: [PBE Feedback] "New Missile System" - Rewriting Skillshots
Currently on live (5.10), Fizz's shark damages untargetable champions that it has latched onto (Vlad W, Fizz E, Master Yi Q). But on the PBE (5.11), I've noticed that Fizz's shark[ no longer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3M7enJO1FU) damages untargetable champions it has latched onto. Is this part of the champion spell changes? Or is it an unrelated change?
: While I appreciate the goal of this, isn't this like banning fans from a stadium? (For example, when shooting free throws, or going for a penalty kick the fans are a huge distraction.) Sometimes the environment you work(play) in has distractions. I feel like part of being good is overcoming those distractions.
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: The other thing too is that it gives ranged waveclear, which champions like LeBlanc and Akali sort of lack.
It barely takes out half of ranged minions' hp bar, because unlike shiv, it can't crit for 200 or 250. So if you're buying it for waveclear, you're buying it for the wrong purpose.
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: Quinn Ultimate Cooldown Bug
: Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days
: I think you shal buff the BT first... And this: passive :: gains +10 bonus true damage (increased by 2% of maximum Mana if any number of azure stacks are active). also gain 1% attack speed for every stack of azure active. **Is not fair for no mana champs. You should remove it.**
> **Is not fair for no mana champs. You should remove it.** ಠ_ಠ Just think about it.
: [experimental] manamune and muramana changes (2014.07.02 - 2014.07.??)
Hey Riot Ricklessabandon, After trying it out on several champions in customs, I've decided that I really like this version of muramana. My only issue with it is the fact that I have to press an awkwardly placed key 3 times in order to utilize its active. In combat, when my hand is doing other stuff with qwer, it's really awkward to press the 1, 2, or 3 key at the same time. It's not as easy as activating DFG, Blade, Ghostblade, Hydra, and all other item actives, where you press the key once in your combo and be done with it. This is not a debilitating thing, but it's really inconvenient for gameplay. I hope that you can implement a way to instantly activate all 3 stacks of muramana's active, so that it doesn't become harder to manage than the actives of all other items. Regards, calliphi
: So after messing around with it a bit it is all around strong for Irelia and provides a strong AD burst assassin style of play option to her but it is hard to judge how realistic it would be given that I can't tell if the tear will be finished stacking in time to justify going this route. I can't tell if it is going to be broken on talon or not but if it applies the 60 true damage to his noxian diplomacy for each tic then it could be a bit of a problem.
I've tested it, and the dot ticks don't apply the true damage from Muramana's active. It would be a broken item on Talon if it works that way.
: Manamune fully stacked when bought
This same bug also occurs for Seraph's Embrace.
: Can't afford to buy health runes on PBE.
If I recall correctly, the reason why Riot didn't just put 9x of every rune in the rune pack is because there was a technical limitation. But I agree, if all champions on the PBE are practically free to play, why shouldn't all runes be free to play as well?
: New Match History
Yeah, I don't see why it's enabled for us when the website doesn't even work.
: New Match History
It got enabled for me 2 days ago. I don't know why it's still there, because it doesn't work.
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: Gromp Can Attack Lane Minions
I'm pretty sure that it's an intended feature. The wight camp had always been able to be aggroed into attacking minions.
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: Profile Stats/Match history not updating
The match history not being updated issue still persists after today's patch. Is Riot aware of this problem?
: If the issue persists, can you upload your dxdiag? To get that: 1. Click on the start icon 2. Go to the search field 3. Type "dxdiag" 4. On the window that opens, click on the "Save All Information..." button.
The crash occurred once late last night, after the client reparation, and once after today's PBE update. Here's the dxdiag: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/61960810/DxDiag.txt I'm using my dropbox because I couldn't get the "add an attachment" working. Edit: apparently the crash only happens when I press tab to check people's items during the nexus explosion. Will test in a custom.
: Hi there; can you repair the client for me, and let us know if it happens again?
I've repaired the client, since then the crash happened last night and today.
: This is still going on, and it is being abused, so i would like it to be fixed.
Can confirm. I just played against a Vlad top and it was honestly the most frustrating laning phase I've ever experienced. He achieved Mundo with Visage + Baron buff level of hp regen with just his E stacks.
: same problem here. maybe an issue with windows 8?
I was using Windows 8 as well. After the 2nd crash, I repaired my client. Gonna play a game now and see if the problem persists.
