: I hope they preserve her old death animation too, It was so cool
: Blackthorn Morgana
It's totally busted. here's some changes i put together. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/405e03f24074b7ccf4c904d882d5f2475b3909a1ef3a848c6ff65e8e658bf4e3.png
: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/405e03f24074b7ccf4c904d882d5f2475b3909a1ef3a848c6ff65e8e658bf4e3.png
: Blackthorn Morgana Feedback (PLEASE, FIX THE SKIN!)
: Nice edit. I was pretty disappointed the hair from the splash was never used on the skin. Although I guess some issues that might be brought up is the hair clipping with her halo ornament behind her head and the likely need to animate the hair so it does not appear static. Not directed towards you, but just a general opinion I wish to say if a Rioter does come around to view this (since we are lacking in individual feedback post for every skin). I understand there's always going to be dissonance between a splash art and the skin, but I would like to nitpick the specific differences from the hair style and the halo that is missing from the splash art. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to have these choices, but I would have better appreciated it if it was known from the get go in the splash rather than discovering the difference once I'm in the game. I would personally prefer the wilder hair to set this skin more apart from the others skins with long hair going downward (in contrast to base and Pentakill, whose hair is facing upward).
no i totally understand the why hows etc, just a shame with an update which i feel has laid fantastic ground for the new revamp of the two sisters, Numbers of us are just disappointed that particular skins/3d textures and models are let down by lack of ambition. I mean why doesn't Kayle's hair have animation already? Instead of feeling like a last gen model with pretty wings. I hope they do make some changes, not for personal ego/time spent dillydallying or anything just because the player base has a lot of love and patience waiting for these characters to get attention and i like to think the teams at riot share our passion for wanting this to be fantastic so collaboration with the consumer is pretty healthy. Unlike than of the Ghost Bride Morg/ Blackthorn edits (need a lot more work and hopefully they do execute the changes we've brought to their attention) Transcended K hair is more about what could/should/might they be able to do to give us that polish and wow factor for a rather sweet looking skin that could be pushed a bit further.
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