: Diana
{{champion:121}} CHANGE IS GOOD
: Senna: A hyper healing problem
what was her first item? senna only has a heal on her Q which has a long cooldown unless your remaining stationary and constantly attacking with her long auto attack animation. she also has no lifesteal on her kit until she over caps her crit chance which is already hella late in the game. what full item did she buy that made her out heal a quinn with a life steal and a lethality item. i have my doubts that a bloodthirster could do all that. especially when Quinn blind makes senna useless for its entire duration
: [TFT] AZIR soldiers
: I said that this version of fighting is like slow action. Don't you allow me to make suggestions? I said that this version is boring and failed. I didn't say that the first season was not good, the first season was good, but the lineup was not enough. The second season was full of lineups, but it played well. Hero fighting was like slow action
im just trying to help you zero in on possible helpful suggestions. "slow action" isnt really very clear on what you want specifically changed to fix your issues with set 2. do you want units to do more damage? units to move faster? attack faster?
: Senna's ult is way too fast
senna ultimate damage portion is around the same size as a lux lazor( or smaller) its not that big nor does it deal that much damage. look at the scaling compared to lux lazor and especially look at the cooldown compared to the two its HUUGE difference. senna ultimate is fine
: Lethality
goood goood muahahahahahaha more seriously doesnt lethality only effect squishy people not building armor? since it detracts from base armor? and all you have to do is build some tanky items to counter this or play some tanky units?
: This version of TFT is so boring
soooo what is your critieque? you cant just say this version is boring without saying exactly what is boring about it as well as how the preivious set is not boring. what is the issue? lack of flashy spells? the map size? the trait effects? the element effects? the element hex system?
: TFT - Minions killing player
i think its a feature. in fact i was on a tft stream with the tft gameplay dev and they were talking about how they changed this scenerio so that the minions deal damage equal to the summoner that summon it instead of more damage or less damage. for example if malzahar has like 10 minions and malz die the minions in total deal only the damage malzahar himself would deal if he was alive instead of destroying you with 10 voidlings worth of damage.
: TFT Zyra bug
i got that bug too. i think it happens when you try to sell something as the next round is loading in or something like that. it was an annoying bug because i was working with less squares than everyone else
: Senna's Skin Animations
its on purpose. it looks like that because of the theme of the skin
: Either Cloud Drake or Ultimate Hunter needs some tuning/nerfs
They would need to kill 6 dragons before elder dragon spawns for them to get too too much cooldown on their ultimate. That’s a lot of dragons and probably won’t happen very often if ever
: Rise Of The Elements
Unless you happen to come accross these units it’s best to just assume your not gonna fill the last condition for an element and just choose other element or trait to fill out your team.
: Having to rely on other class/element to some degree is fine, the issue is that as since you'll have to do that much to go blademasters you could just go ranger or mage and have less of a hard time (and more interesting synergy options) and be more consistent (and both can reach max power without spatulas as well...). So far i tested berserker-blademaster twice on the first day but it got me wiped quickly, my following attempts used Ornn as my vanguard and summoner as a complement, it got me at least to 5th place and at best 2nd place. Since jax was fixed i may run berserkers again using him and renekton as my front line, also going to try out desert and predator-crystal/steel (just for fun) later. Most successful team - https://TFTACTICS.GG/team-builder/OTNfOTlfOTRfODhfODlfNjdfODBfOTI= BoRK on Zed and Azir, Warden's Mail on Yi (dragon drop), Janna planned as the last unit
It does seem like other traits have a lot more consistency and power so I hope those gets looked at and maybe blademaster gets buffed Predator/crystal/steel is fun. With poison it’s its own comp and that’s pretty cool. Summoners is borderline OP so I wouldn’t worry about the placements of teams until riot fixes them.
: [TFT] Summoner's are a problem.
I’m fine with zed because he is a high cost unit but Zyra is way too strong for something that cost one gold
: Fire And Mountain Drake map changes are boring compared to the other two
I would not mind if they went more extreems with the map changes for fire and mountains. Make terrain in the river, maybe in the opening of the river in midlane also fire dragon should blow up more walls
: TFT Set 2: Summoners are WAY too strong.
