: How does a game mode that allows only 59 of their champs to be played even sound fun? Seriously?
: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
1. [[ARURF] Snowball shouldn't proc Luden's echo](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/PrHOjZTn-arurf-snowball-shouldnt-proc-ludens-echo) 2. [[ARURF][Bard] Magical Journey interrupted by the one in the journey](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/VTgiwmzV-arurfbard-magical-journey-interrupted-by-the-one-in-the-journey)
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: The feature has been removed, please let us know if you encounter any beta SMS-related issues! EDIT: Due to related issues, the change has been reverted, and we'll be looking to remove it another way in the near future. ANOTHER EDIT: The feature has been removed again, so let us know if you find any more issues!
Just FYI: The sender is called "Notify" where I life. Is this intentional? Anyhow, I was just testing for the sake of it. The SMS were sent properly
: PBE is a selectable region or tickle box. Use your live account, specify PBE within the report.
Ok. No action seem to have been made yet, though. I don't know how many victims have been as of yet...
: Semi-Locked Camera Change
Feels much better now! Thank you. One of the issues I was getting with this kind of fixed camera was being unable to quickly reset to center. Now it feels much better to press the space bar and see myself in the center. I can now know well where I am when there's a commotion by using the space bar. I had to use free camera because of this feature being missing. Thank you
: Report them to Riot Player Support.
There doesn't seem to exist a way to report as a PBE player. Should I tell that in the report? Oh! Found a tick to tell it is part of the PBE.
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: What about Shaco
Counter him with a ping ward. He's too squishy if you take a pink ward and use it when he's around.
: I think zed should be put in the 70% group and wuk in the 75% group. But imo, urf needs to nerf them but still have good cdr
: [URF] - ANTI-FUN Champions need to be toned down just a bit
I disagree about Galio. Galio still has strong weaknesses even when his W is available at 90% of the time.
: Riots estimator is really bad, like windows xp file transfer estimation bad. I usually find though that what the client estimates as 12 minutes is about an hour and a half. As such, a decent conversion is 1 minute on client -> 10 minutes real time.
The estimation is quite accurate for the **live servers**. In the PBE, there's a cap. That's why it is unreliable.
: Yo i was having the same problem and once the login Check In Status circle passed once it stopped counting down the people logging in. It was doing that yesterday as well. i just thought something was wrong with the servers how do you fix it?
Unlike the live servers, the PBE has a limit to the number of users connected at the same time. When that cap is reached, no more users may enter. The waiting times that appear when the server is full are not a good representation of how long you will wait. This is the power of URF{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: How long exactly? I've been waiting for 7 hours
Unlike the live servers, the PBE has a limit to the number of users connected at the same time. When that cap is reached, no more users may enter. The waiting times that appear when the server is full are not a good representation of how long you will wait. This is the power of URF{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Its Fast-Paced for some. Cast Times for champs like Illaoi need to be reduced otherwise they sit on the list of people that are unplayable.
Illaoi is OP there... She just needs to be kinda tanky and the rest is actually mostly free...
: [In-Game (Urf)][Sound] Some champions' abilities are mute
I can't find the option to attach files... Where is it?
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: Champ select: preview of pre-selected champ
How about a middle ground? How about it not showing the champion you had chosen for ¾ of the time left or until you change to a different one?
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
I like the new Graves. You seem to have going really far to give him great strengths in how he was used and to give him much harder weaknesses. Of all you've done that I didn't find mentioned, I can't find an indicator of any sort about the reload time. I really would want to know how the reloading time changes as game progresses and as I choose whether to buy AS or not. So far, I didn't find any indicator telling how long do I have for him to reload a bullet. Great work Riot, well done!
: I am assuming this new champion (if he is a champion) has some sort of... "connection" with {{champion:26}} , anyone else agree?
: [Lux] - E becomes disabled
Please post the logs of that game. They most likely contain the cause for that. It may failed to execute the unlock code for the ability and the reason may be there.
: Loyalty rewards incoming!
I like the idea but... How do you know that the user is in a PC café?
: New Draft Music...
I think that, although I like the new ones. I'll miss the old ones. It's been many years... Heck, I even have it on my music player!
: Nami's New URF skin are missing Splash water for her Taunt and Laugh T_T
: Player Behavior on the PBE
I hope I can now start being less frustrated when I come here to test and out of curiosity.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Shurima Wards!
The sad mummy feels dull compared to the other two. I know it's sad but it should show more sadness animation than just an appearance.
: Ranked Restrictions
I like it but I wonder how I can be useful... Should I try to break the system? Should I just work on playing like I'm a good guy to get the enable back? What are we supposed to do to test it? Depending on what it is, I may not be useful for you.
: More Spectating Options In Client
Hum... Looks good and interesting. Nice.
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: Master Tier
I'm trying to get there but I'm being thrown into teams that are not ever-so-slightly serious about testing this.
: New Interface
I like it but I wish I could make the video become larger without being full screen. Outside that, I like it.
: english euw
What do you mean? AFAIK, there's no PBE in EUW. PBE is ran in the US near their headquarters
: Useful information for new PBE players
**\o/** Another one! Thank you. Too bad it's impossible to keep them up even if many of these guides to new users are quite good and answer a lot.
: We are experimenting with fine tuning some of the colors to continue improving legibility, however the overall scheme is meant to provide consistency with the new patcher design. Do you feel like the previous design had easier legibility over time? A lot of folks had feedback that the previous design would "burn their eyes".
