: Woah the meeting was sooner than I thought! We talked about all Blood Moon Skin feedback and came up with these actionables: **Katarina**-- •Giving VFX darker/deeper blues (and a more cohesive pass) including blue ring on R and maybe more depth to R (we're gonna make her R look badass dw) •Increasing audio on R, totally agree with you guys on that one, thanks for the feedback! •Giving Kat her scar back, we will need to talk to the splash team as well on this one. **Master Yi**-- No plans at this time **Tryndamere**-- No plans at this time These changes will not show until next week as a heads up! Why we couldn't add a toggle for the mask--I'll just be upfront on why we haven't been doing toggles as much in general: Toggles not only double QA work/costs but we have inside data that less than 10% of players actually use toggles. And of those 10%, it's only toggled ONCE. This makes me think the idea of a toggle is cool (I mean, it is), but in practicality nobody really remembers to use it. We're gonna be re-investigating toggles on how they can actually provide more value to you guys <3. Skin tone color -- Blood Moon Katarina is themed around being half-demon so we think her skin-color is apt to keep the narrative. I know some of you really want it lighter like BM akali's or even BM Elise's but there are many that like the current skin tone, I'm sorry T_T -Kiwi If you've additional feedback shoot it out yo
Hello, I know this is not the right topic, but why is Soraka support getting such harsh nerfs? Benn trying to get an answer from any rioters for some time...
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: Got the RP/BE but not the lvl 30


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