This is true I hope they tune down summoners
: [TFT Set 2] Blademasters
I get where you coming from with not having a lot of units but I feel like thats intentional. Riot wants you to mix blademaster with something else to make up for the weakness of the new units. I’m assuming you tried desert. How did that go? I’m also tempted to add mountain to get some added defense because your right the blademaster we have are squishier than before
: What happend with Teemo rework?
so apparently some teemo players didnt like the direction so they scrapped it for now
: Will Spear of Shojin's passive work with Illaoi's E. A lot of other things that list champions do and at the moment it doesnt seem to be working. Wanted to get confirmation if it is a bug or not.
i hope so that sunds really sexy for illaoi for those 5 man ult team fight
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hail of Blades
Have anyone tried this keystone on a jungling adc or even an jungle assasin in general? Jungle twitch and maybe even Kai’sa or Quinn would appreciate this alternative. I also wouldn’t put it past rengar or shaco to try this out.
: I actually wish Shadow Eve had even more bats in her VFX. Maybe a nice cloud of them on transform. And I think her initial form head wings could stand to be tilted outwards a bit. A lot of the work that went into making them look like wings gets lost because they're so vertical. Also, I'm surprised Tango Eve was changed to match the splash instead of the splash matching the in-game model. She looked more like Tango "Evelynn" with the ghoulish tone. Now she just looks like a basic blonde. Meh. It kinda seems like you guys aren't sticking to your own mantra of pulling these reworked champs more in-line with their unique personas and characteristics. Why is she white in so many of these skins instead of her nice, bluish tint? Old shadow Eve was tan to the point of being brown, now shes's much lighter. The only old skin that had her pale white was masquerade. But now, ALL of her additional skins are white or the palest blue possible. The way the tone has been handled, her default skin looks like the "additional skin" not the other way around. I've noticed that drastic changes in skin tone keep happening with some of these reworked female characters. And the skin tone is NEVER darker. It's always lighter. If Janna, MF, Sona, Cait, Jinx, Riven, Lux etc came in darker tones, this wouldn't be an issue. But this smells a little like Warring Kingdoms Nidalee to me. There's already an abundance of pale skinned females in league, let one of the original blue chicks be blue.
might just be me but i feel like alot of eve skin are white or at least "not blue" is because of the new theme of eve's new lore. she is a shape shifting demon luring fools into desiring her so that she can torture them. all or at least most of the skins feel like outfits and and forms she has taken over the years to catch a prey which is why she has normal skin color. makes no sense to entice a dude in a tango outfit if you look like "frankensteins monster's bride" alternatively shadow eve entire theme was changed thats why she is lighter that before. shadow eve is now the same type of theme as shadow kayne which is light skin to contrast the shadows with other contrasting color marks on his face
: Top lane adc
i feel like this is a pbe exclusive problem. adc have an easier time finding out which rune is good for them compared to others and in the pbe enviornment the weakness of adc champions going top isnt really there. in the live server if an adc goes top then all you have to do is pick their counters(pantheon is a good bet) and stun/burst them while ganking the ever loving shit out of them WITH your jungler and your mid every time they push u up to your tower and soon you will out scale them. in live its you have sorta reliable teamates that know this and will help u but in the pbe where skill level is not equal you probably wont get this help.
: They're specifically buffing Hunters talisman and Machete items to cover for this and you get passive flat stats based on what keystone tree you chose. They are also giving out flat armor across all champions, so it's not even a big deal. Jungle clear is fine as far as I've experienced and Dark harvest is actually a really strong keystone if you're properly farming your jungle.
i really do wish dark harvest did a little extra damage to jungle mobs. it was a bit disconcerting that your stacking jungle mob souls but you can only cash in that extra damage by hitting a champion.it gets essentially wasted if you dont attack a champ.
: Yorick is very frustrant to play
the ghouls hp and damage scales off of yoricks own. if yor going tanky build more hp than armor and etc. and the ghouls will live longer. like warmogs and omen visage rather than other armor focus items. the ghouls damage also scale on your current ad so psuedo damage items like sheen and BC isnt going to give them alot since they dont really increase your damage as much as the 75 ad tier ad items
: The best way to balance Jhin is to give him a rework
absolutely indescribably NO jhin is fine the way he is. he relys on the final 4th shot to kill reliably early to mid game and he is very vulnerable after the 4th shot for reload.
