: Maintenance does not give LPQ. With maintenance everyone is disconnected from the game, and as such the game is removed as though it never existed. Therefore nobody can be punished from one. Go to Riot Support and log in with the live account that your PBE account is linked to. Submit a ticket/request on “Account Management” or “Technical Issues.” Within the ticket, specify you're talking about a PBE account and explain your situation (that you think you played more than the required amount of games for your Low Priority). Riot can look whether you have completed the low priority successfully and remove it from your account.
i have the same problem and i tried to submit a ticket too but it wouldn't let me
: Stuck in Low Priority Queue
im also having the same issue here i played over 25 games and still in low priority.
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: Project Vi W different on minions than champions
its the same with jungle monsters too though for some reason the sound effect for the third hit on the dragons and rift herlad and baron are fine.
: The solution to this is close league, go to the PBE folder where it is installed, then RADS then projects. Delete the lol_air_client folder After doing so reopen league, let it download the files, log in and you'll be all set :)
i did it but now its loading so slowly :(
: Sion Login Screen Bugs & Feedback
no issues just looks pretty cool :)


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