: Party Glitch
Yeah me and a friend were just trying to play and it was doing that to us as well, invites wouldnt show up, and the party owner wouldnt see a player join when they try to join queue the other player goes into the queue while the party leader is showing that players are not ready to join queue, tried restarting the game and it did not work, tried using riot client and it didnt work. although solo queues are working fine
: If I delete it and run the client, the folder will be downloaded again
Dont delete the whole folder otherwise it will cause a re download, Just delete the riotclient.exe this has a red fist icon and deleting this will stop it from attempting to launch and get rid of bugsplat
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: Probably not, as you can see with the Heim VU, they left the splash-art untouched so yeah, it's probably the same thing with Twitch.
yes i thought about that when i played heimer dinger today. i would say thats pretty stupid seeing they changed the ingame of the skin but thank you for replying
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