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: BUG? "play any matchmade game" to receive RP
Yeah But you'll recive rp for summoners rift blind pick
: Certain skins are unavailable
Riot has not updated the hextech pool since a long time,those skins are unable to obtain and could only be obtained durring the time it was in store ,if you go through collection in client you can see some skins which you can get in live are listed as limited As far as now god king ,mis fortune gungodess ,kda skins and prestige skins are unobtainable no matter how many hexchest you open , rerolls or cursed capsules
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: > [{quoted}](name=Daeńerys ,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=5PZd8b8X,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-22T04:02:34.129+0000) > > To be fair they should give 1000 rp not 3000 > 3000 is too much So, let me get this straight. Every 19 hour cycle, you'd like to receive less than the price of one new 1350 skin every day. Do you understand it would take AT LEAST one week to get all new skins, not including their chromas? Or their prestige skin? Which btw is 1350 on PBE. You do realize pbe cycles last two weeks right?
dude if they just give everything free in pbe most players will only test and play with the prettiest and beautiful skin of most of the skins which will lengthen the testing phase the best option is to give a small amount of rp so most people will be forced to buy skins based on needs wants and their preference unlike trying all the skins in practice tool and choosing just handful they seem will be pretty and fit for them so the pool of skins under testing will be normal and people will play with only those skins until they have sufficient rp to buy the next one and judging by the way the time it hits live within 3 or 4 weeks all skins will be tested by most players and not the way it used to be like every player test all skins and if riot seems less activity of a skin they wanted testing they can just reduce the price of the skin to 1rp so all in all 3000rp is too much and with 1000 rp you can still buy chromas each chromas cost obout 290 rp each skin will have a max of 10 chromas and like i said you only need to buy one skin based on having a diverse testing pool so it only takes 3 days to buy all of chromas for the skin you want and nobody is forcing you to buy all the chromas just a select few based on preference and a persons randomness
: This change literaly makes no sense! (New content now costs only RP)
It's fine 3000 rp is fair i guess To be fair they should give 1000 rp not 3000 3000 is too much And to point out people who are new to pbe can buy the old skins This is very important because new patches may cause bugs for some of the old content For example the udyr unlimited stun was only possible for spirit gaurdian udyr skin And it got fixed
: i dontlike play there, but i play irelia prestige until release, and anyway i dont really care, just ppl ruining game by overusing bug, are not test people, they are just troller, for me, so that why i asked, now.
But you need to understand Bugs unknowingly got in the game are technically part of the game mechanics And this is a test server If a game breaking bug is not exploited It will not come to attention of riot and it may get into live which will be a huge problem Ranked games will be unplayable These people may be trollers but they have the right to use the bug as it is not an external cheat Ultimately these same people will be the reason the bug will be patched quickly Look within 2 days the udyr bug is patched
: Can unavailable skins be crafted by hextech?
You can get elementalist lux from hexchest in pbe but not god king garen and Darius or gun goddes miss fortune My guess is they still haven't updated the hexchest pool in pbe unlike live Also you can't get them from mystery gifting You can try at one point it will say this user has reached maximum skin for mystery gifting
: Am I the only one with this?
Because they don't need testing Basically whatever riot wants to test they give
: Heya Markus (and others)! Sorry you ran into this issue and thank you for reporting this to us. We're aware of the bug and we're working on a fix but additional information will help us! Can you please send us the following log files? They will help us a lot in confirming a fix.. Riot Client log files - please zip the entire folder Windows - C:\Users\AppData\Local\Riot Games Mac - ~/Library/Logs/Riot Games Your latest PBE League Client log files and League Client trace file Depending on where you've installed PBE (e.g., C:\Riot Games\League of Legends (PBE)\Logs\LeagueClient Logs), your League Client Log and LeagueClient-tracing.json file are in the same League Client Logs folder. When you've got those files, please send it to us via the Player Support site: Sign in to the support site, click "submit a request" and choose the request type: "Tech Issues..."
Hello each time I go to TFT I'm supposed to get 80 pts orb of enlightenment every 22 hours but it's stuck on "we are creating a orb hang on a sec Can you please resolve this
: 网络一卡就出现bug,不能出战英雄
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: who tho? you could saving your rp and keep playing few more day and you will have more than enough to buy the new project skin
I have 11 pbe acc all from na and eu thanks to the insta acc after Honor level 3 riot made I gift my main ACC Problem solved
: No. If someone *happens* to stumble upon the bug and then writes a bug report on it, then it’s fine. However, once the bug is known and reported, no further “testing” is required. That further testing is bug exploit and is not allowed. There’s a great many people simply enjoying the bug and not reporting it. One can also test it in a custom game or practice tool as to not inconvenience other players. Here’s [Riot Porosite]( as well as [Riot Support]( on bug exploit and people being banned for doing it.
