: Me Neither, I see her on the Collection tab but not anywhere else :/
They are just placeholders. Be patient. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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It's always more than 0.1 mb so I think it's just the client error of determining the file size.
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: Then just play a bot game or use the practice tool to test it
Yes this can work, however we may see some champions have special interactions with each other that bots cannot display as a human player would. Can't think of any examples right now but the synergy testing that people do can't be done in practise tool or bot games.
: Skins permanents
I have experienced this bug as i was opening loot from the premium chests and went to re-roll 3 of them that made a skin shard, but said it was a permanent skin. I didn't buy the champion so i wouldn't be able to buy the skin in the store.


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