: Name change
don't see anything wrong with your name, i've looked it up and i found results of two anime characters with your username.
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
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: PBE download speeds
having the same problem as well :(
: 0 Total Mastery score
I'm having the same issue.
: The same thing happened to me. My internet is working fine but it says unable to join the game then I waited 4 hours and came back but the only option it gives me is to reconnect but it still wont let me. Now I cant do anything i have even tried restarting my computer and modem. It just keeps telling me to reconnect to a game that started 4 hours ago.
I just wanted to play ARURF. :\
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: Censoring of Names for Masteries
Is enable language filter toggled? That could be why
: uhh but im asking how much time to 100% totally
Tech support said wait 30 to an hour for 100%
: Pulsefire (?) Ezreal Q does not deal dmg, W doesnt dmg minions
It's not just one of his skins that is bugged it's all of them. And W doesn't do damage to minions.
: Downloading Slowly
I had that problem too but it started going up after a few minutes (the download speed)
: Ascension
Chinese server has URF mode right now
: It's up on the Chinese servers but not the Korean servers. Korea currently has Dark Star while China has URF. I translated their websites for this information: https://kr.leagueoflegends.com/ and http://lol.qq.com/ If you are looking to translate it, just go on chrome and it will ask you if you want to translate the page, I don't know how to do it on edge.
: Download speed is too low
i'm having the same problem as well. i think it's because the new players who recently got accepted into PBE are also trying to download it.
: It works and all but how do i simply move it from my desktop to a folder without it saying missing is there i special way? its already my second version of the file as i messed up the first set trying to fix it.
Go to File Explorer > Quick Access > Desktop > Drag your PBE folder from Desktop to Downloads folder.
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: Download speeds
having the same problem
: PBE issue
i'm having the same problem
i'm having the same issue here. slow download
: Hey again ^_^ Quick update! We found the issue and it should be resolved before it ever hits live. Thanks for your reports, guys! It was actually happening on all game modes, not just URF, so it would've REALLY sucked if you guys didn't report it. Thanks for your help, and happy bug hunting! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yes, I see the timers are finally showing again in the scoreboard. Thank you so much!!! This bothered me a lot, good thing I reported it right away.
: Hey guys! Looking into this :) Not sure why it's happening! On our internal builds it seems to be working. Thanks for the report!
: Morgana AR URF
she's not the only broken one
: These Queue Times
get out of the queue and start it again wtf
: Please disable Edge of Night from ARURF gamemode.
it's not happening. whatever's there is there. either play the mode or don't play it.
: Jax in ARURF and Healing Embargo
the fact that the healing at base is awfully slow :\
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: I feel like a new URF should happen.
i bet urf would return randomly later on this year or the next year.
: Serious Post about URF/AR URF
i'm not mad about the mode, only mad that people always leave champ select making me to wait longer for another queue to pop up. i just want to enjoy the mode and have fun!
: I bet this is intended so people do not farm Level 6 and level 7 shards, not sure thought.
Actually they looked into it and now I'm getting better grades. I'm scoring at A's and B's.
: Suggestions for Live content should be posted on the [NA](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/) and [EUW](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/) boards or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). The PBE is for content **currently** in testing.
Practice Tool isn't on the North America server yet.
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: Try Reddit and twitter. Most rioters post the better resolutions there. Also, surrenderat20 and, if you know who made the splash, artstation.
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: PBE Client doesn't work
Which client are you using? The old one or the new one?
: Maybe eventually making Practice Tool usable for teams?
They'll start adding teams later on, for now, stick to practicing 1v1.
: How to make a practice mode game
Update to the new client and you'll see it under training.
: How to kill Target Dummy (Video
Dummies count as champions because you can use summoner spells on them too
looks like Ryze knows how to dance
: BUG: Dummies grant kills when killed by the fountain
dummies count as champions because you can use summoner spells on them
: There's already the 10-champ free rotation every week to try champs you don't own.
Sometimes we don't get the champions we want to play from the free week
: How do i access the tool on the pbe i don't see any options
You need to use the new client. They're going to remove the old client soon, so use the new one.
: How do i get to the training mode? I can't seem to find it .-. Thanks!
it's on the beta client, so hit PLAY then go to Training then you will see Practice Mode
: A few suggestions to make it better: - Make it so the buffs apply to bots that you add to the game, Also make it so you can add more bots - Make a "chasing dummy" that chases you forever to practice kiting as Attractive Dangling Carrot - Make us able to "jump" to a certain time instead of just 30 seconds of fast forward, if thats not possible add options for more than 30 seconds of fast forward (1min, 5min, 10min) - More than 1 player in game, This is super useful for teams Currently i only see it useful for flash practice and csing against nothing, which is good for lower tier players but higher tiers need some love too :c
if you use the hotkey for fast forwarding, it'll go more than 30s if you hold on it.
: Hi, i palyed the practice tool now 2 times each as warwick vs lucian and as ivern vs warwick. What i would want to see coming too would be a herald and abron spawn function, to ad more as 1 bot and to go 30s past, so you could train to react in certain situations diffrently, where the bot killed you by accident ;). In some future multiplayer (or more inteligent bots who you could comand to walk and farm certain walks and let jungel) would be nice to train things like timed counterjungling. I had issues with ivern vs warwick: On some certain point warwick did not leave the base, i restarted the game and than later it happened again. I trolled around, and while i placed brushes in the enemy base, as long as i didnt dmg warwick or covered him in a brush too, i could walk in the enemy fountain around. Secondly than i died nearly ww with a brush placed on him, im not sure why it needed that, i got not executed, i got killed y him while he just stayed afk near me, maybe the w passive. But if i stayed at the rand of the fountain laser area i got executed. End of the story was i abused revive and teleport and ww got a penta for not dealing anything. But yea, pls fix that a bot,maybe its just new warwickbot, on ww vs lucian or graves it didnt happened, jsut randoml stops walking out of base. In one situation he just walked back cause he was low, in the other he died, so dieing and respawning is not the reason for him to not leave base. And im not sure why but my matchhistory is in both alpha and normal client now empty after these training sessions? But thanks for including this tool and doing the new ww :)
they are adding more bots later on, but 1 bot is enough until more feedback is given. you can go 30s past, using the fast forward button.
: No lasers on turrets anymore?
: How do I change my Summoner Name in Alpha Client?
I'm also trying to find a way to change my name as well on the alpha client
: What's the point banning the reworked champions
Definitely Not A Bug
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