: Her new kit is definitely fun, but I definitely felt weaker at all stages of the game and never had a clue when to use my ult. "Oh, the enemy team is attacking? Should I ult them back?" [no] "Oh, the enemy team is retreating? Will my ult kill one or two of them?" [no] "Oh, the enemy team is being engaged upon? Well, not anymore." "Oh, I'm being reported for trolling? But why? I only used my ultimate once." I feel it'd be better if they made it so they just knocked the champion back in the opposite direction instead of always attempting to have them fling towards their base.
: Ehh time for atack enemy who's step ur trap and moving here camera here is too short.I don't like new changes. My propositions - cait passive skill will stack her range every sec in fight same like graves passive to max rage 700. If E lands on enemy champion her range boost to max instantly. About trap system - we recive small boost to run speed same like vayne when we run to enemy who's was/is catched by our trap. I have also proposition about R change. If R land not at aimed target then will make debuff for short time to armor penetration or another option to put hard slow effect (70% for example) additional if R land at not aimed enemy. Enemy ally who's catch bullet must being punished and being ready to sacriface own life if he wants to thwart caitlyn plans. Caitlyn got rifle not machinge gun then make from her professional sniper with cool range.
isnt the damage taken from the ult good enough
: [Client] - Champion Select Crashes Masterpost
: Refusing to play your secondary role
i think riot said that they were gonna add special report catagories incase that happens.
: Haven't been able to try him out just yet, but is Triforce Kogmaw still a thing? I mean if he is more into on-hit then it should still be core 'cause of the spellblade passive or not?
spell blade only procs once so when kog is spewing 5-10 auto spell blade doesnt really add much to that damage
: Not being able to upgrade the yellow trinket feels awful.
i mean you could buy a pink ward. its even cheaper now
: Could Graves just 'slap' someone with his gun while out of ammo?
real talk he doesnt need it. between his auto and his Q he doesnt need much more help
: I'm not a Quinn main but I do have a comment to make. Lamb and Wolf make up Kindred correct? Why not make Quinn and Valor have a similar game play dynamic to Lamb and Wolf? It allows for Valor to be a more central piece to the game play (which a lot of people liked) and maybe you can find some way for her to still keep some of her damage and lower the mobility to compensate. I know this isn't very specific, but when I saw Kindred, I just thought it'd fit really well with Quinn and Valor.
the funny part is that this is exactly what rito is doing. lamb and wolf is never one without the other, there is no tagteam function where you can independently choose lamb or wolf. now quinn and valor works in unison, at the same time instead of one or the other maybe if valor was more visually involved in quinns W it would help? like a fusion of ashe E arrow and kalista spirits that maybe buffs quinn mvm speed? especially if they are low if valor finds them? maybe he could even track them applying constant vision to them?
: After having played Quinn and seeing what she can do, I have to say I really like quite a few of these changes. I feel like her power lies in the mid game, where she is able to roam and pick up kills with her rather high burst ad combo. The addition of the third Harrier passive makes her passive quite a bit more reliable than before, which is a quite a large bonus to her damage. Overall, if you get fed, your damage is incredibly high. She still her dueling power as well, which is probably nice for some to hear. Though if she gets behind or not fed, she is kind of lackluster. One big thing I would change is her auto attack animation. It feels like it lags behind a few milliseconds from when you think it's going to fire. This change would make it a lot easier to last hit. Another issue I found is that when you use aerial assault on a target and mark them, and immediately auto for the proc on Harrier, it sometimes doesn't go off. Let me see if i can reproduce in game. One other big thing is her Q. I would much rather see it do a flat damage, instead of missing hp. the missing hp doesn't seem to fit here. I know people are complaining about no valor anymore, maybe you can make it so you can use your W while in tag team mode. Just a thought.
you CAN use W in tagteam mode though......do you mean Valor: vault?
