: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Witch's Brew Blitzcrank!
{{champion:53}} is my favorite champion and always will be. I have mained this champion back when Jinx was first introduced to the game, he was my first ever purchase, and the first champion I ever bought a skin for (iBlitzcrank). Let me just say I LOVE the design, the idea, the creativity of this skin! It’s fantastic and totally gives a fun new take on the champion in terms of what this golem actually can be! That being said, I do have some critiques on it. **BUGS: ** Mainly his Q, as others have pointed out, the retracting hook reverts back to his old Blitzcrank hook so I’m sure that will be fixed before the release. Nothing much else than that, maybe the hook itself is a little deceiving as there were multiple times in testing it completely covered a champion/jungle camp and didn’t grab. Could just be my experience! **CRITIQUES:** My MAIN concern with this skin is Blitz’ voice. It doesn’t feel right for a demonic, magical cauldron to have the voice of a robot (or have the sounds of mechanical parts moving during his dances). A few filters to give his normal voice lines an echo or an effect (something like Karthus?) would give SO much life to this skin just as the new SFX already have! Other small concerns go along with his kit: Q: The hook design is great and all, and this may be a lot to ask, but seeing Blitz’ arms put together with a single magical crystal and a few beams has to make me wonder if his hook could work the same way! A continuation of this magical beam instead of a darker version of his base ‘wire’ would flow much more with this skin, in my opinion. W: The brown-ish orange glow doesn’t really signify much or tie in well with the rest of the VFX in my opinion. What does Blitz do in his base skin when he W’s? Overheats! Perhaps some ‘bubble particle effects’ would show this cauldron golem is ‘heating up’ during his speed boost! And to end on a positive note: I love the splashes of pink liquid on the ground as he walks (maybe when he dies and tips over, the liquid can spill out?) I love the phases of the moon on his stacks, looks incredible for such a small detail. I love the splash art, amazing as always! And **THANK YOU** for listening to this feedback! I really want to sport this skin, even year round and so I appreciate you taking the time to hear my comments and concerns on a skin that I’ve never been more excited for. {{champion:53}}


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