: Edit because I was misinformed: This only affects shadow blur which is a pass on the shadow map after it's generated. If you're getting fps drops with many shadows on the screen it's probably a separate issue. Give it a shot with the new implementation and let me know if you're still seeing the fps drops. Hopefully it's fixed, but it's possible something else is going on.
Ok just tried out medium shadows. Did not affect my fps at all(still at 60, I have it capped). Will up the shadows to high tomorrow and come back to this same comment. As a side note, I have noticed that the fps is more stable when capped. Previously it used to drop fps(down to 50-40 in team fights) when capped.
: [Assassins] - Mini Updates Discussion
Were there any AP ratio changes to {{champion:245}} ? Currently it feels like his trade pattern in lane feels lackluster if you hit your Q(back and forth) and your E which also triggers the passive to retreat with the movespeed. Is there a better trade pattern in lane than the one above? I did notice that he does heal a lot(and I mean A LOT), and that is something I liked in the update. I know you guys mentioned in a post that you wanted him to be a "Hit and run" assassin, and I do like that idea. Will you be planning to tune ekko's numbers in future patches to support his AP build more? Overall, he did feel like a hit and run sort of person, but his early game is still underwhelming.
: Shadow Performance Improvements
I've never enabled shadows before because it always(and I mean ALWAYS) caused a massive fps drop during a fight(team fight or a 1v1 im going in fight). I don't have a shitty GPU or CPU(GTX 950M , i7-5700HQ msi laptop). Does this change improve on that? If so, I will give it a try next time I hop into a game on the pbe.
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
Morgana bot seems to be able to use zhonyas after she ults even though she does not have the item. Is this intended?
: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
It'd be great if we could purchase multiple chests/keys or both. It can be capped at a certain amount if needed.
: Snowdown Preview
an icon we can buy with ip? has science gone too far?
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Ok I tried graves and I gotta say he does feel good. Yes he feels a little clunky initially but his burst is INSANE. If you look at his strengths, he has innate CC with a mini knockback on his auto attacks( I will assume this stops certain channels like galio ult). There are a lot of things in his kit that make him that in your face shotgun guy. Although there is one thing that bothers me, even though his E tooltip says that true grit can only stack five times, it can stack infinitely( I presume ). I was able to stack it 6 times to get 180 bonus armor and MR. Link to it is [here](https://youtu.be/FHhDC-8xQw8)
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
Why did you decide to reduce the duration on twitch's ult?
: I think the only thing we changed about her passive was a particular bug where she would not get her proper lunge distance with boots that have enchantments on them, however I can double check :) We made some changes to her Black Spear (the item and the way binding to allies works), to her Q, W, E and R. An example of changes we made is Black Spear. We got rid of a fail safe that was in the script in the case of being bound (somehow) to multiple targets. This was causing some other bugs with our rescript, and actually was never used (since multiple binding can't happen in a normal game), so we removed it. Thanks for the comment though! I'll try and follow up once I have a little more info on how her passive works. :) ** Edit ** Just talked to a designer! Because Kalista's dash length is determined by her movement speed (along with Boot Tier), slows do effect her dash and that is working as intended. :) Hope this helps!
So wait, a kalista with boots of swiftness with alacrity would have a higher dash length than with berserks + alacrity? Also just a side note on the martial poise mechanic. For the purposes of Petrifying Gaze and Mocking Shout, which direction would kalista be facing when she is hopping backwards? Forwards or backwards?
: Significant Kalista Script Changes!
Can you give one example of an "under the hood" change for kalista? Currently while playing kalista, I believe her passive is classified as a dash(if I am wrong HERE, do not read anything ahead). Since her passive is a dash, it seems to be affected by slows, thus effectively reducing her attack speed. Streamers and everyone said that dashes are affected by slows which didn't make sense to me initially because Shen's Shadow dash speed is not reduced by a slow. I can post a video of the live servers example to demonstrate this bug soon once I patch.
: [5.16] Experimental Azir EQ Changes
> The changes on PBE in testing are to make it less dependent on latency. We tweaked the cast range of Conquering Sands (Q) to be more consistent during Shifting Sands (E). Could you elaborate the tweak or the change here? The move seems sick, true shuriman shuffle
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
The extra damage on his ult via hemmorhage stacks stacks multiplicatively rather than additively. This means with 0 bonus AD at level 1, {{champion:122}} 's noxian guillotine deals 100x1.2x1.2x1.2x1.2x1.2 ~= 248.3 damage instead of 200 damage ( 100% bonus damage if additive ) . Is this intended?
