please consider reverting changes to Zilean in URF
you said it, preventing perma stun. with the 80% cd he wouldn't even need his w tp perma stun at any level
: Easy way to balance dusk blade and Zed (and other assassins)
I like the idea of this, but another thing to consider is that it starts the passive on the first point of damage applied, and the cooldown is massive.
: Hextech Crafting, crafting skins you already own?
The only reason this is happening to you is because you don't own Nidalee. If you did, then when you reroll for a skin, the permanent skin wouldn't be a duplicate, and it also wouldn't go into your loot.
: So... you blew thru 950k RP and 950k IP?
: Should Jhin's fourth shot count as two auto attacks for wards/traps/plants?
I'd like to second this idea. Seeing as hit crit-meter is a big part of his kit (placed essentially on top of his mana, making it barely visible) this would be a great idea.
: i use it for testing, for me is it easier to find bugs on it xD
In a LIVE SERVER setting, you won't be buying 10 at a time though, so we should really replicate the process the average player on LIVE will be using. Therefore, it wouldn't be the best idea to create a PBE only 10 key/box/key & box bundle because it would set unrealistic testing circumstances, and we may miss out on something.
Rioter Comments
: Can we buy an bundle of around 10?
This system is meant to be a reward system more than a way of purchasing skins, from my understanding. Although a multiple purchase bundle would be a _cool_ idea, I don't think it would be a **good** idea. It really sort of defeats the purpose of trying to get players to work together so that they can achieve victory, and an S ranking. It's not meant to supersede the current way of purchasing skins and champions.
: Mac LoL Crashes at ~9minutes
What OS do you run? Also, which computer is it? Because I run the PBE Client on a Mid 2010 MacBook Pro 15' and I've played probably 15 games in the past 24 hours and I've not encountered this at all.
: Hey all, back with another update about content. Currently, champions have been reset on account but skins have not. The plan is to reset the skins tomorrow.
Some of the legacy skins that we testers earned yesterday via Hextech Crafting have been removed from our inventories, and others have not. Is there a reason for this? Or was it an issue when removing skins from accounts? Is it safe to assume that the legacy skins earned via Hextech Crafting that were removed from our inventories are skins that have been deemed unobtainable via this method? Also, I see it's been said that there are very little skins that are not available via the new crafting method. Would we be able to know which ones?
: Boosting in PBE ranked
1. not "boosting" 2. who tf wants to boost out of silver on pbe PRESEASON 3. apparently they got banned, so pls stop saying I'm boosting it's beginning to get to the point of harassment, really, and I haven't done anything. So thanks for naming and shaming me for something that I had no part in.
: Whats with this launcher
this looks a lot like you issue. I don't think anyone else has experienced this. is there a way to replicate this? or is it just every so often for you? have you got all the required minimum specifications?
: [Store, Summoner Icons] - Mystery Icons contain rank rewards, unsure if bugged
This will more than likely be because they're still available in the store. Although, on live servers, they aren't available in the store, so they won't be available on there, which is where it really counts. We'd probably be hearing a lot about it if someone managed to get ranked rewards of any kind in a mystery gift.
: Tryndamere and the new masteries
I say leave it in! They did the whole juggernaut update, and they all got really vivid changes (to the point where they were considered instant bans/picks almost). Typically, these juggernauts are played in the toplane, and since that release to the live servers, I've hardly seen anything but these champs. Perhaps this change will allow a few counterpicks, and possibly even make Trynd a viable pick in the Challenger Series again! I'm sure it won't exactly be something that everyone spams right on release, though, due to the whole "Marksman" update. Everyone will be wanting to get their hands on the new Graves and Kog'Maw.
: Skin Kalista Championship
... It's because she doesn't have splash art yet... It's not a bug at all.
: Overlooked Mordekaiser Super Buff?
Could we have some steps to reproducing this?
: Game freezes for a few seconds after destroying nexus
I've been through this every game on Summoner's Rift since yesterday's patch. It's not too bad (seeing as it's after game ends) but it's a little annoying.
: PROJECT: Yi unavailable?