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: Braum Bug Report Thread
If the first projectile that attacks Braum through Unbreakable is Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow, it deals 5 damage instead of 0. Tested in a custom. Maybe it has something to do with Braum still being affected by the splash damage.
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: It takes an incredibly long time for Feral Flare to even be available much less begin obtaining stacks, and don't forget that it only deals 33% damage against champions. Because it buffs basic attacks, junglers with high attack speeds, such as Rengar and Nocturne, will see the most benefits from this item in the late-lategame, possibly making Nasus fall even further out of favor due to his low attack speed. It will indeed provide a lot of heals to those with high attack speed but that is why we have crowd control. As it stands in regular games, it's a situational item that can provide a lot of lategame power, but forces the jungler into a farm heavy playstyle that removes a lot of early and midgame presence. Honestly, for the effort that it takes to stack the item, I'd say it's on the underpowered side of things. Instead of being a trump card if the team manages to reach lategame, it just becomes a tool to secure the jungler's team a win if they were able to gain the lead in what may almost be considered a 4v5.
Agreed. To top it all off, Feral Flare is garnered toward a group of AA-reliant junglers who were pushed out by the current meta of early game aggressive junglers. At this item's current state, it is far outclassed by the stats and playstyle the spirit items grant. Riot needs to buff this item in order to give solo queue players a legitimate reason to play AA-reliant junglers who outscale with Feral Flare over meta junglers who use the spirit items to create early pressure and snowball the early game.
: Feral Flare scales too hard
You were playing a 65 minute bot game and had 72 kills. A scenario that unrealistic isn't a good indicator of how strong the item is. Try get it stacked that high in a normal blind pick, and you'll see how the item's scaling is actually very weak.
: Veigar W causes game to crash
I can confirm. During one of the ARAM crashes I've experienced since yesterday's patch, one occurred immediately after a Veigar casts his W.
: MAJOR BUG: Dragon healing reduction debuff not working
Can confirm. As far as I know, it doesn't reduce Feral Flare on-hit healing.
: Phantoml0rd's Donger Dash
"So this is something I've been thinking of for a while, and I know it's a long shot to actually get something like this done, but let's give it a shot :)" So what is it that you want to get done? Aside from that line, your entire post is about what donger dash is.
: http://i.gyazo.com/ffbead85cc45905d0a28c2848268510b.png Everything is dark. Not in fog of war, stuff is visible, just...dark.
Upvoted. The darkness of the terrain makes fighting in the jungle a serious eye strain.
: gragas's E
Can confirm. When this happens, it invariably leads to players joking about nerfing flash.
: Totally agree with you, the way this item came into the jungle it seems to break the meta by adding the hope of farming junglers, instead of agressive ones. As you said, considering the best scenario of 5 waves/minute, this item still continues underwhelming, but i think that increasing the stacking rate would affect too much AA champions and CDWW, as I said earlier. I think if Feral flare deals 50% of its damage against champions, instead of 33%, it would fit avoiding these type of troubles.
Increasing the damage dealt to champions is also a viable solution, although I fear that even a relative minor increase such as from 33% to 50% would increase its damage and consequently stacking rate by 50%. There are just better ways to buff this item without complete tipping its balance. I can see where you're coming from regarding crazy synergy with WW, but considering that he's getting a full rework, Riot has probably already considered and toned down his damage/sustain potential with it. As for physical AA-reliant junglers, I don't think this item is powerful enough to them to consider replacing it with additional crits or additional AD. Due to this item's current stacking rate, by the time it has stacked 100 additional bonus damage to champions, the jungler would probably have farmed enough gold with it to buy 3 BTs. Edit: I've tried Feral Flare on Yasuo in a custom (standard Yasuo build - Feral Flare, IE SS, BT, LW, and Boots). In a 50 minute game where I power farmed the jungle the entire time and got over 60 kills on bots, the end game screen displayed that the magic damage I've dealt to champions is only a fraction of the total damage I dealt to champions. This is with the fact that both his autoattacks and steel tempest apply the damage from Feral Flare. Bottom line is, I haven't seen evidence that Feral Flare can significantly increase the damage output of AA-heavy junglers. So it's safe to assume that your worry about them being OP with this item is unfounded. I can see this item significantly increasing the damage output of AA-champions that don't buy crit (significant, but not over the top), such as Fiora and Aatrox, but I think we can both agree that champions like them need a little bit of love and deserve a powerboost from this item. :p
: 10PM-3AM PST, my normally 15-30 ms ping skyrockets to 200-250 ms dunno why you even mention that problem they told me several times in this damm forum 200 ping is no problem so deal with it and dont cry because you have like once 200 ping if you have that all day 24/7 then you are allowed to cry {{summoner:11}}
If you're not going to be helpful or constructive, please leave this thread.
