: > "Will upgrading to champion mastery 6 & 7 still cost the same amount of blue essence? > The price will be scaled up by 6.5—the same amount we're scaling up all your existing BE. So it will "cost" the same in the new system, but the numbers will be higher across the board." [Preseason Update FAQ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012640908).
: Itll be multiplyed by the amount of 6.5 so while currently it takes 500 for lvl 6 itll take 3250(500x6.5)BE and lvl 7 3900(600x6.5)BE you should mby read the developer updates lul
I'm aware that our BE will be multiplied by 6.5 but there's been no mention anywhere about the cost of champions in the store and/or champion mastery upgrading costs going up by the same amount. If you happen to have an actual source then I'd appreciate it.
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: As someone who loves Fiddlesticks and scarecrows in general who started playing this game because of him. He needs a new passive but I don't like his new passive. In fact I'd honestly expected it to synergize with his kit and empower his kit and have something to deal with Fear/crows and the Scythe his lore so greatly talks about. The move speed does nothing for him that Any fiddlesticks player couldn't already play around with. I could have took 3.0/4.5 move speed quints and be fine with the move speed out of combat mastery if I needed speed. Im going to go in to These changes pretty hard because this is the champion that will make a break my stay on League that Skarner almost caused me to leave if Fiddlesticks wasn't still here. I would also check in to Fiddlesticks auto attack after W, it seems a bit slow starting up after his W finishes. It doesn't feel very smooth. Pros * Passive - gets to camps slightly faster after clearing one if you stood still. Help reposition your self if you didn't have to immediately {{item:3157}} helps chase foes down slightly if they escape your W range to....uh auto attack them? Evade quick skill shots({{champion:76}} spear or {{champion:64}} Q) if you were standing still draining for example. Thats honestly not bad but cons. * W - Is up sooner early game wise if you got the full duration off and up sooner at all stages in the game if you didn't get The most of the full duration off. * E - Straight up buff to his clear with 2 extra bounces and helps to clear the more threatening targets you drain with it going for the Drained target every other hit. * R - QOL Cons * Passive reduces his damage and allies AP damage at all stages in the game and with items like {{item:3157}} getting hard nerf losing 30 AP and with Runic echoes barely giving AP to Fiddlesticks he is gonna be dealing less damage all game besides to jungle creeps early with his E. You never needed this awkward move speed buff to evade skill shots or reposition because Better Fiddlesticks Players were already able to play around to With his kit. Buying {{item:3116}} is all you need to keep targets around when you ult and reposition your self. * CDR on fiddlesticks was never that great it was just a nice thing to have and still thats all it is. He doesn't exactly have a "hey I'm going to spam my abilities for massive damage" >... he loves the Abyssal and Zhonyas both having CDR on them * CDR for some reason is being used like "hey its pretty good on him" how so? because you increased the CD on his W making it a longer cooldown if good Fiddlestick players were already able to get the full duration of the W drain off bringing it to 1 sec but now its 3secs long without cdr? His ult is up sooner which is nice but his {{item:3157}} is up later with less damage so where is the advantage with that? * Q straight up nerf where the move speed he needs will end up having to be used to not reposition but cast Terrify on the enemies just out of range. He still has a issue where feared targets are not immediately running away they are for about 1/4th of a sec running towards Fiddlesticks btw. When I fear Yi I need the broken champ to run far away as possible when he out heals my low damage when Fiddlesticks should be doing that not Yi. * W - Its a nerf to his mid and late game if you were already able to get the max duration of his drain off. He will have to wait at least 3 secs instead of 1 sec with 0 cdr but being forced to get cdr with items like Zhonya it won't be to big. * {{item:3157}} lost 30 AP for 10 cdr, active was increased to 120s from 90s which is essential to his ult. Its on a 2 minute CD now thx. * {{item:3001}} loses 10 ap for 10 mr gains 10% cdr - scaling Aura, which means less damage early * {{item:1410}} was nerfed beforehand without ever compensating Fiddlesticks because Udyr/etc was buying the item and being op. You are honestly better as Fiddlesticks not buying the item and buying {{item:3285}} it will give you more AP and make up for the loss of AP from {{item:3157}} and give you Move speed that was nerfed from {{item:1410}} I played Fiddlesticks on the pbe. I barely noticed the move speed. I only notice clearing camps faster with his E. Late game the E did nothing in the jungle a late game fiddlesticks couldn't have already done with E - 5 bounce + drain. I also felt like I was never dealing any damage. With {{item:3157}} losing so much AP and no -10 MR passive Tanks just ate his drain or WW just out healed my damage like it was nothing. I had to use my entire kit on bots I out leveled and out farmed when I shouldn't have needed to. I tried it again by buying items that actually give noticeable AP and problem was solved. Fiddlesticks deals almost no damage if you go for {{item:3157}} {{item:1410}} You will end having to use ult and all just to kill them which won't work when someone builds MR. As for players. Its unreliable with its horrible ping and bad players in general cramping it but Fiddlesticks is doing the same job but less effectively because he is dealing less damage at all stages in the game if he builds{{item:3157}} {{item:1410}} If fiddlesticks ever need to move himself You guys just added in hextech Fireball haduken dash thing. That just seems counter intuitive. You add an item so AP mages can reposition them self then a passive for Fiddlesticks to do the same thing? I am sorry I may be coming off as an ass but I love this champion and I am not happy with the changes. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/j6TAZz5f-fiddlesticks-needs-to-be-changed
Just want to note that I also tried out Fiddle today in a custom game (as well as a normal yesterday night) and there has definitely been some sort of clunkiness attached to his first auto attack after Drain completes!
