: New PBE account. Zero Essence?
You will get it after maintenance.
: Kleptomancy Double drop with lulu (I think this is a bug)
She didn't drop twice, the biscuit is from the 3:00 biscuit rune.
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: Unfortunately no, we can't retro give you capsules. But any feedback you get moving forward would be super helpful :) How has the leveling been going?
Leveling so far has been pretty good. It seems like it would take roughly 8-10 average length games to get a level without an XP boost or First Win of The Day which is quite nice. The FWoTD really accelerates the leveling process and feels more rewarding than it did previously. I think that utilizing the FWoTD bonus will grant a level and capsule faster than getting 1700 IP for a mystery shard on live through first wins only. I'll just have to get 50 soon and see what the rewards are like until then :P
: A lot of people have all the champions already, will there be anything useful in the rewards for us? besides just an icon or ward every 25 lvls
Even though you may have all the champions, you can disenchant the shards for BE for when the special BE Shop comes. Urfwick is 150k BE so you really have to save.
: We think we fixed that. You should be getting stuff now. @.@
Is it possible to retroactively give capsules that should've been earned? I leveled from 30 -> 42 before they actually started to give capsules. So now I'm 44 and have only received 2 capsules. I don't feel that I can give proper feedback when I didn't get to see what the other capsules had, primarily the Glorious Capsule for hitting 40. The two capsules I opened, while being pretty good from what I could tell, could've been outliers.

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