: > [{quoted}](name=daydreamer95,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=PE1LJTOM,comment-id=0114,timestamp=2015-10-30T19:47:37.897+0000) > > you know i am honestly surprised at the amount of people who dont like quinn rework. i mean i assume its because they changed her identity but this rework was made to make all adc bring something unique to the table and a reason to pick them. everyone got shifted to a role and quinn is no exception. her ult is now a literal nocturn ulti WITH NO LIMIT (without the blind ofcourse) with a 3-2 cast time and like 3 sec cooldown. that is BADASS no one is can escape from the bird and unless the map is littered with wards she can gank like no other adc can. disregarding some issues with the power of her passive/Q and bug fixes with R interacting with Vault i feel this will definitely make quinn more powerful than she was before. > > NEVER underestimate the power of her new mobility. its what made sivir one of the best adc this season in pro play and if this goes through will make her better for it imo. Not everyone cares about their character being "top tier" Some people like to have fun. I don't care if I win every game. I don't care if I get the best score or the top damage. I don't care if the pros play them. I love Quinn and Valor because of how they play. They're taking away our fun play-style and expecting us to be satisfied with "well you do damage now". I hate being tied down to a specified role they give to me, and Quinn and Valor gave me the chance to be a unique, cool, versatile fighting machine. That's being taken away from me and it hurts. I don't play league for money. I don't care if my character does the most damage in the game. I care that they are fun to play. Video games are suppose to be fun before all else. I think Riot, including Riot Repetoir, has forgotten that.
which sucks because "fun" is subjective as all hell. i had fun flying down people in the jungle, killing them then immediately flying back to the team to help with a fight there. i had alot of fun. its what i loved the most before this rework as well. others have found their fun elsewhere in the previous Quinn playstyle that is no longer present. in a marksman rework aiming to have each adc excel at one thing someone was inevitably going to be upset. i guess i was just lucky to find enjoyment in the play style that was preserved.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
you know i am honestly surprised at the amount of people who dont like quinn rework. i mean i assume its because they changed her identity but this rework was made to make all adc bring something unique to the table and a reason to pick them. everyone got shifted to a role and quinn is no exception. her ult is now a literal nocturn ulti WITH NO LIMIT (without the blind ofcourse) with a 3-2 cast time and like 3 sec cooldown. that is BADASS no one is can escape from the bird and unless the map is littered with wards she can gank like no other adc can. disregarding some issues with the power of her passive/Q and bug fixes with R interacting with Vault i feel this will definitely make quinn more powerful than she was before. NEVER underestimate the power of her new mobility. its what made sivir one of the best adc this season in pro play and if this goes through will make her better for it imo.
: > * Ashe’s Critical Strikes (which once again happen only by chance per all other characters) deal only 1.0 Total AD (as opposed to 2.0 standard), but they apply Frost Shot’s slow at double effectiveness (10/18/26/34/42/50%), decaying to the base amount over the duration of the slow. correct me if Im wrong. So as far as damage output, Ashe's critically strikes do that exact same damage as a non-critical auto attack, the only benefit for a critical strike is now a larger slow? Isn't that like a huge nerf to her. How is she supposed to match the same damage output as the other marksmen? I feel like this will make her the lowest damaging marksman in the game. (also will {{item:3031}} increase her crit dmg 50% still?)
her previous crit mechanic is now just a plain side affect from hitting frosted people. so no damage is loss just random super on crits now
: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
Lmfao ap cait is a thing? lol I have officially seen everything. What's next ap riven? Lel
: I'm not going to say much until I get to try her out on PBE although I am disappointed she was shifted from duelist/strong laner to a heavy roaming/map pressure champ, but I guess that's just personal taste. I am wondering why you guys didn't take this opportunity to do something interesting with her W? It already seemed way outclassed by Ashe's E and Kalista's W, moreso now because it does nothing for Valor form.
