: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sightstone Changes
Hi there, I'm really glad that you guys are giving us the opportunity to give some feedback on this change. I confess, that when I first read about it, I was pretty worried. I'm a Support main, and for the most part I one-trick Sona on my main account (>400K mastery points). The past few weeks have been really hard on her, and one of the only things that actually keeps me viable in bot lane is the early health that I can get from sightstone. Especially if I've got a bot lane that went very badly on the early trades, and for some reason I'm zoned out of getting my spellthief's stacks. So, that worried me quite a bit. Because if I can't get those stacks, then I'm stuck with no way to get full vision coverage to try and help us get control of the lane again. But I did play around with it last night, and it seems like by dropping the amount of gold it takes to complete the quest, it does help compensate for that a bit. Has anyone had that sort of situation come up, where they are unable to complete the quest in a reasonable time and get to the vision? So far, I haven't had a lane where I was completely zoned out. If anything, having the gold that I normally would have put into sightstone available for my other items did exactly what it was supposed to do; it pushed me into an earlier "power spike" and made it so that I was able to finish the quest faster.
: Yeah it just seems to be a corrupted kind of emote; it might not even be an emote and be a bug altogether. It's a nice catch and your post is definitely the most informative one on the PBE boards so far (it has been reported before). Unfortunately I am here to inform you that, as this is a PBE-only bug, it may be a low priority for Riot to fix (if ever). As long as it doesn't make it to live, Riot will focus on the bugs that will make it to live :[ Hope it gets picked up sometime though!
I'm sure they'll get around to it when they can. It's definitely not anything urgent!
: the darkin lore didn't confirm that they are all Red. if his bow is so purple so is he, but i think he should get a visual update ingame so that not only the bow turns red, but the darkin bodyparts also do when they kill a unit. he should also get a few new voicelines where you can here valmar and kai in his mind.
That would be awesome!
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: First of all I really like the cloak of Rakan. The colors are nice. But there are some issues with the skin. First of all the hairstyle and haircolor look not good on him. Maybe spike the hair up in front a little bit and make him blonde (or get him the same hairstyle as HS Varus has) also get rid of that Heart on his head please it looks off place. Also the heart on his chest should only have one color (doesnt matter if purple or red). Also the poofy shoulders shouldnt be there either. Apart of that the combined recall is a bit tooooooo slow and should be sped up a bit. Thanks <3
I love the cloak as well. It has beautiful movement to it during his spells, and it's got pretty colors that look good with his spell VFX.
: Can you add a few coat details to make it less plain? Like, Star Guardian Ezreal is also princely but has a 'border detail' under the breast/ at the waist. Something like that would be nice. Also, consider making his hair a platinum blond so it's still 'white' to Xayah's black but show up against his outfit. Like tint it the same hue of yellow from the clothes.
This is a really good point, bringing up Star Guardian Ezreal. That's a skin that manages to be pretty "frilly" and "sparkly" while still being dashing at the same time. Maybe if they toned down some of the puffier aspects of the Rakan skin, like the sleeves, and added in trim details, it would fit more with his bold personality.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Guardian Nasus!
I absolutely love this skin. This is probably my favorite recall of any skin so far, and I cannot wait for this one to go live. The effects are beautiful, without being too flashy, which fits Nasus' austerity perfectly. I did notice an issue with the sound for the Q ability though. It comes across as being a somewhat harsh or dissonant clang, and actually drowns out his voice if the two settings are set even remotely even. I went through and reset my sound effects and voice volumes so that voices were at 100 and sounds were at 50 and it was still disproportionately loud. None of his other spells drowned out his voice in that manner, just the Q. When I had both volumes set at 75, which is my default setting, I couldn't hear anything he was saying during his clanging.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Empress Lux!
Just checked out the new skins, and I have to agree with what many of the other players here have said. In many aspects, this skin feels very similar to Elementalist Lux, especially her E ability VFX and SFX. However, I absolutely love her staff, and the wispy cloud elements coming from her shoulders are very pretty, even if they do tend to look a bit similar to some of the Elementalist forms.
: Dunno about the nerf. I actually like all 3 options for supports: * **Nullifying Orb:** Great against heavy magic damage casters like when against a {{champion:63}}, {{champion:89}} or {{champion:53}} support. Most people underestimate how powerfull it actually is against those type of foes. * **Manaflow Band:** It's just a great overal option. So I kinda understand the nerf a little bit when the use get's overshined by the situational options. * **The Ultimate Hat:** More high impact ultimates. It's nice for supports that tend to be very ult depended. It's feels like the lategame luxery option to me. Enchanters are actually kinda overloaded with bonus mana regen so it's not going to hurt that that much. It's a great nerf for their earlygame actually. They where never intended to be that strong like they are right now. This is one of the reasons why melee support can have a hard time right now.
