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: About the positions, very nice, very clean, but you worked more than you said. I just logged in again, and the client remembered my last positions. Thank you!
HMMMM That position select thing is unintended! Can I ask how you are closing the client? I.E are you closing it using the "x" button in the social panel, alt-f4, or through task manager? Did the lobby already exist for you when you logged back in (when you clicked the play button you went right to the lobby) or did you go through game select to get to the lobby (had to select your game mode again)?
: I think this is the one you're asking for but I'm not sure
Hey Maravela, we pushed a fix for this on Friday - have you experienced this lockup over the weekend?
: here is a link to all my logs from today
This is perfect, thanks! We'll take a look now
: here is a link to all my logs from today
Send me the most recently created leagueclient.log in that folder, that should do it. There's a bunch of differently named logs, but I only need the LeagueClient.log, not the ux or renderer ones. Thanks for getting back to me! I'm trying to reproduce this internally atm
: new lobby feature holding me hostage SOS
Hey dude, can you get me your leagueclient.logs from a session when this is happening? You can find the logs in root league folder > logs > leagueclient logs. If you can, put them in a google drive or dropbox and link me. Some questions: How are you closing your client when you try to exit the client and re-log? We're aware of the ready-up bug where it displays everyone as "not ready", however you should be able to leave the lobby/join another lobby through invites.
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