I'm still trying to adjust to it. It's not easy to read the text, specially for longer times. It is (kinda unconsciously) throwing me away from this community as I get more tired with just 20 mins here reading and voting than it used to. Now I'm only here for fractions of 5 mins, if as much. These colors don't have enough contrast.
: Vayne bugfix on PBE
For me it felt a bit like a buff... Specially because not that many attacks were coming from doing a tumble. But I can't say much because I'm not a Vayne main; I'm just comparing live Vayne vs PBE Vayne against bots.
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: Intro Bots Enabled on PBE
I have some issues here... ### Feedback on helpers If a player gets killed by a turret, I think that's a good time to tell him to stay away from turrets when alone (almost like the tutorial but just a headline). If, after recalling, or dying, the player didn't try to buy anything, as soon as he reaches the nexus, he should be reminded about the items, not on the subsequent time he goes back. If the player adventures in the enemy jungle, you should warn that is it **VERY** dangerous. But leave at that. You mentioned that telling about CS is borderline to what you want. I think it is one of the main mechanics of LoL and you should teach about the act of actually killing minions to get gold to get items. I don't mean about lane pushing and lane freezing, that's too thamn advanced! Even high Bronze players struggle to get something that simple! Just give the incentive to not only attack the minions but to actually dealing the killing blow. I think turrets should have the red marker like the bots have and not having it yellow when inactive as it is now. I think it should go green when there's more than 1 or 2 ally minions (test which one fits best), go yellow when there's only 1 or 2 minions, go "pale" red when there's no minions and a nice vivid red (like it is currently) when you are being targeted. I like how the suggestions adjust to how the player is behaving. If I start having a veteran behavior, most of the time, I don't get any popup tips or anything like that. I liked how you made it decide that. lvl < 20 players usually love to have 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 fights before minions come. I think that's also because, in the tutorial, they always have minions coming or minions there. This is the first experience without minions in lane for a "decent" amount of time. I think you should give information about waiting at the turret or something like that if the player starts adventuring into dangerous distances towards the enemy turret. &nbsp; With the games I have, that's all I got to say. There are more things but I think those should belong to the tutorial (and are **not** in the tutorial) and not here Besides, it's seriously hard to emulate being a noob when everyone around 10 kills or more :S. ### Bugs Unfortunately, when I pressed F12 it was gone but I was being told to use summonor heal while I was recalling and I was safe (no turrets and no minions around). #### note I'll see if I can test more and I'll see if I have more feedback for you.
: Can we have Intro Doom Bots?
: Intro Bots Enabled on PBE
Karma's item set is wrong. It shows 3 catalyst of the protector (image only shows 2, sorry) {{item:3010}}. Having 2 of those is not productive, much less 3. Well, 3 rod of the ages is useful but still, you only show 1 in the item sets. There are some issues with the hints related to the helpers that appear on the screen but I'll need to test more before I can give my feedback. If that's related to my level, then I'd like to request a level reset so that I can properly test basic bots.
: [Resolved] PBE Level 30 Auto Level Up Failing!
Super man work!!!! Sorry to bother in this topic but this subject is integrating to me. Why can't you access the DB and do something like (fictitious table names): > UPDATE summonor_data > SET level=30 If you are using a NOSQL DB, I believe that there are ways to iterate over all elements and then update the relevant ones. There's userlists in some places... (you don't need to answer now, you may just answer when you have the time after fixing the script)
: Just recently got on PBE myself, so not sure if this is a longstanding bug. I am also experiencing this on every game I play. For both AI and customs games.
: Set Bots to intermediate faster in customs.
Specially because they reorder when you do that.
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Morgana bot is stupidetly OP with the tormented soil DOOM. She was insta-binding me. Every time I would get even a bit close, she'd use the tormented soil and I'd get binded. This has **no possible counterplay**. At least, make the binding ability appear on the opposite side of the soil when it is cast so that I can jump or use flash to get away, otherwise, that's too frustrating and not fun to play against. How much is the cooldown of ignite on the bots? I got 4 ignites in a row during a team fight against a team with 3 ignites. Bug?
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Still having too many crashes (7 in a 22 min game) DOOM level 0. I can't play to win that way. I sent all 7 bugsplats to help. I'll comment on this mode after I get a game without crashes ;).
: There are some reasons why some users requested to have day and night :P in DOTA 2 for example the shadows from the light of the moon or the sun are corresponding to the shadows on the players and the creeps :P So there was another beta tester who posted a pic over here http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/r4B2beE4-pbe-bug-mega-thread-summoners-rift-update wich shows the shadows between heimerdinger and the barron where you can clearly see that the SR has 2 sun's xD anyways guys you should probably fix this it looks weird and like if the map is not well crafted to detail :/ thanks for reading Will be reporting more bugs when found ;) -Powertone {{summoner:11}}
Where is the pic? You just post a link to this same thread.
I've seen this in the na and euw forums multiple times. I still don't know how this works out. It's crazy but it requires a completely new map (even if they recycle elements from other existing maps). So it does not seem like a good gamble for a featured game mode... I dunno. I don't +1 nor -1... I'll ±0.
: New Match History
So... That means we don't have a match history for PBE? That sucks... We don't have the old one to keep track and we don't have the new one to test... That takes away the pleasing to test new stuff in the PBE...
: [BUG] - Solo custom games not ending properly.
Does that continue if you leave the game, and then leave lolclient and then, after you enter the PBE again?
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