: Well, the only thing I could find referring to a cap said it was 500... Which is clearly wrong. I also found a video of 3000 movement speed minions; so I'm going to go ahead and say no, there is no cap. It's just 90% of your movement speed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUuwI51ABPY
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: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
The mouse cursor when I hover on the top side of the client ( the bar where play/xp bar/ip count is present ) is the window resizing cursor and doesn't change for me. Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit running here.
: No, I don't think he needs the DR to survive with his new passive, but now his new W leaves him vulnerable for 1-1.5 so the DR would be nice. Also, {{champion:84}} gets AR and MR increase in her shroud, {{champion:131}} gets a shield, {{champion:3}} gets AR and MR increase along with healing, {{champion:55}} gets a ward jump and DR for 1.5 seconds. All which are a form of Damage Reduction. So keeping the DR {{champion:79}} for 3 seconds should be acceptable.
Dont forget the healing factor during {{champion:3}}'s E. Thats a crucial part when he lands his ultimate on multiple champions.
I dont know why you're going back to the old gragas but the new reworked gragas on the pbe. If you're reading gragas on the wikia , you might be reading under the live tab.If you check the pbe tab , it would read that the damage reduction lasts for 3 seconds. There are a lot of reasons why several mid laners like the ones you mentioned dont have DR. Each champ has its own specific way of abilities and playstyle's. For instance you cannot ever compare the damage dished out from an autoattack between most of the AD carries and Draven ( with spinning axe active). And as for Lissandra , I dont think she ever goes melee range , good players know how to Q from a distance , use E wisely and root enemies with W if they are to close. Also she brings a ton of cc. I dont get it how DR for 3 seconds would be a problem. If this was the case that DR is like a factor then consider khazix in his current state. He gains 50% DR for 2 seconds , which he can use 3 times.This is so broken imo that even revealing him in his stealth when behind is pretty useless. Whatever be the case , this is just my opinion and i'm not trying to defy anything stated.
: [Bug-Gragas] - Passive + Recall
Can confirm this, I kinda had a laugh when I read this but I guess its real. Need a riot reply on this one :D .
: [Hopefully 4.5] Gragas Rework Feedback Thread
I also noticed one nice thing related to the lore of Gragas. His W autoattack animation and effect are the same as jax's R passive.( Jax and gragas are drinking buddies ) As an avid jax player , please make a good sound animation for his new attack :D .
: Confirmed. During this test I've noticed that the +25 from {{item:3171}} occurs randomly ouside brush and sometimes does not apply at all. Further more, doubled speed boost while stealthed (Max stacks) is not given.
Could you post a video link or a pic perhaps? I know that if you enter brush you get +25 movement speed if you have sufficient trophies on the bonetooth necklace.
: He already has high base health, damage and regen. But he will still have innate DR on top of that. How many champions in the game have build-in damage reduction? At least with a shield you can see it on the health bar. Raw damage reduction is just free health/survivability. It lacks counterplay, it lacks any kinda of visual indicator, and it throws a burden on knowledge on any opponent. Bad design, period. There seems to be this idea that Gragas is a melee brawler of some sort, and he needs to be given additional power allotment because it will harder for him to fight ranged champions or something. But look at the situation right now, Gragas dominates almost every ranged AP champion in mid lane. And that is only partially because his ratios are high, it is also because he has a low CD gap closer that does a lot of damage. So now you want to add a stun to that gap closer ON TOP OF a range movement debuff. This design will make it ever easier for Gragas to get into melee range and do a whopping amount of damage. This model would need to be tested with 40% CDR to estimate the possibility of barrel stacking. Hit one with a max slow, throw another barrel as soon as it is off cooldown. How much time does the target have to react before that are stuck by the 2nd barrel? Hoe much slow does that 2nd barrel have when it hits? Drunken Rage needs to have damage reduction removed, period. Change it to a shield if need be. If you want to stick to the theme of drunken brawler, then that shield should only block physical damage. But a shield would be visible to opponents and it needs to have a time limit before it falls off. On top of that, knocking down his shield should eliminate whatever bonus he gets to his next auto-attack. If it works that way for Skarner then it should work that way for Gragas. Adding a stun and a reposition to his body slam is ridiculous. That would put 2 repositions in his arsenal, remember that gives him the ability to interrupt any channeled abilities. He already has that with his