DUDE there are so many posts about why PROJECT: Yi isn't available already. Go look through the forums.
: Shop ?
People have already talked about this in other threads. Please look for the other threads before continuing to create the same post as many others have made. But it's because, unless there was a bug to start with/that champion gets a visual/texture update/that champion has a rework of some sort, then they don't need to be tested for bugs and stuff.
: What about Star Guardian Lux? Not Legacy but also not available
: Project Yi unavailable
I think they only make skins available if they're either 1. being tested (new skin/champion visual update/so on, so forth) or 2. available on the live servers for purchase I know PROJECT: Yi still isn't on the live servers, but I think that it's unavailable because Riot is happy with the feedback received and is readying themselves to put it out publically. You should still be able to receive these skins via mystery gifting (eg, I recently got Nightmare Cho'gath, which isn't available in store) via mystery gift. But, for now, they'll be in the Legacy Vault. Hope this helps!
: Why some skins not avaliable?
I think they only make skins available if they're either 1. being tested (new skin/champion visual update/so on, so forth) or 2. available on the live servers for purchase You should still be able to receive these skins via mystery gifting (eg, I recently got Nightmare Cho'gath, which isn't available in store) via mystery gift. But, for now, they'll be in the Legacy Vault. Hope this helps!
: Okay, I want you do know something. This game is slowly going down a steep hill of disappointment. We're here on the Beta Environment to discuss what we see should change to benefit the players on the Live Client. I see that {{champion:82}} is too strong and needs a change. I asked for a balance. You -1 my Thread with a invalid reason that's already got an exploit. I tell you the exploit. You give me a **dumb** reason that has a 50/50% chance of going that way. I even have someone below saying how to get close with a third Q.
I just personally don't think it's broken or OP, it's just circumstantial. I'm voicing my opinion, just like you, and even with what you're saying in mind, I still don't think it's that bad. But you created a thread, so I guess if more people agree with you you'll see more support. Don't take it personally! Also, I gave it a -1 because I don't agree. I'm not going to give it a +1 if I don't agree. You can't honestly tell me that isn't a valid reason for a downvote :P
: D;' Sorry, I'm trying to look at this statement correctly. Are we even talking about the same thing here? I'm talking about a bonus damage that can instantly destroy turrets in two hits in late game. And your talking about Mordekaiser hitting champions. Which in itself seems unlikely until you realize that they made this recently: {{item:3742}} And then there's the fact that only a unskilled Mordekaiser would leave his support until he gets fed.
Simple! Just don't let him get to late game, or make sure he doesn't get any gold ;) Apart from that, I don't know what to tell you. I actually quite like it though, it's hard to get in those two-three hits sieging, so it's not that bad unless he splits, then he's easy to pick off (depending on how fed/farmed and stuff)
: Can we balance Mordekaiser's Q?
I think the whole thing is that it's hard for a slow, tanky bruiser to actually even get 3 hits in, especially late game where it counts. For that to happen on an enemy champ, there has to be some mad teamwork (cc, stuns, so on) Go have a few games with him and you'll see :)
: Kogmaw bug splat
This must either just be an issue on your end, or a new issue since today's update. I played a game with him yesterday with the Battlecast skin on and everything was fine. Perhaps try logging out and seeing if your client needs to be patched or something? Anyone else played this champ/skin with the same issue?
: skin unavailable
I think it might be because they're fine. They're not buggy, and they look good, and have received feedback saying so. Riot will be ready to put the Master Yi, Lucian, and Leona skins out onto the live servers, so they make them unavailable to purchase for anyone who didn't get them before they were done. Or at least that's my theory.
: Rune Purchase + Selection Bug
I wasn't able to exactly replicate this scenario (as I already own Attack Speed Quints) But I did just purchase some Lifesteal Quints and managed to equip them fine. Perhaps it's something to do with the probability that the Attack Speed Quints would come with the rune bundle that we're told to only buy once? Also, they were Tier 3 Quints, right? You didn't accidentally purchase Tier 1 or Tier 2 and happen to be searching for Tier 3 Quints?

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