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: Velkoz basic attack animation bug
Experianced this as well. Enemy Vel'koz's model would freak out, Freezing animations for a while and going under the ground as well.
: [Poppy] - Spellshields don't block her ultimate on long range
: feedback on Poppy update
Poppy is now a Tank Support instead of an Assassin. She has the same playstyle of Braum and Janna, keep people off of your carries. Get in that mindset while playing her. Those are her strengths. She thrive's against assassin's and hard engage comps. She is easily one of the most powerful peel tanks in the game atm.
: The reason it doesnt stop them is due to they are point and click spells NOT DASHES. Dashes are non target spell such as {{champion:104}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:254}} for examples. Champs like {{champion:157}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:107}} are not dashes but a point and click gapcloser. But there are some like {{champion:59}} flag and drag that will be stopped cuz it is a dash. Hope that clears it up. These are some that shouldn't be affected {{champion:84}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} Not 100% but i dont think lee's 2nd Q will work eather the ream Amumu's dont work cuz it considered the same as Jarvins Flage n Drag along with Thresh
Most of what you said is very incorrect. Leona's Zenith Blade is a Skillshot not a point and click. Rengar's passive, Pantheon's stun, Yasou's dash and Xin's dash are stopped by Poppy's W. As for Maokai his Twisted Advance is a dash but he becomes untargetable while it's in cast. Sion, Noctourne and Malphite are all immune to crowd control when their ults are casting. As for Katarina Shunpo and ww Ult those are Blinks so they are not affected. Rammus doesn't have a dash bro.
: Diana's Lunar Rush goes through aswell.
It's a conspiracy! Iron Stylus was involved in the Poppy rework. I'm sure if he had enough time he'd have done Quinn too!
: Mundo massive Q damage from lvl 1
I have no idea what's causing this but the same happened to me, walked into lane and Mundo does 230 damage per Q at lvl 1.
: Mastery says: "Gain 1 for each nearby minion killed by an ally". Your minions are allied to you so it works like that. If it would say instead of ally "allied champion", then this could be a bug.
Yes you're right now that you mentioned it. I just checked live and that it specifically says Allied Champions. I'm not sure of Riot's thought process on this one though.
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: -52. {{champion:81}} E works too the passive change sounds good.. the w change I dont agree because I think this in balanced enough
Ezrael's Arcane Shift or whatever it's called is a blink not a dash. He should not be affected.
: Old Poppy Dialogue vs New Dialogue
Tristana has confidence and poise which Poppy lacks. Poppy is awkward by comparison. Tristana is a decorated soldier, Poppy is a vagrant. Idk who the voice actresses are (or even if they just may be the same people) but they feel like totally different characters to me.
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: I want so badly to love the new Poppy, but...
I strongly disagree with all your points except this one > The buckler feels random in a bad way... too awkward to use, never safe to rely on unlike how they played it up on the preview notes. Mayyyyyybe if they did something like a Draven axe-style lead-off and I could know where it was going to land, then it would be useful. Ironically, since I never know when I have the buckler available I tend to always use it from melee range anyway, because I expected to have a normal auto. I'll agree with you here. I'd very much like this. :^)
: Darius Ult fearing minions
It is > [{quoted}](name=Statikk,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=Grx91k8I,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-04T23:32:31.706+0000) > **Noxian Guillotine (R)** > > * Damage reduced to 100/200/300 from 160/250/340 > * No longer refunds Mana on re-casts, instead all re-casts cost no Mana > * At rank 3, Noxian Guillotine no longer has a Mana cost > * Upon executing an enemy champion, all nearby lesser creatures (non-champions) become terrified for a few seconds > > Feel free to leave feedback. I'll be checking back here every so often to answer your guys' questions and see how Darius is performing.
: Why is the shockblade zed chroma pack removed from testing?
The unseen chroma pack is the deadliest (sorry)
: Jinx discussion
It's meant to nerf her skirmishing. Riot want to keep her in line as a long range hyper carry. I feel this nerf is long overdue.
: Like [this](
sorry for late replyerino. Yes exactly like that.
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