First of all That rule only applies for live server Second of all Using the bug well beforehand knowing the bug on pbe is not bannable Knowing the bug well before hand is not enough There are factors about the bug that can be only found out by continuous usage of the bug And sometimes these factors don't apply to custom matches It's only while you use the bug you can give a detailed report of the bug This is why pbe was designed so riot can be aware of the issue as soon as possible Also true to the fact that There is no option to report bug abuse There is only option for cheating using 3rd party software And when a build is updated with the bug it's the right of the players to exploit it's game mechanics So sooner or later in mass usage riots Balance team steps up and fix's the issue And who know by using the bug players Can find another bug that was partially related to the first bug So all in all we are supposed to test it so it doesnt hit live
: should i report player who use bugged champ?
It's a test server If you don't like it go play on live In order to give a detailed report of the bug players using the bug have to exploit them so they can tell the consequences of it hitting live So exploiting bugs is part of the testing phase It's not forbidden
: Yes, you can report them. Exploiting bugs is forbidden.
In order to give a detailed report of the bug players using the bug have to exploit them so they can tell the consequences of it hitting live So exploiting bugs is part of the testing phase It's not forbidden
: The new "RP is back" thing
I have 11 pbe acc i just gift my self the skins problem solved
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: That's pretty broad. What error are you seeing?
it says gift is complete does not remove rp and does not gift i have 10 acc and i tried gifting myself its not working
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: PBE->Logs->LeagueClient Logs Sort it by date modified. Open the recent file which consumes the most memory dated today. Look for the last "Login queue position is"
Dam well in past week I only managed to login twice played some TFT Back then it only took 25 min Now it's 31 hours
: after few mins i reopened the log file and found : "Login queue position is 208361"
What is the file name and in which folder and where
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: PBE should kick people who stay afk in client
Nope they should not do that Those people are afk testing the client Seeing how long it will take from green online to go to red busy in status See afk testing
: Finally after 3 days of queue exploding itsef, spent another 12h in queue. Finally managed to login.
Don't worry once TFT hits live Server population will go down Then you can join pbe
: During maintenance you'll be kicked out automatically and will also have to download the update, so that trick won't work. But on the bright side, there shouldn't be any maintenance taking place until Monday--unless something goes wrong, that is.
look what I know is if you go to task manager,details and go to resource manager and you have the option of suspending league client If you do the client will get frozen Then you look through your other pc if there is maintenance If there is maintenance After maintenance resume league client from suspension it will connect and say client will restart and you will log out in 5 seconds Terminate the league client app in background process not the main one before the the 5 seconds this is important If you do this much league will update once in beginning then client will auto restart with you already logged in and it will update after update click play
: Jokes on you; you'll have to log out again during daily maintenance :P
> [{quoted}](name=PBE Bugs Are OP,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=rE069527,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-22T01:22:35.956+0000) > > Jokes on you; you'll have to log out again during daily maintenance :P Yeah but if you suspend and end proceess the league app in background it will restart client automatically update it and auto log me in without going into queue
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: Waited 5 hours to have an "unexpected error" when i was just about to log in.
: PBE on EU.
150ms is totaly playable
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: [Bug] - TFT - Cannot leave queue
Just logged in could not play TFT it kep saying connecting could not play summoners rift Dam what is going on
: Remove 'Your position in queue'
Omg I'm so close 2 min And 3000in queue and decreaseing
: Proposal for TFT Hero Upgrade!
I don't know what your talking about I haven't played auto chess and I can't login pbe
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: Attempt to join queue failed
Be glad you logged in I'm still in queue for 30 min Position 9000
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: Take it from someone who was all available skins from store, mystery gifts, Hextech Loot, *and* skins that aren't available these days anymore: you will not get these skins. My mystery skin pool is 0. I only own Human/Young Ryze because he was available during his VGU. Not even I own PAX Twisted Fate.
Hey can you get mythic skins from hexchest or rerolls Such as prestige edition akali in pbe
: TL;DR No. How normal mystery chests work: only normal and legacy skins, NOT limited skins (aka Vic More, PAX TF, Human/Young Ryze). How it works on PBE: the classification is messed up because we get things in store if they need testing. In short: you can get Vic Morg out of the PBE store and therefore she's also in mystery gift. This does not go for the other skins you listed. [Here]( is a small explanation by a Rioter. The system slightly extends into mystery gift as well.
Well either way I'm gonna test something One of my smurfs got Honor level 3 I'll create the account unlock only twisted fate and start gifting it skins If it says pool is low I'll unlock another champ with least skins If I don't get pax TF after my 15th champion unlock I'll just give up
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