: PBE is buggy as hell right now
I have the same problem, yet found no solutions for it :c
: Alright, if you do try tutorial again and it's borked, let me know {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} -Ari
As the night, and a complete reinstalling process passed, i was able to go through it witohut a scratch. So no problems at all.
: Hey 4lmost3vil665 and Yantsu, Is this still happening if you were to try it again? If so, can you post some repro steps? I'm not getting this to happen, finished all 3 phases without issue. Cheers -Ari
Nope, got out somehow. Waited if i can use the Afk Warning as a possible freeing way. Waited about 10-15 minutes, close the match with the task manager, restarted the client, then everything was fine. haven't tried tutorial since.
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