My main girl is Sona. And I wish I had the luxury of running Nullifying Orb into champs like Brand, but honestly, with the round of triple nerfs she just got smacked with, there's no way I could sacrifice Manaflow Band for one of the other spells. And having it nerfed too feels like beating a dead horse at this point. I used to run Ultimate Hat exclusively, but with the changes, it takes too much mana in the early game and I just don't have that luxury anymore. I'm honestly not sure what bonus mana regen you're talking about.
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: They nerfed hecarim and kept him in the non-winter URF, whereas Sona was just removed from the mode{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
And yet Fizz, who destroys everything, remains. In all his glory. (Sorry if I sound bitter, I'm still grumbly over this mornings round of nerfs on Sona, and the upcoming nerfs is like having salt rubbed in a wound, and having her kept out of AR URF when she has one of the best winter skins in the game is like someone spitting in my eye and pulling my hair. It's just not fair, and I'm too tired to pretend that I'm not upset by it!) {{sticker:sona-playing}}
: Awesome! Thank you for running some more thorough tests! It seems these ultimate skins have had more than a few bugs associated with them.
You're welcome! I happened to check for this when I was playing on the Live Server, and it's actually a bug there as well. I went ahead and posted it on the regular Boards, just in case they weren't aware of it over there. I have all four of the Ultimate Skins on that account, and I saw it on Elementalist Lux, and Spirit Guard Udyr, but not DJ Sona. So weird! And it was just like you said, where it had to be sorted by Champion.
: It is, but we had to remove her from the pool for the same reason as last time -- she's just too good.
But since Sona has now been nerfed twice, the W nerfs that are live and the Q nerfs that are on PBE, wouldn't that make it more fair? She already deals less base damage than Janna on the single damage spell that she has. Can you please reconsider adding Sona into this? Silent Night Sona is one of the most beautiful skins in the game.
: [Client] - Skin collection bug
I went ahead and tested this to see if my own client would show the same bug, and it showed a similar one, but not the exact same. I don't own the Elementalist Lux skin, but I do own the other 3 Ultimate skins (Pulsefire Ezreal, DJ Sona, Spirit Guard Udyr). I never saw the bug on the Elementalist Lux locked skin, though I did see her .gif moving when I hovered over her. I saw the bug on both the DJ Sona and Spirit Guard Udyr Ultimate Skins, as well as on the PROJECT: Ashe Legendary skin. I tested combinations of ways to sub-sort after the skins were broken down by champions, and here is what I found: -When sorted by Champion - Alphabetical: I only saw the bug on Spirit Guard Udyr -When sorted by Champion - Mastery: I only saw the bug on Spirit Guard Udyr -When sorted by Champion - Most Owned: I saw the bug on both DJ Sona and Spirit Guard Udyr -When sorted by Champion - Most Complete %: I saw the bug on the PROJECT: Ashe skin, but no Ultimate skins -There did seem to be a slight increase in likelihood of seeing the bug if the Pulsefire Ezreal .gif was not allowed to run to completion (if I moved the mouse away from him before his final armor appeared). -I logged in and out 3 times, and was able to recreate this bug each time. I've attached pictures below to illustrate the bug: DJ Sona Bug: https://imgur.com/yDnFr1v Spirit Guard Udyr Bug: https://imgur.com/qqnizp2 PROJECT: Ashe Bug: https://imgur.com/M00oFd5 Edit: Just wanted to edit and say that after playing on the live NA server, this bug is also on the live server. I have all 4 of the Ultimate Skins there, and was able to test it on each of them. I saw it on Elementalist Lux and Spirit Guard Udyr, but not on DJ Sona.
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: Thanks for this detailed report! The team is working hard to abolish bugs!! :3
You're welcome! You guys are doing a great job, and this Skins tab is so awesome. I can't wait to have it up and running on my live account. {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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: completely agree i really think white on this skin would look amazing !
Agreed. The white on the hair looks very striking, and it could play up rather nicely with some bright armor as well. It would give her a good contrast to the other PROJECT skins, and Vi is always about making her own way.
: Voice over isn't great, like others have mentioned. That said, I didn't even notice the voiceover until I was told it was bad. That itself might be something you guys are unhappy with. That said, I absolutely have to say that Project Vayne's auto attack animation is my favorite in the game. It's so smooth and responsive, and the breakpoint on canceling the animation is exactly where it feels like it should be. I'm more excited about that than anything else. Whoever was most involved with that auto attack animation, please, please, PLEASE give them a bonus or something and get them involved in OKing every other skin/new champ's auto attack because playing Project Vayne feels like when they moved the servers and I went from 90ms to 17.
Wanted to comment and second the love for the auto attack animation. It's absolutely wonderful! I don't even orbwalk normally, and I can manage it with that skin so easily just because of how smooth the animation is. Love, Love, LOVE it! {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
: My thoughts on the new health bars.
I'm not a fan of the new health bars. They are big and blocky, and tend to obscure the resource bar too much.


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