: Introducing chroma packs!
dude... this is cool. but one thing i can ask is what you plan to have the cost for these be? and me being me... what will you guys do for lulu{{champion:117}} ? ... and how would you aquire these "chroma packs?"
: Yo Daretor! She's based off of Diao chan. :D
hope you don't mind me asking... but who's "Diao chan"? i looked up images but have no context as to... actually thinking on it you probably aren't working off of character but just off of aesthetic, my bad!
: lulu's "W" doesnt cancel Ezreal's ult
this has been a problem for a while actually
: That's not a very healthy gameplay pattern though. A situation in which Evelynn always wins because she can always get the drop on you (through stealth) just isn't something I think they'd want to sustain.
well this is PBE so i geuss all things must be tried
: Welp had a chance to try a few more champs. Hecarim is kinda good great sustain both mana and Health with good clears. Sion is great sustain and clears. Cho is quick with sustain. Shaco can sustain till 6-7 Nautilus basically can't jungle. Hecarim, Sion and Shaco along with Nocturn, ww, Xin and udyr can still solo Dragon at lvl 7 NP. If anyone has legit requests for a certain jungle champ to be tested I will be glad. BTW this is all without a leash.
actually i'd like to hear about some of the more odd-ball type junglers... since this is PBE i think it'd be good to test not just jungle based champions but all sorts of different types of champions in the jungle now... for all we know (and to be honest i have no real experience in this new jungle) someone like nasus could have a huge advantage there now. where as before he could never jungle if he tried... but i geuss i can suggest a few whilst i'm here {{champion:60}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:24}} ..... that's just a few i can suggest but i'm dead sure that some champions that weren't viable in the jungle may be really powerfull there now...
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
love the idea behind the scuttler crab (i will now call it the "roaming hermit") if a support on the bot-lane takes this it could help them tremendously in-lane or while wandering to go and help the main champion carrying the game... i must now experiment with this "roaming hermit" to see what effects it might ACTUALLY have on supports if they take it upon themselves to take it down
: When it occurs on live, do all players see it or just one person? Whether's it's "age-old and nothing new", it's still very disruptive to the gaming experience. It wasn't just a static image (I probably should've said this earlier), It was actually kinda animating in a strange way.
i dn't know if everyone sees it but i can say it's EXPECIALLY prevelent on the linux version
: Preseason 2015: Experimental objective and item changes
you know focusing so much on tanks this go around with items kind of scares me... as a guy who loves the squishy support (Lulu,janna which are two of my mains... though lulu mostly) it's gonna feel that i am much less of a viable tactic... i mean if what i do can simply be shrugged off.. then how am i gonna be able to do much of anything without being forced into buying that portal item.. and that means i now have three items slots permanently taken up... i have to reserve one slot for a sight-stone, another slot for the support item, and another slot for a portal just to make sure I'm still relevent... while the tank has more strategy's they can use the support's strategy is now limited to (from what i can tell) just 2 ways to go about things! either i go tank with braum or thresh, or focus entirely on trying to stay alive and feebly trying to get enough gold so that i can be usefull for something other than early game... to me.. that just sucks! i don't want to put down lulu or janna or even sona for that matter just because season five makes them more and more use-less as the game goes on? don't get me wrong I LOVE the idea of diverse strategy but this gives me a feeling that if you are a squishy champion these new items may render you useless as time goes on i have always thought of supports as that curcial gear to help the team do what they need to do without having to kill other champions.... i geuss i'm just scared for supports is all.. how will we remain relevent as the game goes into the late game stages? will there be some sort of item change like the ability to place more wards at a time with the sight-stone? (the sight-stone idea is just an example do not take it as a suggestion unless you REALLY like the idea) how will the support fare? and will i still be able to be my favorite suppordle?
: ...Files Scanned does not stop.
actually i have this problem... RIght... now.. it's scanned over 10,000 files now and counting... one.. at .. a... bloody... time
: Except, yknow, most of them are.
ok maybe so and with that don't EVER solo queu as support btw it's worse then hell where i'm at (level 29 on main servers) but you see where i was going with it yes?
: > When was the last time you actually played League of Legends? Yesterday. Are you actually going to tell me Support has been a healthy role this season? 10 Supports have been heavily nerfed and 5-6 support items have all been heavily nerfed or reworked. Also snowballing in High Diamond games is hilariously out of control.
you know.. as a support main i think your argument holds no real grounds... we as supports can now fill up our inventory with lots of things to help out... hell in season 3 i could barely afford anything at all and as a result was flamed by my team constantly because i didn't have enough gold (mind you i was level 15 at the time) and then suddenly season four comes around and says "HEY MAN lets give you some help" i Immediately felt that i was actually a factor in the game again. season four being bad for support? HELL NO man every bit of it was awesome for supports (unless you got flamed for being under leveled and for some reason therefor irrelevant. which is BS) i freaking love season 4 and how the support actually took up a role that was relevent again instead of just a guy to be killed over and over again now we actually have a way to be relevant and heres a list on that 1.) we have cooler items which help us help you! 2.) are now large part of how team comps work 3.) now arent constantly burdened by having to constantly buy wards that you may or may not have enough money for 4.) can now make EPIC plays (season four brought us Thresh AND braum) 5.) can now ask for help warding so that the whole team benefits 6.) can hit a few farm off and give ALL of the gold to the ADC which in term helps them even more! 7.) we are also now able to just be plain awesome and help the team in hundreds of new ways so with that in mind and me being a support main since level 3.... i see your hatred a bit irrelevent
: Riot Pwyff, you obviously don't know what you are talking about. It's not like you work for a major gaming company. And I can guarantee that everyone arguing with you has 30+ years of game development and does not currently live in their moms basement. I would encourage you to take this discussion more seriously and not try to talk it out in a calm manner and instead incessantly flame about how bad the other person is like a real man! P.S. Just for clarification the above is sarcasm. Just wanted to clear that up before I got flamed. You would be surprised how often sarcasm doesn't translate well over the internet. P.P.S Rito sarcasm font? plz?
why not put the sarcasm in italics and bold it? for example: ***all marksmans are assholes*** i think that may work for what you want
: No changes have been put on PBE yet, so I guess we will have to be patient for a few more hours/days :-)
huh... interesting i geuss i might just be able to get home and play then huh! sweet!
: Thresh glitch
actually this is something ive found in the main servers as well... i whonder if this is intentional or just something they may have forgotten about
: Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days
i whonder what these changes are? i can't get to PBE at the moment and to be honest have no idea what the changes list holds in store
: Wow, that looks amazing! I love how it improves visuals while still maintaining all of the information one needs. This would be a great improvement to the client, especially since it recently received visual updates in the other areas.
I agree fully with you on this and if it is implemented well i can see this being a very cool area to maybe show off your flair a bit before you come into the loading screen
: Thanks for the feedback! We're shifting away from 'seasons', and commemorating it instead via year, which is why we're calling it the 2014 World Championship. I love your attention to detail, though! :] Your feedback is definitely helpful for not only this, but for future wards as well!
this may just be a weird idea but how about commemorating it with having the ward come together in four sections? i noticed how it has two pieces that attach themselves to the ward itself. why not have four sections coming together? there en lies a stick on the bottom a crystal falls on top the two sides come in and possibly something cool coming across the top of it? (and maybe with a cool little blue ring forming and then dissipating outward from where the parts attatched?) i think it looks really cool so far but i think having it come together in four parts the players will automatically come to the conclusion of it being from season four without having it have a number emblazened upon it {{item:2044}}


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