: Well i saw in yt video that sometimes when you hook someone from too far you deal dmg but don't pull...
I just got home. Do you have the YouTube video that I can look at?
: It seems like the 50% damage thing just applies to minions, and sometimes applies to monsters. Target dummies and champions are always hit with full damage in the line, while minions after the first always take 50%, and monsters after the first sometimes take 50%. I don't know exactly what causes the inconsistency with monsters, but it seems to be related to the enemy having less maximum health than the Q's damage. I can also confirm that the bonus damage from an uncharged Q is not applying in any circumstance, while charged Q deals the proper amount of damage. Here is a picture of the bug: https://imgur.com/1kcXwep
Thank you for adding a picture. I forgot to make the picture in progress. The main problem for me that it was inconsistent. A bit more clarity would do the job for me.
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: Xerath unable to basic attack
I'm having the same problem with {{champion:101}} . His passive is a big thing in the game, doesn't work on any mode. Xerath pretty much can't farm anymore


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