: That would be a very nice temporary solution. Tho, im a bit worried about the load this might cause on shop. We have seen several store broke downs due to high load. However, since our goal is just to make it easier for new testers to reach content, lets make champs who has content need testing, ASol, Lulu, Ashe, Xin and Braum in this case That way people will be able to get those champs and their skins with ease without causing too much load on store. Welp, i hope it's not a much hassle on riot's side, else all the new testers are doomed for good..
Make sense to me. I was never here when the store broke so I did not know that xD
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
Hi Jinxylord just want to give a quick feedback on the mode here ;) Overall I find the mode really fun to play, and I really enjoy the idea of events in the mode, so I want to give a detail comment about everything about events: **I. EVENTS** (I will go from my personal favorite event to the least favorite one): **+) Bardle Royale:** League's Battle Royale mode confirmed lol. Anyway, this mode is good and fun to play because the circle forces players to interact and kill each other (which is also one of the reasons why battle royale is so popular now I believe), which I think no other event in this mode can do (both team can ignore the capture location, ignore Teemo, ignore the snowball event and nothing will happen but if you ignore the circle you're dead. Idk what happens if both teams ignore the cart tho). And if I am right there is another event called Bardle Royale Juggernaut or something but they are not that different lol. **+) King of the hill:** It kinda reminds me of Twisted Treeline where you have to capture those things in the jungle. It is a pretty good event I suppose. **+) Loot Teemo:** People complain about giving gold for attacking Teemo, but I think it is a good way to force people to attack it instead of waiting for last hit. Also killing Teemo is always a good thing. **+) Push the cart thingy:** I feel like this event is the sudden death for first tower lol. It is an okay event to force people to group mid and combat I guess. People also complains about it being too strong for the winning team, when you receive a reward and destroy 1 enemy tower for winning. **+) The snowball throwing event:** The problem with this event is that the snowball throwing seems uninteractive and not fun, because snowball deals no damage to enemy. Hitting enemies with snowballs does give you some gold, but it still does not feel satisfying. The fact that you cannot use summoner spell is a cool idea though, so if I were to change this event completely, I could disable all of the skills that players have (including passive), disarm them, changing health regeneration to 0 and make snowball deals max health percentage damage (say 10%, so that every player dies after 10 hits). And if you want to force them to attack each other more, simply add the circle and make it somthing like Bardle Royale Snowfall lol. I do not know much about balancing though, so it might need a lot of testing, and probably a lot of bugs might occur as well lol. **+) The Walking Nexus (TWN):** This is not my least favorite event, but since it is the sudden death one, I have to write it last xD. Anyway, the idea of a sudden death to force end a game is really good, and Walking Nexus does it quite decently (making 2 Nexuses fight each other, so one will eventually fall). But it also seems a little punishing for the team who was winning at the time. I saw a thread complaining about TWN makes it easy to comeback, and 2 out of 3 games that I have been through with this event also ends with the then losing team winning (in the first game, my team was finally winning and pushing when sudden death came and we lost, while in the second game we were losing every combat and almost every event but when sudden death came we won). I don't know much about whether TWN does make it easier to comeback, and if it does then how does it do it; the only thing I know from the 2 games I played is that the winning team was pushing to around the inhibitor when TWN came, and the attack of the 2 nexuses occurred in the losing team's side. You might want to take a look at that, because if TWN does give an advantage to the losing team then it is not really a satisfying game. **+) Summary:** Most of the events are good and fun to play, but the randomness of the events does make them easier for 1 team to win most of the time. I've seen people complaining about the circle moving to enemy's turret, King of the hill in the enemy's side or Teemo going to enemy's jungle. However, if King of the hill always spawns in the middle of the map or Teemo only walks around middle of the map then they would not be really fun to play (The circle in the middle of the map would probably be okay though). **II. REWARDS:** Personally, I think it is the best thing that makes these events so fun. Same as above, I will sort them from best to worst in my opinion: **+) The cannon thingy in your base:** Best reward you could ever receive. I feel like this should be the standard for all rewards in this mode. It is really fun to use, it can also be use for great combos (thanks to the knockup), and is not painful for the opponent. **+) Blessing of Blitzcrank:** Also a really good reward. It is less fun though, because you cannot control the hook, but it is still satisfying to see the enemy get hooked xD **+) Blessing of