: (Hi, Designer for Bard here, no Red Name on PBE etc etc I posted this a lot) One quick thought here -- I like you calling out that chimes should be worth Gold. I considered that too, but ended up thinking that since Gold is really just a placeholder for buying more stats, as long as his chimes give him an appropriate amount of stats (through his upgrades), that they're "as good as Gold" in a way already. That said, chimes may be under-tuned right now, so their value may not quite be on par. Although, even then it's not 1-to-1, since the idea is that Bard is turning his map mobility into pressure and objective opportunities, which are worth their weight in Gold as well :) For 2, the meep recharge decreases a few times as you get chimes (12 -> 8 over a long enough game), but this number may need to drop more aggressively earlier. Thanks for the feedback!
Thanks for the reply! Thats pretty much what I wanted to hear, for me the meep cooldowns are important, another suggestion would be gaining a meep for a stunned target with your Q. but thats just a small idea. For the chime rewards I think the roaming potential is good but it could still be worth like 5gold, heck even 1gold reward would make me happy!
: Bard Champion Feedback Thread
I really like the idea of the champion but I feel like him having only 1 damage ability makes him kiiinnndd of less worth picking and collecting chimes leaves you out on a lot of gold. I do have a few suggestions **1.Make chime collecting worth a bit of gold, just so he wouldnt fall behind as much.** **2.Lower the cooldowns on meep recharge or possibly change it somehow accordingly**, as only his Q does actual damage. I feel like he could use a bit of power. For example thresh makes up for his weak spell damage with the great utility(being hook and lantern), however I feel like Bard doesnt quite reach that level of utility. I feel like if you buffed some damage just a tiny bit, he would be viable as an ap tank.


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