: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dawnbringer Nidalee!
First of all, huge applause for this patch you guys. The skins are interesting and surely feel like a breath of fresh air, however I couldn't help but notice that the color of DB Nidalee's hair in her model is very different from the one in the splash art. Instead of being blonde, it's _very_ yellow. I don't mean to come across as disrespectful, but I let myself edit the color of her hair to have it resemble the one in her splash art a tad more. I also tweaked the gold on her clothes a little. https://i.imgur.com/enZjcVw.png[/img] I'd love for you to consider this change as it does make quite a difference. Also, there's one more thing. I'm usually not the one to complain about stuff like this, but DB Nidalee's skin color is too light in the splash art, in my opinion. She's a champion of color and while it shows in her model, the splash makes her look caucasian so I just thought that I'd point that out in case you guys were up to darken her complexion a bit to make it more accurate.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Neeko
First of all, I absolutely adore SG Neeko and applaud anyone who worked on her. The model, the vfx, the wings and Towa are just such a serve. But I was wondering why green dominates in her outfit since she's a yellow guardian. I'm not saying it's bad because honestly it looks pretty and ties with Neeko's tropical theme very well, although I was curious to see how she'd look in her main color instead and so I edited green into yellow. The chameleon parts turned pink to match her tail. I think it looks quite nice, but again I adore the original. I just wanted to know if you could share the reason why Neeko's outfit consists mostly of green even though she's supposed to be the yellow one. https://i.imgur.com/GswygYZ.png


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