Janna, Zilean, Soraka** (is it the cloud drake buff?): they are kinda similar, as they are all great tools for snowballing. If you like crushing the enemy team, you might like these buffs, else (like myself) you won't. **+) Minion curse:** It allows greater pushing and larger minion waves for your team. I don't like this reward at all and never felt it impact, probably because we were already winning hard in those games and were about to end it anyway. **+) Summary:** The rewards can be divided into 2: fun reward (which I like) and snowball reward (which I don't like). Personally, I want more fun rewards and less snowball ones, not only because it is more fun to play with, but also less painful to play against, especially when your team lost the event due to unluckiness (for eg Teemo runs to enemy's jungle). **+) Suggestions:** Here are some of my suggestions for more rewards: **- Blessing of Ivern:** Each player of the winning team can harvest a jungle camp similar to how Ivern does it, and when a camp is harvested, its monster will run down mid and become your team's minions. **- Ryze's portal:** I have some options for this one, each has its own problem. The first idea is that you can have a device that can cast a ryze's ultimate to lane, which you can go out if you don't want to go there anymore (similar to you going out of a ryze ult), and has a ? second cooldown (to avoid spamming). The problem with this is that it shares similarity with the cannon. A similar idea is that when you are in the fountain, your ultimate will change to ryze's and has a separate ?? second cooldown from your own ultimate, but it is still similar to the cannon. The third idea is that each player will receive a one-time use item that will cast a ryze ultimate when use. I really like this idea but there are some problems if the player has no empty item slot. That is everything I want to write. If I missed any event or reward, please inform me so I can take a look. Thank you for reading! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Update: her mask is being updated in accordance to the feedback here, it'll look more like her splash. We're looking at her autos as well. Unfortunately this won't be in upon release, but will be in 8.17
Hey KiWiKiD, just a quick question. Why are the threads about these skins got unpinned? Are they going to hit live server soon?
: Your RP on PBE resets every day, I think!
It's currently bugged and does not give us RP lol. The bug has been here for a while xD
: RP/BE Grant Bug
I have a suggestion, how about we give everyone all the champions in the game (for eg, by making every champion 1 BE)? This does not change that much since all champs are in the free champion rotation in pbe, so anyone can play anychamp anyway, but it allows testers/players like myself to try the new 1BE skins that Riot want us to test without having to deal with RP at all (since right now I do not have A sol for example to test the Mecha skin. If I already had every champ, I only need to buy the mecha skin for 1 BE). This can also encourage people to actually test the new skins instead of just buying skins they like that does not need testing.
: Hey A Literal Cat Thanks a lot for the feedback, unfortunately we don't/didn't have the bandwidth to change the mask model However let me see if her lip color can be changed The autos were going to change but the team strongly felt they are fine.
What I think A Literal Cat meant was kinda like that the eye holes in the mask in-game look different from those in the icon (and now splash art), and they should be changed to look more like those in the icon (I might oversimplify it, but my limited English does not allow me to explain in detail lol). I think that this can be changed without actually changing the mask model, since the chromas managed to change the eye holes.
: Thanks a lot for the writeup, Some of her emotes will be improved, as they are getting looked at. I will look into the bug as well into A Smol's animation, he has a special one!
Thank you for replying! About the bug, I have tested in the practice tool for a while to try locate the problem. As I have mentioned, the autoattack animation got cancelled when attacking while moving. However, I found out that this was not the problem of the skin, but with Lulu, since her base skin, dragon trainer and pool party skin (all the skin i got of Lulu in pbe xD) all got the animation cancelled the similar way. The problem is, Pix's animation in Cosmic Enchantress skin makes the bug much more visible than other skins (at least those that I tested). When standing still, Pix's animation in most skins are still very rapid, such as moving wings, flapping fins and so on. On the other hand, it's autoattack animation is much more subtle, like going up and down, or even just moving the hands in base skin's case (I only notice it's auto-attack animation when testing for this bug lol), which result in those animations being less visible when playing, therefore less noticable when got cancelled (since those flapping wings and fins animations somehow do not get cancelled). On the other hand, A Smol is a really different case, as his animation when standing still is really subtle, slowing moving up and down (this also got cancelled btw, as well as the 'stand still' movement of pix in the other skins) with some shiny particle behind it slowly moving. This makes the autoattack animation much more significant, and the bug much easier to notice.