: I'm sorry you feel they are nerfs. If he turns out weak, I have no qualms buffing him to the point we want him to be at. Less interested in balance and significantly more on how you feel about the passive play pattern after trying it out a few times. Zhonyas and abyssal both having +10% CDR feels pretty good from my own experience on Fiddle, btw.
"I don't have a cc so he is just going to back to back drain me forever" I'm not particularly a fan of balancing/changes around the fact that someone MIGHT not have CC. If that's the case then should Yi lose his slow resistance while ulted due to the fact that the opposing team MIGHT not have any hard cc? Should Olaf lose the CC immunity granting ultimate because the enemy team MIGHT not have an Anivia to wall him off? Fiddlesticks with his AOE ult is all about team fighting so the case of "I don't have a cc so he is just going to back to back drain me forever" will rarely occur. Forcing him to literally dance around and (maybe, is it really worth?) auto attack a champion while trying to 1v1 someone is....awkward. A (lets say 40% CDR) 1.8 second cooldown on his drain is a DECENT amount of downtime for a mage in a late game teamfight. Especially for a champion that is especially vulnerable in his IMMOBILE state while channeling his drain.
: > MR reduction aura This was removed a long time ago. live functionality is MR shred on spell hit, not aura. Internal feedback has been slight power positive on Fiddlesticks ( including long time players). I dunno, its hard to feel the passive until you've tried it yourself. His clear is slightly faster, he loves the Abyssal and Zhonyas both having CDR on them, and the movespeed is quite impactful in the risks he can take throughout the majority of the game (less impactful late game where he often needs to zhonyas immediately). Regardless if he ends up weaker than we want him, its not as if buffing him is particularly difficult task.
Sorry, my fault for still referring to it as the MR reduction aura. Regardless, in the case of a spell cast Fiddlesticks is still losing anywhere from 10-50 MR shred on the opposing team (that too, in this tank meta along with the majority of the reworked items having lower ability powers). In terms of CDR, I guess I hadn't looked into the new potential stats Fiddle could gain from all of the item changes. The addition of CDR on those two core items actually does sound pretty beneficial in his favor. I guess you're right that buffing him isn't a difficult task, but I felt as if I had to speak out because I wasn't particularly a fan of the direction the changes initially. Knowing that Fiddlesticks is the #1 champion in terms of playerbase average games played, I feel that utility changes (such as the one on the ult and the passive) don't offer enough as a counterbalance for the nerfs for these high-average-games-played Fiddlesticks players. These changes DEFINITELY will, however, help out new players learning Fiddlesticks as their poor choices for initial ult cast positions won't be punished as they can simply speed their way into decent positions. I understand I may not be offering anything of substance in terms of suggesting changes, but I think that changes to a champion with the highest playerbase average games played shouldn't be catered towards inexperienced players.
: He gets 3 stacks of Phenomenal Evil on assist or kill. Plus however many spells he hits of course.
Any comments on the Fiddlesticks' concerns in this post? I think people are bringing up pretty valid points that I would love to be addressed...
: MYMU Annie, Fiddle, Veigar Discussion
For Fiddlesticks I essentially see a nerf to his fear, MR reduction aura removal and forced interval between drains in exchange for a slight buff to his ability to position better once he ults. While the changes that might be considered buffs are nice to players unfamiliar with Fiddlesticks, as an experienced player of the champion I feel like experienced players don't benefit from this change nearly as much as they have already adapted their style to playing around timing WHEN to ult. As a former Fiddlesticks main I feel like my ult positioning should be about MY innate timing (...something something "separates the good Fiddlesticks from the great"). I feel like I'm essentially losing damage and CC output in exchange for positioning tools which experienced Fiddlesticks players, honestly, don't need as much.