: About Feral Flare
I have a few things to add to what OP has already stated: Before its upgrade, Wriggle's combat stats are vastly subpar when compared to the spirit items, therefore most junglers who get this item will be encouraged to power farm in order to reach the power spike Feral Flare offers. However, due the high quota Wriggle's Lantern requires to upgrade, junglers who solely power farm will give up map pressure for the most, if not the entirety of the early game. In a meta dominated by high aggression early game junglers like Lee, Vi, Elise, Pantheon, and K6 who get full, immediate benefits from even the components of the spirit items, power farming strategy isn't exactly viable. As a result this item itself isn't viable, unless the jungler delays the upgrade to Feral Flare significantly by ganking lanes, which is highly inefficient, since he would want to upgrade it asap in order to begin to stack the bonus damage and heal. This brings my next issue: After the upgrade to Feral Flare, the rate of stacking bonus magic damage is lackluster when compared to the champions with innate infinite stacking mechanics (Veigar, Nasus, Thresh, and Sion). I understand that if this item even come close to as good as those champions' passives, it would be very OP, but 1 bonus damage per kill/assist/big monster kill is simply underwhelming. For instance, Master Yi, a fast clearer, can clear 5 camps in 1 minute, that equates to 5 bonus damage to champions + 5 hp per hit heal per minute. During the same minute, Nasus has farmed two waves and had gotten at least 20 stacks and Veigar has farmed at least 4 ability power, both of which are vastly more valuable than what the jungler gains from Feral Flare. As it is, the stacking rate of this item is quite underpowered and becomes quickly outscaled as the game goes on. Furthermore, 5 camps per minute is the best case scenario, because by the time the jungler upgrades Wriggles to Feral (which should be around the end of early game or in mid game), his laners are probably already taking his buffs and camps from him, leaving very little chance for the item to stack. Here are few solution that Riot can consider in order to solve these issues: - Have the 25 big monster kills quota include champion kills and assists, like the OP suggested. This will definitely solve the meta jungle problem. - Lower the quota of large monster kills for the upgrade. This will give the jungler some breathing room to apply pressure on the map instead of purely power farming for Feral Flare for the first 10-15 minutes of the game. - Have the item automatically upgrade after obtaining Wriggles for a period of the time. This, in my opinion, is the best solution to fit this item in the meta while still keeping the integrity of the item's purpose. The jungler will still have to farm a decent amount to purchase the item, but afterward he will have tons of breathing room to pressure the map. - Increase the stacking rate of Feral Flare. There are many ways to do it, such as making small monsters increase the overall bonus damage by 1 (1/3 to champions) and heal by 1/3, or simply just buffing the overall amount of bonus damage and healing per kill/assist/big monster kill, or having it begin to stack from first monster killed with maim (my favorite solution), or having it stack on its own over time. Among these and others that I haven't thought of, I'm sure that Riot can find a balanced solution. Sorry for the wall of text, but it's just what I think needs to be done to the item to bring it in line with the rest of the spirit items.
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: I can confirm this, I got the same result. Dragon also didn't seem to be halving my health from Aatrox W, but I didn't think to check the exact numbers at the time, so I'm not certain.
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: Game keeps crashing
At once point, the game kicked me out to the reconnect screen. Clicking the reconnect button gave me the firewall error that we're all familiar with.
: Hi folks, I'm trying to determine what's going on here: can anybody tell me when the error appears, and what it says? Any repro steps I can try to follow? (I'm getting in games just fine, which is making it hard to see what's wrong). Thanks, Fei
I think the error only occurs to people who were disconnected from the pvp.net shutdown when they were in the middle of a game. It keeps prompt users to reconnect to nonexistent games. Here's the error I'm getting at the reconnect button: http://grabilla.com/04203-132d688d-7e0e-4968-9df3-1a445641702e.png
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: Disconnected 10 times in a bot match
In a few rare cases, this bug disconnects everyone from the game, erasing the game completely from match history.
: [Bug] Random Pauses in Game
It has been happening to me too. At one point, it disconnected everyone from a bot game, and we all returned to the main menu, as if the game didn't happen.
: [Post-Game Lobby] Cannot see or click on graph/chart tabs
I've been having this issue for over a month. Surprisingly, it hasn't been fixed after all this time.
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