ult (which is on a ridiculously low cooldown for it's power level) but this would allow him to do it even more often. It is also a way to breaking tempo for anybody that relies on abilities that require stacking. If the goal is to allow Gragas to peel (i.e. "be a brick wall") then it kinda makes sense to give his body slam a 0.5s root when it hits. But if that is the case, then the damage would need to be reduced from its current state. Thematically, it should root Gragas for a similar period of time. Reducing the damage on his ult is a step in the right direction, but one of the main problems right now is that it is instant, gigantic and completely impossible to dodge. Honestly? It needs an indicator on the ground where it is going to land, and the lob time needs to be a little big longer. Due to the size of the explosion it will never be possible dodge entirely (without hourglass, trollpoll or the like) but it would allow opponent to change their angle in relation to the center of the explosion and pull off clutch flashes that get them pushed away from the enemy instead of towards them. I think this would allow people to think "Oh! if I'd just flashed right there I totally could have made an awesome counterplay" instead of right now when stuff just happens and you are knocked all over the place. Gragas players might not like this idea, but I'm guessing they aren't going to like anything that gives opponents to outplay them, that is just how it goes. As a compensation, here is an idea: explosive cask marks all enemies hit by the explosion. Barrel Roll does 50% more damage to any enemy with that mark. This would make the Explosive Cast into sitting barrel even more of a killer combo.
He only gets the damage reduction for like 3 seconds. Its not that long and is the only way gragas could mitigate some damage while going toe-to-toe with an enemy.
: [Hopefully 4.5] Gragas Rework Feedback Thread
There are many ways to build the new Gragas. His W is really strong when you pair it up with lich bane, but then people would ask who would go into melee range?. His E perfectly suits this situation as it would stun the target for 1 second , thus letting you hit with his combo. However , there are a few things I would like to be clear about. 1) Is W an autoattack enhancement or a spell? Because it procs liandry's everytime I use W. 2) Is it true that his W %max health damage has a limit to monsters. So far i've achieved to damage the dragon for a whopping 500 bonus damage which is pretty insane. That said, the new gragas seems to have more power, but then again unlike the old gragas , he does not have the mana sustain or the regeneration buff he gains by spamming spells. If I had to rate this rework it would be 9.5/10. What I didn't like was the description of the Q. It states the damage multiplier but doesn't state how much damage it would do ( I know math but i'm too lazy ). Nidalee's spears show the max. damage it would do if it travelled till the end, so this change would sorta QoL? My favourite build path was to rush an athenes into lich bane followed by a deathcap. If the enemy is stacking magic resist then void staff is a must. From this point onwards you can go full tank ( without zhonyas too ). Another alternative path is the mana tank. Lich bane is a must and so is void-staff in this case. Once the three AP items are complete, you can opt to build randuins or even spirit visage to give you a small amount of cdr, health , health regen and enhance your passive.
: [Hopefully 4.5] Gragas Rework Feedback Thread
So his body slam is now a {{champion:161}} E or is it like a {{champion:254}} Q ? :S
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: Renger 11773 movement speed buff & few more
Q won't generate ferocity because it did not deal bonus damage. This is intended. As for point 3 do you have a video showing it? I dont find anything weird about dialogue cuts, maybe your game stuttered in between?
: {{item:3171}} currently gives two stacks on kill, one on assist. His Q currently does not do damage to towers, which is why you cannot generate Ferocity. As for why this is when plenty of other champions are allowed to do this is beyond me.
I edited the post , you can see from the description that bonetooth is supposed to give 1. As for the Q , I get it now.
: I'll respond again later when I have a bit more time with the changes. Some initial thoughts: Very happy with the change on Aegis. It took me forever to realize why Wolves were not proc'ing Aegis on Pantheon's initial clear. Simple thing that bugged me and glad to see this change. If you stand in tribush on bot, you can barely even reach midways in the lane with Level 1 ult. The range feels extremely poor for this ult and, frankly, isn't satisfying at all. The lower channel time does make it easier to hit more accurately due to less time for the enemies to move while channeling. Going to withhold some other thoughts until I get in several games with him to have a more well-rounded opinion. I enjoy Pantheon a great deal, so I'd be lying if I said these extreme changes weren't very worrisome since Pantheon's ult is what is unique about the champ and tied to his identity. No one wants essentially two Nocturnes.