: Fiddlesticks was the champion that most stuck out to us as someone who may be worse off with the Runeglaive enchant instead of Magus. We think that Runeglaive provides a lot more value to him than you'd expect (in particular, the mana restore is pretty juicy for him). But we've also seen a long history of jungle Fiddlesticks players succeeding without even upgrading their Machete into the Magus enchant on live. Fid is somewhat of an outlier when it comes to his jungling pattern and optimal itemization, so we decided that as long as he still has item routes that support him, we'd try to make Runeglaive more broadly applicable to a wider range of AP Junglers.
> [{quoted}](name=RiotJag,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=JBgXR8EJ,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2015-06-13T04:20:03.485+0000) > > Fiddlesticks was the champion that most stuck out to us as someone who may be worse off with the Runeglaive enchant instead of Magus. We think that Runeglaive provides a lot more value to him than you'd expect (in particular, the mana restore is pretty juicy for him). But we've also seen a long history of jungle Fiddlesticks players succeeding without even upgrading their Machete into the Magus enchant on live. Fid is somewhat of an outlier when it comes to his jungling pattern and optimal itemization, so we decided that as long as he still has item routes that support him, we'd try to make Runeglaive more broadly applicable to a wider range of AP Junglers. Serious question, what is the downside of keeping both Magus and Runeglaive? Also, please note that in this season in particular it is extremely hard for Fiddlesticks to stay up in gold with other junglers if he does not go for the Jungling item upgrade early. I am not sure how many Fiddesticks MAINS don't actually upgrade their jungle items anymore as several non-Fiddlesticks players are suggesting.
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: The Removal of the Magus Enchantment
Also, I don't know how everyone isn't talking about this either, but they're also taking away 10% CDR! That's huge! If this item stays then AP junglers will most likely have to end up going for another CDR item anyways (and the most used ones offer Mana Regen anyways). The mana regen buff is rendered quite useless imo.
: The Removal of the Magus Enchantment
RIot is pretty much buffing all AP junglers with this at the expense of Fiddlesticks... As a Fiddlesticks main I couldn't be unhappier.
: New HUD Feedback
I don't know if this is an issue for anyone else, however, having the Flash icon and the trinket icon this close to each other (as well as them being almost the same size) has lead me to think that I have flash available in scenarios in which I don't. I guess I found out that I generally just used my periphery vision to check if I have flash up in a fight, however, having two similar sized bright yellow squares this close to each other seems to cause some confusion for me. Other than that, the HUD looks pretty sick!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Risen Fiddlesticks!
Hey! I made a post about this but then realized this was here. As a Fiddlesticks main on my normal account, I just found that the drain for this skin was slightly less visible than normal. Since it sort of swirls round and round the visibility keeps coming and going. The round icon on his chest looks cool while he's draining but the tether itself is slightly lackluster. Other than that the skin looks awesome! The ult is absolutely awesome and smooth. The recall animation is slightly gross though lol P.S - The video quality settings I had at the time of testing were all "Very High" **Edit:** Sukishoo has a good point though. Based on the recent color schemes of this gold sandy color + light aqua combination I would say this skin looks like it's a part of the Guardian of the Sands group. _**Especially**_ when compared to Guardian of the Sands Rammus. **Fiddlesticks vs. Rammus:** Risen Fiddlesticks: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-FIH3EBm4G-M/VSR-IkqNLwI/AAAAAAAAnhg/LRUbTe2H9HI/s1600/fiddlefront.jpg Guardian of the Sands Rammus: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-EqTZliuKjDw/VRIorWTHFAI/AAAAAAAAmnI/i9QSkJ1EQwQ/s1600/rammusq.jpg
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: There is one. It should be up in the top info box thing (is there a proper name for it?). The place at the top middle of the screen that shows queue times when looking for matches on other game modes; or if you haven't started looking for a match, it is the big 'Play' button. To be fair, it is kind of discrete, and for players used to other game modes, it isn't normal to look up there once you have found a lobby. I can see how someone might miss it.
Yeahh agreed, I saw a while later as well while trying to figure out if there was some sort of "searching for opponents" message. But yeah like you said it's relatively discrete. There's also a quick "Captain has started matchmaking" message in the lobby chat area but: 1) That message gets lost pretty quickly in the chat 2) That kinda gives off the effect that you're captain is STARTING the match rather than searching for opponents. This bug or w/e you wanna call it isn't the end of the world I guess, but as an effort to add more clarity to the game I'm sure this little change would help!
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