Like a smaller radius but with the ability to see wards and stealth champs? Or increase the att. Speed + mvm speed on harrier proc.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
It's so interesting how an adc could find so many diverse and often conflicting identity because her main adc bot role simply was not on par with the others. From assasin Quinn to even bruiser Quinn. I never thought so many different builds and playstyles existed. However in most cases jack of all trade(or in this case jack of all identity) champions are usually subpar in the majority of their jobs so I understand riot wanting to solidify her identity into something no other adc has or can do. Twitch is the official assasin adc already, graves is the bruisery melee-ish range adc and both tristana and jinx can shred through waved and turrets like crazy so a splitpusher can easily be found. BUT no other adc can fly from bot lane and quickly move across the map to either get into position or assassinate someone that is something only Quinn can do and one of the things I had hoped they changed in this rework( at first I asked for a 5 sec cool down ult simply for the mobility and the opportunity to catch someone off guard). The changes they are doing...it makes logical sense, even if it's a departure from some of her other identity. I might not be overly upset about these changes because I was one of the assasin Quinn who mostly used my ult for the mobility and catching low ho people instead of the execute on the sky strike( seriously that thing felt like it did no damage) The sheer mobility this new ultimate will have, will do great things especially if there is no timer on the transformation. Like a mini nocturne ult to where ever you want. Despite my that though my only reservation are the Q. The blind. I myself have killed my share of master yi, yasuo or tryndamere only thanks to my blind. However I also know without the blind they will be able to buff the crap out of this move. It even now has an execute. I don't know what I prefer, the utility of the blind or the extra damage and wave clear buffed Q will give. I also hope R. Repertoir buffs the other move or her stats to compensate compensate for the loss of damage output that Quinn lost in Valor form that she now can't access. I look foreword to trying this out XD
: The movement speed nerf hurts a lot, he is a jungler, you need speed for ganks. those shiny crystal thingies don't help him with ganks at all, do you really want skarner to be afk farming in jungle until lane phase is over so that maybe a team fight happens near a crystal ? I just don't get why MS nerf was needed.
: Please don't forget Veigar [Buff suggestions for E]
i perfer an idea i heard in the past where casting q or w in the cage changes what it does in the cage. like q splits into 2 or 3 energy balls when it goes past the wall. W falls faster and has higher range. stuff like this will make his stun more interesting and integral part of his kit and will make it more usefull than hoping he gets a stun
: Ryze.
funny cause i saw peoply wanted more buffs for ryse...
: This isn't about stacking, it's about which passive is used, as they're different. Though The Black Cleaver's Rage seems to be better than Trinity Force's in every way, does that mean it will take precedence?
probably the first one bought will take precidence. besides the reason BC rage is better is because trinity obviously has better stats. plus other unique active
: Teemo Mushrooms
they should look like bleeding tooth mushrooms hehehe......look it up and i think you will agree(or hate me.....depends....)
: Experimental builds with Aatrox(New Black Cleaver+Randuins)
i wondered about this. jumping into a teamfight and popping randuins and ult at the same time will never feel as good as this new change XD
: What happens if you have The Black Cleaver and a Phage/Trinity Force at the same time? Their Rage passives behave differently yet are both unique passives with the same name.
unique passive never stack even if they do different things like the sunfire and cinderhulk passives. they do different damage for different reasons yet they dont stack
: New Teemo texture rebalance mushrooms cause Trypophobia.
imo its kinda a pity. i may not have trypophobia to the level of some other people but i can immediately tell when i'm looking/holding something that would elicit such a response(note just to save u the trouble when your marine biology teacher offers to let you have hold and look at a piece of dead coral from her scuba trips.........don't. corals have small holes where the tentacles of the polyp stick out......many many small holes...in a particular pattern....it made me shiver in morbid fascination at how uncomfortable it made me feel lol.) even though looking at teemo old new mushrooms made me feel weird and disgusted i kinda feel it fit the community description of teemo cute on the outside yet so annoying and hated by all to have such an evil looking mushroom. at least they didnt look like bleeding tooth mushrooms haha now that would be scary
: Let's talk about Mordekaiser, Master of Metal
i would actually like to see some advance gameplay with his ghost. imagine being able to use one of your ghost 3 basic skills that scale with morde ap by holding crt and q or w or e. only once though. it would make it worth it to ult the big tanks like maokai and amumu for more than a tower meatsheild if you can use their cc or their gap closing abilities. no ults though and you only have one chance to use their abilities. if anything c related though give the slow on his metal swarm cloak though and then make him more tanky over all.
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