Even if his stun was nerfed for early game, I think his ult was what made him a top tier jungler. These new changes have hit him hard in the area where he once was bright and in my honest opinion , 5500 range is too long. But then again, 2000 and 3000 way too short for a "Grand" skyfall. I hope they change his ultimate to a point where he would be a little powerful.
: Can you keep it on until we hit a record? We tried in co-op and got to 44,515MS but we can see a potential of over 250k MS because we missed a few boosts. We need people to help test it!
250k? Oh god , {{summoner:12}} would feel useless if that happened. ( Ps happy to test if online :D )
: WARNING: Gamebreaking Rengar Bug
Another thing I found in game was that his trinket is bugged. It gives 2 trophies instead of 1 per kill/assist.
Rioter Comments
: That is a QoL change for Fiora
Yes its a "QoL" change but you are trying to say you want her passive and abilities to be altered.
: {{champion:114}} Have a passive that works with being a duelist. And since W can't block on hit effects, probably scrap the skill itself
I'm only listing out QoL changes and not entire ability changes. Just add stuff to make the game experience smooth.
: Great list. I like all of these changes!
Can you share your opinion on the zyra change? Its a champ thats rarely played mid lane and I'd like to think of another way to affect the way to represent the number of seeds available.
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: Atlantean Syndra opinions on appearance
In colorblind mode , its almost impossible to see where Syndra would conjure her sphere when she's in the river. I run at all settings low with no shadow.
: I don't think that Kassadin's shield SHOULD be relevant in the late game, to be honest. It's the equivalent of {{champion:157}} Yasuo's passive shield - it's designed to get Kassadin through the early game without being completely shut down, but it's not meant to complete negate your opponent's damage in the late game. Once Kassadin has his core items (Seraph, RoA, Lichbane), then he SHOULD be tanky enough and have enough burst to kill his opponent. at that point, he can just stack resistance items like Frozen Heart or Abyssal Grasp and out last his opponent. I DO think that the damage on his W and E could stand to be buffed a little bit (or alternatively, the base values of the shield could be buffed while reducing the scaling), but Kassadin should be in a alright place after he gets some final tuneups. He doesn't really need heavy buffs though.
{{champion:157}} shield would block any sort of damage including true damage if someone used {{summoner:14}} pre-emptively. So you cannot compare yasuo's shield with {{champion:38}} shield as he is still prone to non-magical damage while the shield persists. The whole point of being an anti-mage assassin is to try and survive the burst of incoming magic damage and try to trade an equal amount back. In my opinion, even {{champion:112}} has a better utility than {{champion:38}} Q in his current state. However, it has the ability to stop channels which is , to a certain extent, a "soft counter" to those mages that burst using channeled abilities such as {{champion:55}} Death Lotus or {{champion:9}} drain. While using this champ on the pbe in a custom game, you can actually save a teammate by interrupting {{champion:51}} Ace in the Hole if timed correctly. It can also stop the piltover from being fired if timed well. However the whole point of a feedback is to give some pros and some cons of the champion , so that he has counterplay in some form or the other in the game.
: Yes, it also takes a long time for me for stats to load. Even if i skip i cant join another game for a certain amount of time
Have you waited for 7-10 minutes for the stats screen to load? It took me 8-9 minutes for the stat screen to load and around 30 seconds for the victory/defeat message to pop up.
: Shopkeeper is a greedy bastard. Has to do something for a living though...
Hey riot added the undo feature to the shop, I do not think that the shopkeeper is greedy D: .
: Flat movement speed and % movement speed are hit by the same diminishing returns system. The diminishing returns on movement speed don't care **where** your movement speed is coming from - just that you have a surplus of it. Furor is still twice as powerful as Phage or Tri-force's procs even though it's % based rather than flat additive.
Ok , that pretty much explained everything to me. Thank you Xypherous :D. And while I'm at it , may I ask why is it that when a summoner invests in an enchantment and wills to change it, the summoner has to buy the item all over again with the new enchantment? From my personal experience of gaming, I know that an item can only be enchanted once ( From torchlight 2). Does it follow the same philosophy? Or is there a different approach to this?