: Sorry for the late response, thanks for the feedback!
oh hi KiWiKiD xD It's nice to see your reply xD
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aurelion Sol, Mafia Braum, and Cosmic Chromas!
Hi Orphyre, I was never really into chromas, so it was until now that I realized that the name of the chromas are similar (ruby, obsidian,etc.). I found out that the name of the chromas apparently show the color of that chroma, which got me quite interested. So I wanted to ask about the process that you created the chromas: Did you first design the chromas then name them after the dominant color, or did you have a list of names and design after it? I'm sorry it is not really a feedback, but it is really hard for me to give feedbacks on these since I usually like the skins more than the chromas (I usually feel like they are more related to the theme than chromas, but Braum also got some really good chromas for this skin), and I am really curios about the process. Thank you and have a nice day! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: They probably only care about the popular champions...
This thread has the second most number of replies out of 5 threads (only after A Sol's), and I highly doubt if Lulu is an unpopular champion, so I don't think that is the problem. The fact that all 3 Cosmic skins' threads were posted by KiWiKiD and all 3 got no replies from him might mean that it is simply not his style to reply to the comments in the thread. Still, an update or feedback would be really nice and appreciated, considering how many people contributed to the thread :(
: Even saying you don't care what we say works. At least we will know not to get our hopes up :(
Yea it feels kinda sad when A sol and Braum's skins got so much update and replies while no Rioters replies in the 3 cosmic skins thread :'( {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: thanks for the attention, even riot ignore it hahaha., and i agree with you, it needs a more cosmic feel, even chromas are better than the base colors. but well is not aurelion sol (extramly importan skin) or ranged non supp champ so, well probably it Will be unchanged
Well, I am not sure if Riot KiWiKiD even replies at all since out all 3 of the threads that he posted (3 cosmis skins), none of which he replies to. I too am expecting a reply (not to my post but to the thread overall) in the cosmic lulu thread to know if riot is reading the comments of players xD About the skin, yeah probably there will not be any changes, especially when considering the attention that this thread has, which is kinda sad :( But considering that Aurelion Sol finally has a skin, Braum skin is really well executed, everyone complains about Ashe getting another skin (which is well done btw, I really the particles in all her kit), Lulu has Aurelion Smol, I can see why nobody seems to care about the skin :( Even I just got here because I saw that there are only 2 comments and I was curious lol.
