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: Graphics bug - Zhonya removes boyparts
This also happens to Rakan, had a game where my Sweetheart Rakan's cape was destroyed. Looked kinda cool though, it looked tattered.
: 1.6 Gb
I believe if you aren't located in NA then the files are a little more complicated to get to you. Also this patch Riot said that they were changing some audio so that might be why there a lot of files this patch, not sure about it if it happened previously though
: Just Don't Get It
Was gonna type out a good 'ol explanation as to why they have this modified draft pick but my page refreshed so... Instead try going onto the official unofficial PBE discord, i'm certain there are a lot of people wanting to try the new content there and they most likely won't dodge even if they don't get to try the new content. I believe it's pinned to the top of the boards.
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I am surpressing the rage that I have because you're lvl 30 and you don't know that Yasuo gets 2x crit chance. I'm expressing around 5% of my anger
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: Emoji Bug
I don't know if you're joking or not, but for clarification, the penguin seems to be dabbing. Unless I'm wrong.
: Cassiopeia W has 20 less damage than it should at Rank 5
Need more context. Is it In-game? Is it in the ability description? Is it against minions?
: Same boat as you, no shop. EDIT: Restarted client, shop came back.
I also restarted, shop didn't come back
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: Zoe can activate her W passive using hextech flash via tapping
Most likely a bug, post it in the bug section. It'll likely get more attention there.
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: Why does Kayn have 38 Armor at Level 1 ?
The 38 armor is compensation buffs after old runes were removed. You're pretty much getting the same value of 9 greater seals of armor because previously he had 29 armor lvl 1 and with 9 greater armor seals he has 38 armor, same as on pbe currently. Many other champions have gotten compensation buffs as well, check for changes
: Bug Splat from Alt+Tab
I dont know if this has happened to anyone else but instead of a bug splat my computer just completely crashes instead.
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: It seems that playing with champions you don't own award you 0 points (both in SR and ARAM). Happened to me with {{champion:98}} {{champion:113}} . The only champion that I currently have mastery points with is {{champion:202}} which I had bought before playing games. I unlocked {{champion:113}} earlier today and it didn't award me with mastery points from yesterday in ARAM.
I don't think purchasing the champion is an issue. I played a game with Cassiopeia and earned 0 points, even though I owned her. Hopefully it's fixed in this 7.22 patch cycle
: Ornn's passive and Kleptomancy
Post this in bugs, belongs there instead of here.
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: 10/23 - Monday - PBE Status and FAQ
Hey Ski! You've been doing a great job filling in for Banfhammer! I've got a bit of a bug that I haven't posted on boards yet. It's about champion mastery score not being obtained at the end of a match. I played a game of Cassiopeia and I got 0 mastery points while a game with Orianna gave me around 21 points. I assure these were not bot games. Hopefully you can look into the issue! Thanks for your hard work!
: skin Draven Draven costs 5000 rp :D ?
Not a bug, Dracen Draven costs 5000 rp on live servers when he's available. Last time he was available he had a 90% discount, which made him cost 500 rp, not 100% sure though. Many skins had a 1 rp bug on them previous such as hextech Annie, victorious Maokai and sivir.
first {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} For real though, hope you guys can figure this out soon. Any idea on when it will be back on?


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