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: crit items need to give 25% crit chance
That's the point. Double zeal + IE is no longer so efficient. Probably best to go {{item:1038}} -> {{item:3087}} (or other zeal item) -> {{item:3031}} -> {{item:3072}} -> {{item:3036}} then finish second zeal item late game when wasted stats don't matter so much.
: Essence reaver bugged on Fiora?
Same with {{champion:254}} I'm guessing it's not working on anyone.
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: '' E '' Vi Bug With Zhonyas !
Her E cannot be canceled so it makes sense to me.
: project vi W bug
Yeah I'm pretty sure the skins are going to get more polish and texture touch-ups over the next few days. I remember Demon Vi had normal rings for a few days before they patched in the demon rings.
: If you can't get off more than two autos on a champ with 2 gap closers and an AA reset the problem is with you and not the runes or the champion. Lol
You're actually bronze if you think PTA is good on her. It's an ADC keystone genius.
: I think with red, phage, or better boots than who you're attacking, you could get a third auto off in a combo before R to proc PTA. But yeah, it is pretty garbage for a burst champion to have to take a lesser keystone just so their clear isn't abysmal.
Her clear is actually fine if not better now because the machete gives 15% AS now (against jungle monsters only) and her base AD is buffed and she gets a lot of AD from either domination or sorcery as her primary, but fighting champions and trying to CS etc as lane Vi feels so clunky early game.
: If Electrocute reset there would be no reason to take Dark Harvester.
Not every champ can reliably proc Electrocute. For those champs DH is better.
I mean, it's equivalent to a general ult cool down buff. So her ult CD is now 21.25/17/12.75 as opposed to 25/20/15. Not a huge deal IMO. She needs buffs anyway.
: I mean, i can get 3 autos on vi with Q into AA, E, Titanic and then follow up with an ult and another aa and E, but i dunno, i just build Titanic Cleaver on her for dmg
I personally do like titanic on her but it is not good to require a 3500g item just in order to somewhat more reliably proc your keystone when there are so much better keystones for her. Also I find that the Q AA Titanic E combo is better especially with cleaver, because in that order it seems to, in some spaghetti like fashion, instantly apply 6 cleaver stacks . This combo order is also more reliable because your E has extended range and cannot be canceled, so you are more likely to get the E off after the Titanic, rather than the Titanic off after the E, especially with her weirdly long E wind-down.
: Can't take precision? Why not? Press the Attack actually has great synergy with her kit. I do agree that she shouldn't be **forced** into that tree, but to say she can't use it at all is just misinformation.
So do you normally play games where your primary squishy target just stands there and allows you, at melee range, to slap them 3 times with 3 consecutive auto attacks to even proc that keystone? And then allow you to slap them some more with all that attack speed but no AD? That doesn't happen past silver. She cannot reliably proc Press the Attack because abilities don't count toward proccing it. Only auto attacks count toward it. She only reliably gets 2 autos off in a Q AA E combo. After that she gets peeled and has to use her ult, which again is not an auto so she still hasn't procced this worthless keystone before using her ult, so it's damage does not get amplified. Then she finally gets a third auto off after her ult, where the target finally starts taking increased damage for maybe one more auto attack before you get peeled again. Wow, sounds really good. You really think that is comparably good to Electrocute or Dark Harvest or even freaking Arcane Comet or Phase Rush? All three Precision keystones are terrible in comparison.
: Tank Junglers getting the shaft?
I think j4 should be taking {{item:1041}} imo. But also you should build an early {{item:1028}} on your first back so that you have some bonus hp (if you don't already have some from your runes) so that you get the higher burn damage from {{item:1039}}
: New project skins on PBE.
Next week prob Tuesday or Wednesday.
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: [Runes] Ingenious Hunter doesn't provide a base active item CDR of 10%
Well yesterday In a custom after I killed all 5 bots at least once, my {{item:3748}} had a 12 second CD as expected. Maybe it's bugged for certain items. Was playing {{champion:254}} and had Domination as my primary tree.
: Does PBE treat ARAM matchmaking the same as live servers?
I was under the impression there is no MMR or matchmaking at all on PBE but I could be wrong.
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