: This feels sad... I am the only who commented... :( My only problem is the ult visuals. But well, no one notices the skin... So sad hehehe
From the fact that only almost 480 people see this post at the time I write this, I think that the skin does not impress people well enough (Probably because every other skin this patch kinda has something to stand out, while xin's does not). I am not a Xin main, not even a Xin player, but I thought I might try to give it a shot. So here is what I got from the skin spotlight video: - Theme: With the release of Cosmic Queen Ashe, I kinda feel like Xin would be the guard of the Queen (aka Ashe), which explains the name Defender. However, since a Queen should have more than 1 soldier, Cosmic Xin does not have the unique feeling that other Cosmic skins have (since there should be thousands of other Cosmic Xin under the Queen commands, while there could only be 1 Queen, and Cosmic Lulu, Xayah, Rakan, Yi and Kassadin does not seem to be related to the Queen at all), hence feels underwhelming. At least that is my opinion, and others might not have the same feeling about the skin as mine. - Effects: + Recall: Out of the 3 Cosmic skins in this patch, this one feels the most underwhelming. Xin just swing his spear around then put it on the ground and something goes down to his spear. It does not have anything related to cosmic theme, and Xin seems more like a royal guard. But then again, if his theme really is a cosmic guard, I am not sure how to make it better :/ + Q: Probably my favorite effect in his kit. The constellations look nice. Making the star track in the Q bigger as you mention, though, might be a little distracting imo. + W: A slash and stab filled with particles. I'm not really impressed but not sure how to improve. + E: A dash to the enemy? (I'm sorry I don't really know his kit, all I know is that it's a point click dash to the enemy that deals damage). Again same as W. + R: I agree that it does look empty and might have room for improvement. Overall, I think that the skin theme is not really that interesting to me, so I do not have that good impression on the skin. The changes of the skin comparing to the basic one is not that significant, even the outfit is not that different as you have mentioned (chromas might fix this problem), only adding some new particles. But then again I have to admit that Xin is a kinda hard champion to make skins. His kit does not have much room for changes, compare to range auto attacks, skillshots, shields, etc. For example, my main Lulu is a kinda easy champion to make skins for. She is a range champion so her aa bullets can be changed for each skin, q is a skillshot quick can also change shape to some extent, w can change the polymorph to anything that fits the theme, shield can add something to it to fit the skin, ult can change the particles under the champion. Her character is also much easier to make skins, as anything cute and related to spellcaster work. So even though I don't like the skin, I don't know how to make it better :( That's all and have a nice day ;) Edit: Now that I have commented on this post, I might as well just go comment to all other skins this patch xD {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Probably Mini Aurelion Sol needs to get the movement speed animation when Lulu uses ´´W´´.
I never knew how much I needed this. Rito pleaseee {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cosmic Enchantress Lulu
Hi KiWiKiD, As a Lulu player, I was really excited to see her getting this skin. I headed to PBE and test it out, and the skin is overall really good. Here are a summary of my opinions on the skin: Pros: - Pix as Aurelion Smol. - The cosmic theme really fits her, probably one of the most fitting champions in the skin line, which none of the replies here have mentioned. She feels like a celestial being whose job is to raise other celestial beings (explains A Smol). Her q is just a beam shot (which can fit any theme btw), her w on enemy feels like punishing mortals as a god by taking away their powers and turn them into harmless beings, her e gives vision because you cannot hide from a celestial being, while when casting w,e on ally it feels like you are granting them some of your power and protection, and ult is like "this is my final form". - Her mask, despite being controversial, gives her the feel of a mysterious and powerful being, kinda like Bard. A full mask like Bard's would definitely make her more mysterious, but I doubt people will like it. Also unlike some others, I dislike the idea of giving her a ctrl 5 to turn on and off the mask, since it would make the mask pointless and she would feel like a power ranger more than a celestial being. Cons: - The ctrl 1 thing (I don't remember if it was joke or taunt xD) looks kinda weird imo. Like the classic skin, she put the staff on the ground, moves her hat to grab it but did not because her hat is different from the classic one, but proceeds to turn herself around as if she has grabbed the staff anyway (0:17 in Cosmic Enchantress Lulu Skin Spotlight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d78iVV9PiRQ). I do understand that it is hard to change the model, and giving a new animation would raise the price, so I just wanna leave it here. - Her auto attack is kinda unfitting i suppose, as others have stated. I like the sound effects though. I think changing the colors of the aa (especially Pix's) to be more white to resemble the stars would be good (since the shape of her aa already looks like a star), but I don't know about visibility, so the change is up to you. - Her voice does not fit as a celestial being. Adding some echoes would fix it i suppose. I do not need new voiceover though, as the price would increase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . So essentially, she is Zoe but more powerful (Aspect vs Celestial Being :/ ) and has a real space doggo. Bugs: - Sometimes when auto attacking right after moving, A Smol's animation got cancelled and it would just stay still and shoot instead of going up and down, reference at 0:37 in Cosmic Enchantress Lulu Skin Spotlight. Overall, it was a really good skin, perhaps my favorite one of Lulu (my current fav one is Pool Party). I might consider buying RP to get this one (even if some of the cons are still there), and I am not even a RP buyer :) Thank you for reading! {{sticker:sona-playing}}


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