: Hecarim is not supposed to be disabled. He is strong, but he was nerfed specifically for URF. The only permanently disabled champions are Sona and Ryze (Ryze mostly because he can perma snare without aiming XD) Hecarim was previously disabled due to a bug with his Q not displaying VFX in URF, but that is fixed in the final build so we re-enabled him. Hope this clarifies!
Before yesterdays build, was Irelia and Kai'Sa disabled? I never played an ARURF game with or against one of them until yesterday, where there were 2-3 Irelias. Note: I also wasted a good amount of time on ARURF {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Yayy!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH :D This was stressin' me out! haha
Or at least I think it is.{{sticker:sg-ezreal}} Probably is though.
: Hey Need Some Salt! Were you able to do this today? :O
Hi Stephiroth! Just played a game of Vi. Can confirm, bug has been fixed for the time I tapped q.
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: Graphics bug - Zhonya removes boyparts
This also happens to Rakan, had a game where my Sweetheart Rakan's cape was destroyed. Looked kinda cool though, it looked tattered.
: 1.6 Gb
I believe if you aren't located in NA then the files are a little more complicated to get to you. Also this patch Riot said that they were changing some audio so that might be why there a lot of files this patch, not sure about it if it happened previously though
: Just Don't Get It
Was gonna type out a good 'ol explanation as to why they have this modified draft pick but my page refreshed so... Instead try going onto the official unofficial PBE discord, i'm certain there are a lot of people wanting to try the new content there and they most likely won't dodge even if they don't get to try the new content. I believe it's pinned to the top of the boards.
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I am surpressing the rage that I have because you're lvl 30 and you don't know that Yasuo gets 2x crit chance. I'm expressing around 5% of my anger
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: Emoji Bug
I don't know if you're joking or not, but for clarification, the penguin seems to be dabbing. Unless I'm wrong.
: Cassiopeia W has 20 less damage than it should at Rank 5
Need more context. Is it In-game? Is it in the ability description? Is it against minions?
: Same boat as you, no shop. EDIT: Restarted client, shop came back.
I also restarted, shop didn't come back
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: Zoe can activate her W passive using hextech flash via tapping
Most likely a bug, post it in the bug section. It'll likely get more attention there.
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: Why does Kayn have 38 Armor at Level 1 ?
The 38 armor is compensation buffs after old runes were removed. You're pretty much getting the same value of 9 greater seals of armor because previously he had 29 armor lvl 1 and with 9 greater armor seals he has 38 armor, same as on pbe currently. Many other champions have gotten compensation buffs as well, check surrenderat20.net for changes
: Bug Splat from Alt+Tab
I dont know if this has happened to anyone else but instead of a bug splat my computer just completely crashes instead.
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: It seems that playing with champions you don't own award you 0 points (both in SR and ARAM). Happened to me with {{champion:98}} {{champion:113}} . The only champion that I currently have mastery points with is {{champion:202}} which I had bought before playing games. I unlocked {{champion:113}} earlier today and it didn't award me with mastery points from yesterday in ARAM.
I don't think purchasing the champion is an issue. I played a game with Cassiopeia and earned 0 points, even though I owned her. Hopefully it's fixed in this 7.22 patch cycle
: Ornn's passive and Kleptomancy
Post this in bugs, belongs there instead of here.
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: 10/23 - Monday - PBE Status and FAQ
Hey Ski! You've been doing a great job filling in for Banfhammer! I've got a bit of a bug that I haven't posted on boards yet. It's about champion mastery score not being obtained at the end of a match. I played a game of Cassiopeia and I got 0 mastery points while a game with Orianna gave me around 21 points. I assure these were not bot games. Hopefully you can look into the issue! Thanks for your hard work!
: skin Draven Draven costs 5000 rp :D ?
Not a bug, Dracen Draven costs 5000 rp on live servers when he's available. Last time he was available he had a 90% discount, which made him cost 500 rp, not 100% sure though. Many skins had a 1 rp bug on them previous such as hextech Annie, victorious Maokai and sivir.
first {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} For real though, hope you guys can figure this out soon. Any idea on when it will be back on?


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