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: Client - Disconnect then gives no option to reconnect
Can confirm this by playing {{champion:74}} . Had to login again to get the reconnect button.
Rioter Comments
: Well, here's some of my personal feedback then: a) I totally agree that the duration of Kassadin's Q should be extended to 2 seconds, but I'm not sure it should be the "harassment tool" for Kassadin in lane. It should be a way of Kassadin to disrupt his opponent to secure a CS without taking harassment. The damage nerfs were justified, but like you mentioned, the shield needs to be made more noteworthy. b) You're totally right about the mana restore - 40% is way too much. Kassadin should be gated by his mana costs and his W can EASILY restore 400-600 mana in the late game. It needs to be toned down slightly or his mana costs are essentially irrelevant. c) I think you're missing the point of the changes to Kassadin's ultimate - it is NOT nor was it ever meant to be his main source of damage, so you shouldn't expect it as your source of wave clear. The cooldown on his ultimate was reduced so that you can easily use it to force an engagement, harass your opponent with your Q+W+E and then immediately dive out with his ultimate, not so that you can spam your "main damage nuke" more often. It's alright for his ultimate to have SOME form of scaling (which his mana scaling already provides), but when Kassadin's ultimate can be on a 1.8 second cooldown then it shouldn't be capable of dealing a lot of damage.
**OPINION** , the shield is pretty useless later on so what if it scaled between 1 and 2 seconds like the change to his silence duration ( When it existed ). This would help him be a hard counter to burst mages such as {{champion:7}} and {{champion:84}} , since he now mostly relies on autoattack damage to get a fair trade in and out of laning phase.
: I'm not sure how you're doing your math, but 12% of the slowest movement speed (325) is 39 at least - which averages out to 20 over the duration. Since you need at least boots 1 to have the Furor enchantment at all - you'll get at least 41.4 Movement Speed up front.
* I am sorry I did not do my math properly , but whenever I play a champ who has a base ms of 325 with a trinity force ( Like {{champion:81}} ) , the ms hits 400 , so now 12% of 325 is 39 as mentioned by you , is reduced to about 425. So thats approximately 12.5 ( 25/2 ) over the duration. Sorry if i'm doing wrong calculations but I'm trying to pickup the math behind everything in league {{item:3151}}
: [Planned 4.5 or 4.6] Summoner Spell and Enchantment Changes
**OPINION:** {{item:3252}} is picked up mostly by marksmen, maybe some melee characters. Because most marksmen have low base movement speed, {{item:3252}} barely provides 19-25 movement speed that decays over 2 seconds ( After reductions post 415MS). So basically you get a burst that is around 9MS. Comparing this to phage/triforce, 10 movespeed for 2 seconds, which reduces to about 9MS after reductions post 415 MS. I do however think that {{item:3252}} are perhaps one of my most favourite enchantments but the decay is sometimes dull on champions like caitlyn.
: [IDEA] Wukong
Isn't this riot penguins fan art? Pretty sure he makes these on stream and are made for fun. Anyways , lets see the reply from the reds.
: So what is your opinion on someone like Leona who does more damage than Morg in lane, can do this through creeps with her .5 sec root and 1.25 sec stun, has followup CC if she misses her skill shot and is a tank? My issue with your change is that she isn't a long range mage like Xerath. Making it increase in duration based on distance would just make her kit have anti-synergy, you want to bind someone from long range to get the most out of the root but at the same time you want to bind them within 600 range so that you can get your ult off on them.
Leona's damage can be easily mitigated by morgana's Black Shield but I agree with your statement of making her kit anti-synergy.
Rioter Comments
: And I was just asking why, since you gave no reasons in your OP.
Ok let me explain why the root duration should be changed. I'm only going to be looking at bot lane since she's the new support trend. Let us assume she's level 3 and has 2 points in Q. Root duration is 2.25 seconds. Marksmen like caitlyn and jinx can easily extend the duration using trap/flame chompers. Its even worse when the enemy is a kog'maw , if a root does land , you're dead if you dont have flash because kog'maw would just hit his E Q and then shoot from afar with his W active. I'm saying this in both experience of having a morgana support as well as facing a morgana support. And all morgana has to do is walk through the creeps and just bind you , the rest is history for the binded person. Just my two cents on the fallen angel.
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